Animal Warfare is a first person shooter, the game is unique and has different things. Choose your team and kit in the comments and you're ready to fight! Your reload will take 30 seconds.


GAMEMODE: Team Vanquish

Vanquishes from Team Dinosaur: 0

Vanquishes from Team Lions: 0

Teams: Team Lion, Team Dinosaur


Shooter (shoots energy blasts in a medium range at enemies, has the ability to teleport once every 2 minutes) 20 AMMO

Sniper (shoots with a super long range, has the ability to build a cannon to do more damage to enemies every 2 minutes) 10 AMMO

Melee (has a fire sword and you are able to hit enemies with it, has the ability to shoot low ranged fireballs at enemies every minute) 5 AMMO (fireballs)

Crossbow (has a crossbow and shoots ice arrows that slow zombies at enemies, has the ability to throw ice bombs which freeze enemies completely for a short time every 2 minutes) 8 AMMO


[SNIPER] TEAM LIONS: Chillpeashooter (125 hearts)

[SHOOTER] TEAM DINOSAUR: Ninja Penguins (125 hearts)

[MELEE] TEAM LIONS: Cyborg Ranger (150 hearts)