Hi guys! I have wanted to make question for you about PvZ, the special way! So here for PvZOS!


On the first day, means today, You choose one of the choices: 20 points group, 40 points group, 60 points group and 80 points group:

  • For 20, There are the very simple question that you don't need to have thinking! (0.5 per ques) (Update each 3 days)
  • For 40, There are easy (1 per ques) (Update each 2 days)
  • For 60, There are medium (3 per ques) (Update each 1 days)
  • For 80, There are hard (5 per ques) (Update each 1 days)

You can only answer the questions from the group you chose, to complete the group, you have to answer as least for 5 ques. After 2 weeks, you can re-choose the groups

When choose, you can decide to or not to pick the "Double Dare" star (NOTE: Player chose 20 points group cannot pick star),if in 2 weeks you answer more than 5 questions and all are correct, your points will be double up, if in 2 weeks you answer less than 5 ques or one of the 5 ques is wrong, your points will halve and that points will save for other. 

Each 2 weeks, the user who has the highest points I set will be the winner, and the prize is:

  • +1st: I'll make the next PWAB extra episode on your ideas and you'll get the halved points from the victims! or can make the 2 own questions and get the halved points from the victims.
  • +2nd: You can draw your own episode and I'll post it on PWAB extra episode or or can make the 1 own question
  • +3rd: You'll get 20 points

So what are you waiting for, Sign up and play!

Players (Limitation: 20 users) (8 player!)

  1. Minh: (80 points group with Double Dare Star): 15 points (Will be halve) 
  2. Milesprower2: (60 points group) 9 points
  3. MVZMW: (40 points group with Double Dare star): 4 points (Will be halve)
  4.  Drek'TharSuperSword: (60 points group): 3 points, CattailsWelove: (40 points group) 3 points and Moon Snail: (60 points group: 3 points
  5. DylanDylan54321: (60 points group with Double Dare star)
  6. PvZBeast234: (60 points group)


These 2 weeks set points:

  • 1st: 40 points
  • 2nd: 30 points
  • 3rd: 20 points

The save points: (Minh's and MvZ's points)


20 points group

  • 1. Name of 5 plants that are single use?
  • 2.What is the music in Final level?
  • 3.The first food Crazy Dave eaten?                                             
  • 4. Thing based on Nobel Prize? 
  • 5. What is based on the rule at the swimming pool?
  • 6.How many zombies have their own seed packet? And What are them?

40 points group

  • 1.Related to: 1 time plant, 5 pots have plants
  • 2.Can Bungee Zombie steal the whole body of Potato Mine when it doesn't have explosive? Answered by MVZ
  • 3.Why is Ice-shroom's face's sad?Answered by MVZ
  • 4. What does Repeater want?Answered by MVZ

60 points group

  • 1.Invisible self, but visible to other?
  • 2.Unsramble and excessive words question:                                                                                                                       Is Crazy Dave's name is up up right right left down left down B A that belong in the shop of what?
  • 3.Name of 5 plants that when you modified them, their picture on the seed packet didn't change? Answered by Moon Snail
  • 4.Why is Newspaper Zombie angry when his newspaper is torn? Answered by Miles

80 points group


  • 1.On your lawn, there are 9 balloon zombies, 1 zombie, 3 Zombonis, 12 Bungee Zombies, 1 Zombie Yeti and 7 Dolphin Rider Zombies. You plant a cactus at the lane has 2 Balloon Zombies, you plant an other Cactus on the pool at the lane has 1 Baloon Zombie, you plant another Cactus at the 5th square and the Balloon Zombie is at the 6th square at the pool, you plant a Cactus in the first square in the lane that 5 Baloons Zombies are floating there, too. So how many legs are standing on the lawn? Know that 5 Bungee Zombies are in the first column and all Bungee Zombies have stole the plants?
  • 2.What is this plant:                                                                                                                                                  KEY WORDS:                                                                                                                                                             -Proposed by H.Vogel in 1979                                                                                                                                -Spiral                                                                                                                                                                 -Van Gogh's most famous series of painting Answered by Minh
  • 3.What is this (Hint: Related to plants)                                                                                                            Object edge Plantern range Spikeweek