Here is my version of PvZ2.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time Deluxe is a version of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time that costs 2.99, and has more features than the free version.

Also, premium plants are free in this version.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has expanded to add Spearmint, the scrapped plant from the book of art. It also adds the Hero Cleopatra Zombie, along with 3 gates, Last Stand that also unlocks a new plant called Bamballoon, which is one of the counters for Hero Cleopatra. It inhales zombies, and spits them out with a different effect such as slowed down, frozen, etc. Its' Plant Food ability is sucking 15 random zombies and spitting them out.

The second and third gate is Mummy Memory.

There is 25 levels, including 9 bonus levels from the gates. The new map and old map are combined.

After defeating the Zombot Sphinx-tron, you'll unlock Jalapeno and Snow Pea.

Pirate Seas

Pirate Seas has been expanded to add the Durian Pirate, it damages zombies that eat it. It also adds a "Sword Zombie" that cuts up plants and feeds them to other zombies to heal them.

There is 3 gates, 1 Last Stand gate, and 2 Cannons Away gates.

After defeating the Zombot Plank Walker, you'll unlock Squash and Power Lily.

Wild West

Wild West has 2 Last Stand gates, and 1 Not OK Corral gate. You'll unlock Imitater and Torchwood after defeating the Zombot War Wagon.

Wild West has no new zombies except a "Horse Zombie" that needs a Lightning Reed to kill, and it takes 35 damage to kill.

That's it for the expansion of Wild West.

Far Future

Far Future has an expansion with 3 Sun Bomb gates. There is also a new zombie called "Programming Zombie" that types a hologram shield to protect other zombies. It throws the shield in front of any zombie, excluding Gargantuars.

You unlock the Starfruit after defeating the Zombot Tomorrow-nator.

Dark Ages

Dark Ages has an expansion with 25 levels with Zoom-shroom. Zoom-shroom throws octopus away back at the Octopus Thrower, which damages it, it also transforms plants back to sheep faster.

Wizard Zombie is nerfed to make sheep last only for a minute. Jester can no longer deflect melons.

Zombie King is also nerfed to only make 1 helmet every 3 seconds.

You unlock the Hypno-shroom and Pea-nut after defeating the Zombot Dark Dragon.

There are also 3 Dark Alchemy gates.

Big Wave Beach

Big Wave Beach now has 30 levels. The Octo Zombie is nerfed to throw every 6 seconds and the Surfer Zombie's surfboard can be knocked off or away by a catapult.

There are 2 Bulb Bowling gates, and one Last Stand gate.

You unlock the Chomper, Homing Thistle, and Sap-fling after defeating the Zombot Sharktronic Sub.

Frostbite Caves