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Bdejean December 12, 2011 User blog:Bdejean

Okay. You've seen the Cobless, 2 Cob, 4 Cob, 6 Cob, 8 Cob, 10 Cob, 12 Cob, 14 Cob, 16 Cob, 20 Cob, and 24 Cob (hardest to play) setups. Maybe you've seen the 3 Cob, 5 Cob, and 22 Cob. But now it's time for the (drumroll, please) 1 cob?!?! I just thought of this idea a couple of minutes ago. I haven't come up with a layout, but basically, it's played like a Cobless setup, just with a Cob for adding a bit of attacking power, or saving of sun. What do you think?

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