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Survival Endless dynamic play challenge

Bdejean January 17, 2012 User blog:Bdejean

Alright. I've come up with a Survival: Endless challenge. It requires a wide variety of skills and pretty precise timing. It's not too original, but it's pretty hard. Here it is. In fully separate games, without changing the "final" design (You can add Sunflowers and consumables, and repair if you need to), get to 100 flags in Survival: Endless with all the following types of builds:


Cobless w/ Firepea (requires at least one Gatling Pea on land and at least one Torchwood in the same lane)

Cobless, after "final" design is finished, unless something goes horribly wrong, don't bring Pumpkins ever

1 Cob

2 Cob

3 Cob

4 Cob

This 4 Cob build: 9ad2be42d8b0613e9213c63a.jpg (the Cob Cannons and the Twin Sunflowers can be rearranged)

5 Cob

6 Cob

8 Cob

9 Cob

10 Cob

12 Cob

12 Cob (at least 1 Cob Cannon must be vulnerable to Diggers)

14 Cob

16 Cob

20 Cob

22 Cob

24 Cob

Gloomless (no Gloom-shrooms)

Partial completions will be accepted.

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