This is not meant to offend people.


Why do you challenge me to my immortal RP?

I'm the father of the roleplays, put CF3 on the phone!

Maybe NP could beg me for a truce, 'cause when HMC lets loose,

I'll put your dumb f*ck art inside a moose!

I'm like a beast, I kill a mother f*cker if he looks at me wrong!

I'm a bull getting users with my wiki.

I'm on point like Spearmint's spear.

Rhymes colder than the frosty circles of your characters!


Allow WMAG to come, you shapeshifting racist!

And get a taste of this PVZRP greatness,

Brought forth by my raging abusive force.

'Cause I don't get nice, I get ICE! (Ice)

Watcha out boy and we'll lob it out!

But keep your dumb roleplays up, I punch the house!

You RP while sticking out your tongue, that's grosser than barf!

I'm the electricity down under; nailing Nathania Niceperson!

Who would ever like someone as stupid as HMC is?

You're hopeless to users, your crew is like the clash of idiots!

Ruling over the roleplays, kicking people weak and frightened.

I'd shoot your face but you'd probably like it!


Only a mindless fool would knock the fathers of Total Drama Plant Island

My friends built the roleplay of necromancy!

With programming, they edited out the movements of your dumb sh*t users,

All the parts of PVZRP, blown up, and me, the king win!

Let this sink in, I'm about to rain on your parade!

Itchy trigger finger quicker with the roleplays faster than a hurricane.

You're not history, I'll be the first to put it on my wiki.

Someone magnet just got attacked twice by some Plasmic Disruptors!


Plasma, dumb man? This is hardly a burn.

You couldn't give the women on my wiki the sniffles.

You can keep your dumb wiki, I draw with the conquerors,

For hours, discovering the plants!

I'm a famous user, you can't beat me!

I will drop you like Minecraft's void!

Send you deeper underground than the depths of your RandomzSunfish.

Now make pictures like Itsleo20 and swallow my paintings.


You think the void scares the ruler of the roleplays?

You're joking! PuffyMuffins must have written your lines!

By the time I've finished whipping you with characters and rhymes,

You'll need a battery for your wiki 'cause a magnet just died!


Your glory days are over, the roleplays shoulda told'ya.

I'll kick your wrinkly butt back in your mouth like punching Carp in the face.

Here, take these contacts for your eyes,

When you get to RP 99: A, tell your horrible star I said hi.

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