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EPIC RAP BATTLES OF WIKIA! Homing Thistle vs. Cattail

Bearjedi November 27, 2014 User blog:Bearjedi
PvZ Garden Warfare Theme Dubstep03:15

PvZ Garden Warfare Theme Dubstep


Homing Thistle

Look who the f*ck came out of the pool!

You're just a swimming Nyan Cat with no freaking life

I fire like a riffle, I fire spikes at peoples' souls!

Your dumb "Woof" days are over, Foxy!

So retreat now, or you'd be beaten by Plant Food!


Says the nice cactus who is actually a b*tch

Here, why not take 500 pitches of lemonade?

Foxy don't scare me, neither does you

You look like a Powerpuff girl, go join them instead!

Homing Thistle

Better listen to what you're saying

I cost gems, I don't have to boughten from a trunk of a car.

Put yourself behind bars,

Cuz' I just took your ability!


Oh please, shush your mouth!

You look like you're from North Carolina!

Look at your sh*tty eyes! You're as ugly as Mister Stay Puft

You're meaner than a Puff-shroom, and I just burned you.

Homing Thistle

Hey, you better stop shooting spikes.

I have a Plant Food ability, you know, so go jump off a cliff and I'll say you're a myth.


I'm sick of you, so you better run away, because you're done.

And nobody thinks you're fun.




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