Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Utterly Random and Absurdly Difficult Name That Quote Game!

The rules:

I will post 10 utterly random quotes in this blog post.  They are generally from books, television shows, films, or games.

If you recognize a quote, leave a comment saying where it was from.  The only thing this will get you is special recognition, but, again, this is absurdly difficult.

Googling (or Binging, if you prefer Bing) is strictly forbidden for 48 hours after I make this blog post.  Googling is strongly encouraged afterwards.

Googling is now open.

Okay, the quotes.

1. In her last moments of life, Sarah was smiling.

2. Mio!  I don't want to fade!  I will not fade!  Even if I must possess you!  Mio ... don't ... let ... me ... fade ...

3. "Thank God," said the man.  "At least one of us will not starve."

4. Goodbye, Doctor.  Thank you for trying.

(Milesprower2 guessed correctly that this was from Doctor Who.  Anyone who knows which episode it's from, don't be afraid to come forth.)

5. Don't you dare!  That triforce is mine!  I stole it fair and square!

(MVZW guessed correctly who said this, but they didn't quite hit the nail I was looking for on the head.  TMA was also close.  Hint: it's not a TLoZ game.)

6. Genius detective proved to be a freud.  I read it in the paper, so it must be true.  I love newspapers.

7. Blow, fan!  Blow like the wind!

8. You know, there's a big world out there, filled with desperate orphans who would gladly swim across an ocean of thumbtacks just to be eclipsed by the long shadow cast by my accomplishments.

9. Let's play good guys against bad guys.

10. Once the monsters had blackened our memories, the demon devoured them.

I also have a bonus one, whose obscurity is terrifying.  I've checked, Google won't help you out.  At all.