Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless guide by Batterup98

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Table of Contents P1 General Notes P2 Plant Guide P3 The Builds & How To Play Them P4 How to build your build P5 Plant and Zombie Stats

P1 General Notes

First of all, to establish what this guide is and is not meant to do. It is meant to be a great database of builds and how to play them, plants and their uses, and how to set up your lawn. It is not meant to be a guide for designing your own setups, as Draco89123 already hit that nail on the head. I couldn't make a building guide better than Draco's, and so making one seems unnecessary. This may accidentally achieve that, though. A lot of the information in here is from Draco's guide, and I'd like to congratulate him on amazing guide. However, this guide is here, as I think a couple things, as some Survival Endless builds, are missing from his guide. You can think of this as more of a listing of a bunch of data, if you like.

A few terms I'll define. I don't know what else to call them, so I'll call a relatively fast Jack-in-the-box Zombie explosion that destroys a Gloom-shroom or two a jaccident. (This was originally coined by the writer of some other guide, I think FallEnd, and I'm not sure if my coming up with this term was based on this or if I came up with it independently. I would not like to credit myself for coming up with this term, in case I didn't come up with it on my own.) I'll use the convention of calling the Jack-in-the-box Zombie a Jack, and Giga-gargantuars Gigas. Wetlands will refer to the lanes adjacent to the pool, and moor will refer to the other land lanes. Ground zero will be the 2x2 square at the back of the land.

Another note. A common misconception is that Gigas have 1.5x or 2x the HP of a Gargantuar (300 HP and 225 HP, respectively), and instants do 100 damage. Under these circumstances, a Giga dies after 3 instants. I've seen them sustain 3 instants head-on and not die, though they don't have much health left, maybe that of a Conehead. I know that at least one of a Giga's HP and an instant's damage is wrong, though that doesn't necessarily mean both are. A few ideas people have are that Gigas have 275 HP, or that instants do 95 damage. I'm not sure.

To take care of Bungee Zombies, some of these builds use an Ice-shroom to freeze them once they land so Gloom-shrooms can take care of them, and others Cob 'em. (It's easier to Cob Bungees when you've frozen them with an Ice-shroom, so some do both.)

A few of these builds, the builder technically cheated in some of the vids. This doesn't mean the build can't be played, though, and it's still a good build, in my opinion.

The system we'll use to describe Cob and consumable rotation (I think this was originally thought of by Hitoridakeno): the rotation will be divided into sets of cobs/consumables, generally at the same time. D will signify Doom-shroom, I will signify Ice-shroom, C will signify Cherry Bomb, and J will signify Jalapeno. For instance, 2 - CD signifies that, repeatedly, one will, at equal intervals, fire 2 Cobs, wait, and then use a Cherry Bomb and a Doom-shroom.

Also, against all expectations, the pool's the easiest area to defend, as none of the tough zombies appear there.

P2 Plant Guide

I will explain the use of each useful long-term plant in turn. Some of these have no long-term point, generally cos of one of three things. Please note that some of these are useful when you're setting up, but pretty much never afterwards.

First of all, they may be pointless. These are the Plantern and Grave Buster.

Second, they may have some better alternative, and so are effectively pointless. They are the Wall-nut, Melon-pult, Repeater, Peashooter, and Cactus.

Finally, they may only affect one zombie at a time. When you're to 200 flags, there will be tons of zombies, and so killing one at a time won't get you anywhere. They are the Snow Pea, Chomper, Hypno-shroom, Tangle Kelp, Sea-shroom, Magnet-shroom, Starfruit, Cabbage-pult, and Kernel-pult.

The two odd ones out are the Threepeater and Marigold. When passed through a Torchwood, Threepeater will do some AoE (area of effect) damage. Remember this term. However, their range is so limited and their damage so low that their peas are negligible. The marigold is useless cos you'll be running into enough zombies that coins will be dropping left and right, and a Marigold will barely increase your income.

These rules certainly have exceptions, and I encourage you to find them. There are some plants that may appear to fit into some of these "useless" categories, but actually have a use. Read on to find out about their uses.

Sunflower This thing is good in later flags if you're running out of sun to recover a bit when you have the time and space. Basically, find some spots to put some Sunflowers in a flag without any dangerous zombies, and then plant them where you can.

Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb's used for just what you think it is: blowing up Zombies, namely Gigas.

Potato Mine This guy can take a while to arm, so it's hard to use correctly. It is, however, useful when you've got a lot of warning, and is especially useful against the slow Gargantuars and Gigas.

Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, and Flower Pot Gargantuars, Gigas, and Football Zombies are what they're used for most. Gargantuars take the time to smash them, and Football Zombies are stalled, too. These are the best plants for the job cos they're cheap and recharge quick. Also, some builds have Flower Pots underneath their plants for fun, or to affect visibility for the better.

Fume-shroom Fume-shroom's the peashooter of Survival Endless. It's used for that last bit of AOE damage to kill a few Zombies. Also, though this isn't foolproof, a Fume in the inner row provides an excellent safeguard from jaccidents.

Ice-shroom This mushroom is used to stall Zombies where they'll take the most damage. Most builds that include it have its Imitater.

Doom-shroom This guy has a lot of doom power. It has a large range and is extremely powerful. Most builds that use it have some spots just for it, usually in the pool. The crater left by it disappears eventually.

Tall-nut This guy, while ideally not part of your standard strategy in most cases, makes decent stalling power in emergencies, and is used sometimes in 8- and 10-Cob builds as an alternative to Gloom-shrooms to take care of Dolphins. This was originally proposed by Draco89123 in his Low Maintenance builds, and has been used by me and TheHardinero, too..

Spikeweed Spikeweed is used to upgrade into Spikerock, and also as a consumable to instant kill Zombonis.

Lily Pad Basically a platform for land plants to be planted in the water, and sometimes for stalling power.

Gatling Pea, Split Pea, and Torchwood Here is Halibabica's (designer of the 4-cob build Antipode) explanation of them. Gatling Pea and Torchwood - once thought to be useless in Endless mode, this pair isn’t entirely unworkable in a build. It’s important to understand how exactly they work. It’s obvious that the fire peas do double damage and that Gatlings spit them out very rapidly, but they only hit the first zombie in the row, right? WRONG. When a fire pea collides with a normal zombie (normal being anything that isn’t made of metal), it has a fiery splash effect that damages all other zombies nearby the target. The fire counteracts the effects of snare, but only on the initial target. Zombies hit by the fire splash take one point of damage and remain slowed from snare. This means that Gatlings shooting fire peas can hit multiple zombies at once, making them a plausible addition to an Endless build. But, there are some zombies that can counter the Gatling + Torchwood combo which must be watched out for. When fire peas collide with screen doors, ladders, catapults, and Zombonis, they lose their splash effect and only do damage to the metal target that took the hit. This is the primary reason Gatlings and Torchwoods fail in Endless, and the reason why you can’t rely on them alone. I’ll repeat that: YOU CAN’T RELY ON THEM ALONE. Gatlings and Torchwoods output tons and tons of damage; enough to drop a Giga-Gargantuar in about fifteen seconds. But they can’t stop everything, and if you’re going to use them, you need to have a plan for how to take out the metal zombies and everything behind the enemy front lines. Otherwise, they get backed up and you have a huge wave of zombies knocking on your door before you know it. Back to stuff completely thought of by me now. Good candidates for partner plants to go with Gatling Pea are Cob Cannon, Gloom-shroom, and Spikerock. Now, Split Pea. This works best if you already have a Torchwood in a row. When aided by a single Gloom-shroom, this'll do in a pinch to take care of Diggers.

Jalapeno and Squash These consumables are used for, obviously, destroying zombies. Nothing more said. Please note that for Firepea builds. Jalapenos unfreeze Gargantuars and Gigas.

Pumpkin Now this thing is used for two purposes. It's used to protect plants, obviously. It's also good for laddering. I know what you're thinking. Ladders bad. However, they're good for protecting your pumpkins from Imps. One Laddered Gloom with a space behind it per half-lawn and you're covered from Imps. Also, never use a Jalapeno in a lane with an intentionally laddered Pumpkin, as Jalapenos and other explosives (other than Ice-shroom) destroy ladders.


This thing is your fast-recharging instant kill for Balloons that affects the whole field. Pretty simple.

