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Bearjedi January 9, 2015 User blog:Bearjedi

Welcome to the shop for Wikia Battles!


5$ Fishy Gun: Shoots dried seaweed that does 1 damage, however you will be immune to Spammers with this weapon. Stinkiness of this weapon will take away 3 health of you every 5 turns. 

8$ Peashooter: This isn't a real Peashooter, this weapons simply deals 1.5 damage. Nothing special.

15$ Lightning Machine: Fires electricity that can jump to 2 other enemies.


5$ Cheese Sword: Stinkiness of this sword will take away 3 health from you every 5 turns, however, it deals 3 damage.

10$ Spider Blade: A rapier that deals a good 8 damage.

15$ Wooden Ninja: A sharp wood sword that deals 10 damage. 


3$ Health: Regenerates 100 health.

8$ Super Health: Regenerates 150 health.

25$ Ultra Health: Regenerates 200 health.

100$ Mega Heal: Regenerates 500 health.

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