Why do people not know I was just telling Tra to improve his ideas? Gosh! It's like saying Santa is a bully! I'm near my leaving point, and all Starfruity would do is swear at me like I'm his slave or something.

Geez, if this doesn't stop, this will make more people leave if you act like their you're slave in promotion threads. Probably why I'm gonna vote "Support" in every promotion thread (unless it's an enemy). Can't you just stop? Don't be happy I'm almost gonna leave, you'll regret that. And that'll make YOU the bully.

NapalmRosalina, I don't know how we became enemies. But the relationship is stupid itself. Stop opposing everyone and focus on what they've done for the wiki.

Chilly, I'm not sure if you know who I am.

Puffy, is that all you're gonna vote for when I do promotion threads for me?

Nobody knows what a chance is? Wow. I never thought the users were as rude as this. This is even worse then watching Rigby get humiliated on TV.

I hope you learn from your mistakes. Also, BUL9? Calling users swear words? What are you? A swearing bully tentacle squid wolf? Geez, after that incident, I don't think you deserve ANY right at all.