This really has nothing to do with PvZ.


One fine morning on December 13th, at the workshop, the elves were making toys.

"Bet I could make a better train than you!" said one retarded elve, named Joe.

"No, you can't!" shouted Timmy, who was a decent elf.

"Stop fighting!" yelled the Captain Elf, known as Blizzard.

Timmy and Joe were already painting their trains.

Blizzard grabbed Joe's train and threw it out the window, and used magic to repair the window.

"Joe, you're fired!" yelled Blizzard

Timmy was laughing in the background, then wrapped his train.

As Joe walked out, depressed, Rudolph accidentally ran over him.

"I'm so sorry, Joe! Why are you out, though? It's cold and stormy!" said Rudolph

"I... was.... fired...." whispered Joe, crying.

"Oh...." said Rudolph as he frowned.

Joe was one of Rudolph's friends, and he didn't want him sad or fired.

Comet then passed by.

"Why are you talking to that idiot? He was fired!" shouted Comet.

Rudolph sighed.

"I have to go back inside, hold tight."

Joe cried even more, and ran away.

When Rudolph came in, Timmy was making toy cars faster than any elf.

Rudolph watched in amazement, but the crying of Joe echoed through his head.

He looked out the windows of the workshop, there was no Joe.

"Well, hopefully he didn't commit suicide or run away, maybe he's buried in the snow? Hopefully not."

"Rudolph? Is that you?" came a voice.

Rudolph turned around.

"Clarice!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, it's me!"

Rudolph hugged her then went back to the stable, where he was eating dinner.

Santa walked in and each fed the reindeer 10 pieces of grass.

"Boy, you better eat a bit more if you're gonna pull the sleigh!" said Santa, knowing they probably were strong enough.

"Then I should ask for extra!" yelled Dasher.

Santa laughed, and fed the reindeer a bit more.

"I need to go now, I'm going to check on the elves!"

As Santa entered the workshop, he saw a mess everywhere.

"Timmy did it!" said John, another elf.

"Yeah, he did it!" said another.

Timmy admitted it, and mopped the floors.

"You guys better hurry up." said Santa, "Christmas is only in 12 days! Less than 2 weeks!"

"Yes, sir!" said Blizzard, who continued to sew a new teddy bear.

Santa watched the elves, one was wrapping coal, others were sewing stuffed animals, and the engineer elves were working on making the consoles work. Many were making trains, dolls, and toy cars.

Santa facepalmed as he saw a elf test a GTA game.

"No, no. We don't deliver to adults or teenagers! No kid should ever play a game as violent as that!"

"But Santa, uh..."

"NO BUTTS!" exclaimed Santa.

The elf sighed and ripped the disc in half, then opened the window and threw it out.

The disc fled through the air, and landed smack into a window of a log cabin that was 89 miles away from the workshop.

Joe woke up, and saw the GTA disc on the floor.

"I always wanted to play this game!" yelled Joe excitedly

Joe used his remaining magic to make him a cheeseburger, and tried to repair the disc.

10 days later at Santa's Workshop

"It's now the 23rd! Tomorrow night is when we're going!

Elves were working harder, and faster.

Elves were such in a hurry that they didn't even bother to put the present in the sack, they would just throw the present into it.

Then, Santa said something.

"I'm going to the Misfit Island again, this time earlier. By the time I get back, you better be done with the toys!"

Elves started to work even faster, and the sleigh pulled away to the Misfit Island.

"Is that the legendary... Santa?!" yelled a teddy bear.

"Yes, it is!" yelled a stuffed elephant.

All of the toys jumped into the sack in under a minute.

The misfit toys were screaming with joy. Santa pulled the sleigh back to the workshop.

"Uh-oh...." whispered an elf.

"Ugh, sorry Santa, but we failed...." said another.

Santa was angry.

"Then, every elf is fired!" said Santa.

"No, we still have the job." said Timmy.

Timmy showed the entire list of toys, and all of them were made.

"Really? Well, good job!" said Santa.