This is not supposed to be offensive.


Are you tired of two inactive users? Who can manage to be boring with photos and gameplay? If you, or Thor, wanna edit like we do, Give us a message, we’re ready to defeat you!

Admins, rad dudes, get the job done,

Spitting out the lyrics like, "WE GOT ONE!"

Get the vandalism undone like the Gold Sunflower Trophy

Try to beat us in a battle? Man, you gotta be kidding me!

The delivery of ZombieNinja stands straight like my main man NP,

I collect fish, tell ‘em ’bout the candy.

Like your dinner, it’s all tasty and stuffer,

I'll kick your peas man, I'm a vandal killer.


Wow, your raps are just too stupid to handle!

Let’s do it like we do on Community Central

Your edits are retarded, the opposite of smartness,

And in this episode, we’ll give you a advantage!

Starting with the postnames strapped up on your chat!

It’s a fact, Citrons don’t react like that!

You made a forum thread, with no highlight

And Wikia was right, that’s some shady crap!

Good thing you work on a wiki, ’cause you just got shot.

You are poor editors, and that’s bought.


That’s enough from the walrus and BB!

Let’s show these founder retards how we do it uptown!

Grab your rights, hold’m, and set ‘em up, snoring!

High speed shows your butt get beat in slow motion!

We roast founders when our flows cross streams,

Pumping out edits, while you work behind the scenes!

It’s a rap test, dummy, and you’re both getting burned!

We came, we saw, we kicked your @ss!


Your edits aren’t real, but it should be said.

It’s time to bring some inactive users back from the chat.

Hey! Things are getting scary, when CitronBULB, Coffee BAM! and Greeny!

Come harder than Itsleo when that Ghost Pepper replaced his cherry!

We undo your edits, and do our own!


Why’d you stop? I couldn’t think of a rhyme.

Well, just say the first thing that pops into your mind.


Aww… aww… Yo, raise up, it’s Niceperson, stay bad!

Vandalize these chimps and flip Vector butter-side up! (Hey!)

I’mma cover these admins in criminal jail, I don’t bail.

Show these founders how to rock a guitar. (Hey.)

I vandalize so much you can’t harm my meadow.

Just one step took MevsZombiesMeWin out the garbage!

You best be afraid of my spam flows,

Cause Niceperson just turned all you dummies to bums!

Who won?

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