This is my idea for 30's Home Run.


Play baseball with zombies in the 30's and battle the poorest zombies. Will you make it?

New plants

Umbrella Leaf

Bounces balls to protect other plants, also protects plants from parrots.

Cost: 125


Uses it's bindle to whack zombies, every zombie killed by a Hoborange will drop coins.

Cost: 175

Pitcher Plant

Catches things thrown by zombies, such as octopi or baseballs.

Cost: 225

Corn Dog

Bites zombies, sometimes when zombies are killed, they will drop free Plant Food although they weren't carrying it.

Cost: 300

Base Berry

Whacks zombies rapidly with it's bat, then whacks the zombie out of the lawn. The bat can hit up to 3 lanes.

Cost: 400

New zombies

Fan Zombie

Fan Conehead Zombie

Fan Buckethead Zombie

Hobo Zombie: Steals your plants, and sometimes Plant Food.

Baseball Player Zombie: Throws baseballs at your plants.

Home Run Gargantuar

Poor Imp

Chef Zombie: Cooks your plants, it sometimes can make Plant Food, usually your plants would turn into hot dogs though. The Chef Zombie will feed the other zombies the plant hot dogs to heal them.

Rich Zombie: Drops coins every step, however has high health.

Zombot Base Runner - Hurls baseballs at you, shoots gigantic hot dog missiles, and then summons tons of zombies.

Area gimmick

The gimmicks are bases, they will heal your plants planted near it. You cannot plant on them, but they heal your plants.

But the zombies also get an advantage, they have littered your lawn field, with brains that heal them when they walk on it!


Day 1

Crazy Dave: Woah! What is this place? I smell hot dogs!

Penny: We're in the 30's, User Dave. This was when the Great Depression happened, but baseball was really popular during it.

Crazy Dave: Oh cool, there's bases! And brains!

Penny: The bases heal plants that are planted near it, and the brains heal zombies who step on it.

Crazy Dave: I wanna hit a home run!

Day 7

(After completing) Dr. Zomboss: Why not pick up the bat? I signed it.

The bat says "Wil youz join uz in a gam of basball? --The Zombies"

Day 8

Dr. Zomboss: Greetings, humans, and Penny. I have let you come here because of something. Penny is looking like she is malfunctioning, perhaps she is really a Zombot like I said? It's most likely.

The level will then start.

Day 25

Dr. Zomboss: Greetings, we're here to finally take Penny and your brains. Please, surrender and just give it to us, because you look like you don't need to play a game of baseball.

(After you beat Zomboss)

Crazy Dave: What happened? I was at the snack bar.

Penny: It's a long story, User Dave.

(Zomboss goes to another time)

Endless Zone

Crazy Dave: Welcome to Wild Pitch! It's more extreme than a hot dog combined with a muffin!