Here are the remaining ones.

Sunflower Zombie: Behaves like a Dancing Zombie, but summons Peashooter Zombies (Ducky Tube versions if it's adjacent to water) instead of Backup Dancers. Note that they do not move as a group, and if any get moved a bit, the Sunflower summons yet another.

Cherry Bomb Zombie: Behaves like a Jack-in-the-box Zombie with a shorter fuse.

Potato Mine Zombie: Just acts like a normal zombie until it's had time to prime, at which point it blows up the first plant it comes into contact with.

Chomper Zombie: It eats the first plant it gets to. It acts like any other zombie while it's chewing, and then it swallows and gets ready to eat another.

Repeater Zombie: What do you think?

Puff-shroom Zombie: Fires spores with a 3-square range

Sun-shroom Zombie: Same as Sunflower Zombie, but summons Puff-shroom Zombies and Sea-shroom Zombies instead until fully grown. Afterwards, it just acts like a Sunflower Zombie.

Grave Buster Zombie: Acts like any other zombie until it comes up to a Wall-nut, Tall-nut, or Pumpkin. It suicides itself to destroy it.

Hypno-shroom Zombie: The first plant to hit it instantly transforms into a ZomBotany Zombie of the type of plant it is.

Scaredy-shroom Zombie: Fires spores unless any plant is within one square of it, in which case it hides and acts like any other zombie.

Ice-shroom Zombie: Acts like a Jalapeno Zombie, but when it blows up, it only freezes every plant on the field in place.

Doom-shroom zombie: Similar to Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb, but with the range of a Doom-shroom. It also leaves a crater (a hurtful one, for the plants) on the square it's on.

Lily Pad Zombie: Aquatic Flower Pot Zombie. I'll get to Flower Pot Zombies in a mo.

Threepeater Zombie: Fires peas in three lanes.

Tangle Kelp Zombie: The aquatic equivalent of a Squash Zombie.

Spikeweed Zombie: Spikes any plants within eating range, effectively doubles its eating power

Sea-shroom Zombie: Aquatic equivalent of Puff-shroom Zombie.

Plantern Zombie: Shines through fog, very helpful

Cactus Zombie: Stretches over Wall-nuts and Pumpkins to hit plants inside or behind them. Still blocked by Tall-nuts.

Blover Zombie: At random intervals (like Jalapeno Zombie), it blows away all plants' projectiles currently in the air and all Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, and Pumpkins.

Split Pea Zombie: Fires at any plants placed behind it, in addition to any placed in front of it.

Pumpkin is put on random zombies, boosts their health, is ignored by Catapult plants and Spikeweed/Spikerock, can be stolen by Magnet-shroom, the plant inside is effected by fumes.

Magnet-shroom: Recharges like a Magnet-shroom, attracts Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, and Pumpkins.

Cabbage-pult Zombie: Fires at the backmost plant in a row, can be blocked with Umbrella Leaf. Please note that Catapult Plant ZomBotany zombies ignore Pumpkins.

Flower Pot Zombie: Takes the first space with a plant that it happens upon, grabs everything on it, and puts it on its head, resulting in a new ZomBotany zombie.

Kernel-pult Zombie: Fires at the backmost plant in a row, can be deflected by an Umbrella Leaf, butter freezes the plant it hits.

Coffee Bean Zombie: Similar to Jalapeno Zombie, but wakes up all Mushroom zombies on field (when asleep, they just act like normal zombies.) Mushroom Zombies are automatically awake during the daytime-based levels. Yes, that's DAYTIME.

Garlic Zombie: Any projectiles that hit it move to an adjacent lane and turn around to act like one fired by a ZomBotany zombie.

Umbrella Leaf Zombie: Deflects Cabbage, Kernels, Butter, Watermelons, and Winter Melons.

Marigold Zombie: Similar to Sunflower Zombie, but summons Gold Magnet Zombies.

Melon-pult Zombie: Targets the back-most plant in a row, can be deflected by Umbrella Leaf, deals splash damage to any plants within one square of the target.

Twin Sunflower Zombie: Same as Sunflower Zombie, but summons Gatling Pea Zombies.

Gloom-shroom Zombie: Exactly what you think. Rapidly fires in a 3x3 radius around itself, firing fumes.

Winter Melon Zombie: Acts like Melon-pult Zombie, but freezes all affected plants, including ones affected by splash damage.

Gold Magnet Zombie: Steals coins and sun before you can grab them. Neither help the zombies, they just hurt you.

Spikerock Zombie: Behaves like Spikeweed Zombie with more attack power, effectively gives it 3x Eating Power.

Cob Cannon Zombie: At random intervals (same as Jack-in-the-box Zombie, not other explosive zombies), fires a cob at a random location onscreen, destroying any and all plants adjacent to it. Much larger hitbox than most ZomBotany zombies.

Imitater Zombie: Transforms into the first plant it encounters, but doesn't remove it like Flower Pot and Lily Pad Zombies.

Wall-nut Bowling Zombie: Health of a Wall-nut Zombie, moves very quickly.

Explode-o-nut Zombie: Moves very quickly, health of a Wall-nut Zombie, blows up the instant it runs into a plant.

Giant Wall-nut Zombie: Moves very quickly, twice the health of a Wall-nut Zombie, crushes any plants it runs into. Probably the most dangerous zombie, but incapable of eating brains.

Backwards-firing Repeater Zombie (only appears in Vasebreaker: ZomBotany (Endless)): Fires peas backwards at the rate of a Repeater Zombie