Plants vs. Zombies Wiki


Plants vs. Zombies Game of the new Modern by Big plants fan. Try now!

This is my brand new modern of Plants vs Zombies, my own version! Here is the link download:

When the download is done, open PvZ and you must try these some very awesome plants:

  • Electro-shroom (Fume-shroom)
  • Thunder-shroom (Doom-shroom)
  • Earthlapeno (J
  • Rayshooter, Rerayter, Threerayter, Split Ray, Gatling Ray + Plasmawood (Peashooter, Repeater, Threepeater, Split Pea, Gatling Pea + Torchwood)
  • Water-pult (Kernel-pult)
  • Angel Garliv (Garlic): This is my favorite
  • Sumer Melon (Melon-pult)
  • ===Please comment after you try all. Thanks if you download!===