Here is my world idea, America Madness.

It takes place during the American Revolution, which was in the 1770's.


Do you dare to fight for your life in the American Revolution in the 1770's?

+8 new plants

+1 Endless Zone

+1 upgrade


The area has tombstones, however they rise multiple zombies at one time, the good advantage is that it is daytime, and the special gimmick of this area is dirt, you cannot plant on dirt, and using Plant Food on a dirt tile will grow it to a grass tile that you can plant on

New Plants


Sun cost: 175 sun

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Clings onto zombies, and bites them until they die.

Applegator used to have the same ability as Guacodile, but instead, Applegator decided to have a new ability. Except he had to learn it on his own, ending up eating sand while doing it. That's just sad.

Magic Bean

Sun cost: 100 sun

Recharge: Slow

Special: Temporarily transforms weak zombies into pigs that damage zombies.

Magic Bean couldn't face a Wizard Zombie, but somehow he could face a Buckethead Zombie. Nobody knows how, maybe he got a new job or something?

Pineapple Rocket

Sun cost: 300 sun

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Launches itself up into the air, then crashes and makes an explosion with splash damage.

Pineapple Rocket likes risking his life for the others, although he doesn't care about nature at all.


Sun cost: 200 sun

Recharge: Slow

Special: Spins around, and then goes into a different direction and explodes, killing that group of zombies.

NOTE: Not Done