I figured out how to beat Pogo Party w/o using Catapult Plants, Mushrooms, or Coffee Beans!

Here are a few images. Hopefully the strategy and seed lineup should become apparent. Oh, and the instants I didn't have to use. Just don't forget the Garden Rake.

Picture 4

A good start.

Picture 5

Start of strategy completed. Now, to move on to adding the primary attackers...

Picture 6

The completion of the full strategy has started.

Almost Done

Almost done...

Picture 9


Here's a pic just to show that this build can complete the minigame.

Picture 12

Aaaaaaaaand we're done! Just to be clear, my pickup is Split Pea, Tall-nut, Imitater Tall-nut, Starfruit, Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Flower Pot, Cherry Bomb, Squash, and Jalapeno, though the last three aren't really necessary.