"Wuuuubaguraa... Zubraragghhh!!!" says Crazy Dave!!

The expectations are that PVZ 2 should be a direct sequel to the game. You have 4 options:

  • Story Idea: It should actually continue from where the previous game was left, the alliance between the zombies that work for Dr. Zomboss and the plants planted by the House Owner or the player i.e. music video "Zombies on the lawn"....
  • Plants Idea: The player has lost all seed packets and now gains new and old seed packets. This time brinjals, Vines, Rose, tomatoes, other flowers, other plants, other fruits, other plants related accesories, and a better suburban almanac entry should be there.
  • Zombie Idea: This time, Dr. Zomboss and his zombies would be helping us so other Doctor, engineer or farmer (or any other) zombie should be sending his zombies to eat the brains. (Multiple Boss Zombies ideas are encouraged).
  • Level Idea: from security house gateroom to bedroom, from dining hall to gym, from sand area to flooded backyard all are considered but it is mostly recommended to keep it to the house only (even if the player has renewated the house or even shifted to another place).....

Thanks!! Please help me out.... The Story needs to be great, levels need to be sensible, the plants need to be awesome and the zombies need brains!!!!!