Credits to Awesomesix for the original game.

Vote for your favorite zombie or take down your least favorite in a battle for the best!

So, I dunno if you know what a Hurt/Heal is. To put it in brief, they're where you hurt and/or heal something(s) until something dies/whatever you call it, and do it until one object is left. Since I don't see much of this stuff here, I decided to give this a go. Withouty further ado...

Day 6. 1 zombie has died, last attack was by Bolt-Weed.


Each day, you can do a total of 4 moves, a combo of any of the following:

  • 2 hurts and 2 heals
  • 1 hurt and 3 heals
  • 1 heal and 3 hurts
  • 4 hurts or 4 heals, not both

You can divide the moves up as you wish, such as:

  • Hurt Wizard Zombie, Heal Gargantuar Prime, Heal Ice Block Zombie, Heal Basic Zombie
  • Quadruple Heal Wizard Zombie
  • Quadruple Hurt Shield Zombie

Or however. They cannot add up to anything above four moves total.

Comment it.

I will update it every time a zombie is "killed", or reduced to 0, and you can only vote every 24 hours based on your latest comment OR when the Hurt/Heal starts a new day.

This is just for fun and to see who lasts the longest, not to start fights or anything.


These are the zombies to hurt/heal.

Note: No zombies after February 1st, 2015 will be included due to making it too much work. Any released afterwards will be given little notices in a special section, I guess. Zombots will not be in the list either.

Basic Zombie: 8 HP

Buckethead Zombie: 12 HP

Gargantuar: 12 HP

Imp: 5 HP

Flag Zombie: 8 HP

Ra Zombie: 8 HP

Camel Zombies: 8 HP

Explorer Zombie: 6 HP

Tomb Raiser Zombie: 3 HP

Pharaoh Zombie: 8 HP

Swashbuckler Zombie: 6 HP

Seagull Zombie: 6 HP

Barrel Roller Zombie: 7 HP

Pirate Captain Zombie: 8 HP

Zombie Parrot: 4 HP

Prospector Zombie: 6 HP

Pianist Zombie: 6 HP

Poncho Zombie: 6 HP

Jetpack Zombie: 6 HP

Shield Zombie: 6 HP

Robo-Cone Zombie: 16 HP

Disco-tron 3000: 18 HP

Jester Zombie: 15 HP

Imp Dragon Zombie: 7 HP

Snorkel Zombie: 10 HP

Ice Block Zombie: 8 HP

Dodo Rider Zombie: 13 HP

Hunter Zombie: 8 HP

Treasure Yeti: 8 HP


These are zombies killed or their health was reduced to 0.

1. Wizard Zombie

2. Imp Cannon

3. Zombie Chicken

4. Zombie King

5. Conehead Zombie

6. Surfer Zombie

7. Gargantuar Prime

8. Knight Zombie

9. Chicken Wrangler Zombie

10. Fisherman Zombie

11. Octo Zombie

12. Mecha-Football Zombie

13. Zombie Bull