1. How come Jalapeño, Snapdragon, Fire Peashooter's Plant Food, and Pepper-pult's Plant Food don't burn the lawn?

2. Fire plants don't melt Frostbite Cave's lawn! ICE IS IMMORTAL!

3. How come ice can be green? That Blockhead just ate a bean and ice becomes green? #ChiliBeanHasFoodColoring

4. Does Zomboss have time to put zombies from every timeline in front of your house everyday?

5. Okay, I get shot by a zombie and I go flying. Wouldn't I just fall dead? (GW)

6. How do Gargantuars have dino skeletons in them? Did Zomboss have to go to the Prehistoric Ages?

7. How come beavers are immortal?

8. How does a lawnmower work years before it was invented?

9. Octopi have a form of sushi.

10. Sheep are confirmed to eat stone.

11. A cactus can't grow that tall in under a minute...


13. How can Crazy Dave survive the cold in Frostbite Caves?

14. Bikini Zombies look like male zombies that have a wig on. 

15. Cave Zombies look like they have masks on.

16. It's confirmed your lawn is a graveyard.

17. How is Hunter Zombie a "hunter"? He looks like one, but all he does is throw snowballs.

18. How do zombies have all this tech stuff? They're too stupid to do anything, and Zomboss can't make all that equipment for the million zombies. (GW and Adventures)

19. I wish Crazy Dave used a cloning machine instead....