• Bearjedi

    Meme Requests

    September 18, 2017 by Bearjedi

    Hey, I have just now discovered a website where you can create memes! This is revolutionary! totally not like everyone knew how to make memes already

    So now you can request a meme to be made by me, even though you'd be better off doing it by yourself. Just send me an image and I'll put an unfunny caption or saying over it!

    totally not like this meme format is outdated

    also these aren't memes its just me putting a caption over an image

    So, what are you waiting for? Get your unfunny meme today! just make your own memes damn it

    I don't understand or know the names of most memes, so I won't be able to caption all of those. I'll probably think they're inappropriate, so I'll report you and hope you get blocked for etern…

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  • Bearjedi

    Goodbye, PvZ Wiki.

    September 7, 2017 by Bearjedi

    I'm done here. That's right, I'm going to play the victim card. I've been bullied and pushed around so hard by other users (I forgot to mention that I've done worse to them but I'm trying to get you to feel sympathy for me). I've done so much on this wiki, such as creating a crazy plot twist on some roleplaying thread and adding a comma to a page. I once battled Wckd in a 1v1 final destination minecraft battle only fists no items no enchantments survival hardcore mode over the wiki and what do I get? Nothing.

    Since so many good users are leaving, I'll leave. Not actually because good users are leaving, but because I want to gain more respect and make other users feel sorry for me. I just want attention.

    This wiki is going downhill. Keep in mi…

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  • Bearjedi

    ay you can comment here now

    So here we are. You all did it, You actually defeated the one thing that this Wiki has hated so much. I am not a man of words or at least a few, but I loved this place, and I see myself that I must grow out of this Changeable World. It will be extremely obvious what you will do, you would party and celebrate The Death of Zambiealex. Oh sure, make it your wiki exclusive holiday because that is what this place does best. I tried my hardest to help you all yet you are crucifying me on a cross like Jesus. And let me tell you something, Jesus even forgave them all!

    When I was a user here on March 2015, this place was enjoyable, until that day.

    I remember the time when I battled 100s of Sockpuppets whilst I was the one d…

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  • Bearjedi

    Welcome to Ump Cardz!
    Ump Cardz is a fanmade card game on Dulst, created by Mental Skillness. It's quite similar to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, but it uses the rules and mechanics of Hearthstone. The video below will show you how Ump Cardz works. Note that it is outdated, but is meant to show you the basics.

    Click here to play now!
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  • Bearjedi

    pvZ wiki

    August 9, 2017 by Bearjedi

    PvZ Wiki 2014: lets work on big and important mainspace changes to make this wiki better than ever

    PvZ Wiki 2017: we should block a user for making a strategy that we don't like instead of being civilized and working out a fair solution

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