Garlic Remember the ladders we were talking about? In some builds, Garlic are brought to take advantage of Ladder Zombies. In case you lose a laddered Pumpkin, you can use Garlic to divert a Ladder Zombie to a lane where it's safe for long enough, then use Garlic to funnel it to where you need to ladder. You may need to lose some Glooms to do this, but if they were destroyed by whatever caused you to lose the laddered Pumpkin, you're good. Also, ladders disappear if The plant inside the Pumpkin is removed The plant inside the Pumpkin is upgraded The ladder is hit by a Cob, Cherry Bomb. Jalapeno, or Doom-shroom

Umbrella Leaf As you've probably already guessed, these are used to protect from Catapult Zombies and Bungee Zombies. Unless you have 6+ Cobs, you're gonna need a couple to keep your back lines from being obliterated by Catapult Zombies. Ideally, you'll want 8+ Cobs, as 6-cob timing is hard when dealing with Catapults. Most builds up to 12-cob have Umbrella Leaves anyway.

Coffee Bean This is used for waking up your mushrooms, and is necessary if you've got mushrooms other than Puff-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, Sun-shroom, and Sea- shroom.

Twin Sunflower These are the primary source of sun on most builds. Put them where they're unlikely to be eaten, such as in the pool.

Gloom-shroom A bit smelly, but powerful nonetheless. They suck at defending their own lane, but are awesome at defending the lanes on either side of them. Their DPS (damage per second) is rivaled only by the Gatling Pea. These things are a force to be reckoned with. Having a few in the pool takes care of all those annoying pool and wetland zombies. I like these things so much I'll dedicate quite a bit of space to it. They tend to serve one of three purposes: taking care of Diggers, being put in the front to take care of zombies in adjacent lanes (resulting in some layouts that resemble arrowheads), and taking care of Imps and Bungee Zombies. Those that serve the third purpose are also for one of the other two. The first purpose requires a few Glooms in ground zero. The most common and space-efficient method is to have two Glooms in ground zero to destroy Diggers with little or no damage felt. Having them surface on an empty land space with one Gloom in ground zero will kill them before they can do anything, and the empty slots can be used to store Ice-shrooms before Coffee Beaning them. Three Glooms in ground zero destroy Diggers before they can do anything. Strengthening adjacent lanes is done just like you think it is. Just put it where it can hit zombies in adjacent lanes. Bungees are a bit wide, and so Glooms can reach them from further away. They can reach them from anywhere in the long (as opposed to tall) 3x5 square centered at the Bungee. 4 Glooms are guaranteed to take out a Bungee before it can steal your precious plants. Put Glooms to hit Imps where they're likely to be hurled and they should make short work of 'em.

Cattail Some of you may be wondering why I didn't put this into the "useless" category. This is cos they pop Balloons. Two Cattails (when put over three spaces behind the front of the pool) have been shown to pop all Balloons, even past 200 flags.

Spikerock This thing is used for exactly what you think: providing damage. Well, in the case of the Digger, that is. If they surface on a Spikerock, they won't do a thing. Otherwise, they're used to pop Zombonis in some of those firepea builds and to stall Gigas for long enough to kill them. They can take 8-9 Giga smashes before they're killed, making them excellent roadblocks.

Gold Magnet This guy's used for getting you money. Two can pick up most coins before they can disappear. That's all.

Winter Melon A bit of useless information: the actual winter melon is not a frozen watermelon. It looks like a watermelon-shaped cucumber. Often classified as a vegetable, this, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, peppers, peas, squash (including pumpkins, those are squash), and others are technically fruit. Now, to this fruit's uses. It's basically the Snow Pea of Survival Endless. A Winter Melon in each lane is sufficient for most builds.

Cob Cannon This thing is extremely powerful. Plant one where it's not going to be eaten, as it's expensive and cannot be Pumpkined. (Trust me on this. I've tried many tricks, including upgrading Pumpkined Kernel-pults, and none of them worked.) Builds are played very differently depending on how many of these are played. I'll get to each of these on turn later. Also, side note: they're invulnerable to Bungees. Bungees will never target them. A question that's been nagging at me for months is, "what happens when a Bungee targets a Kernel-pult and then you upgrade it into a Cob Cannon before the Bungee can steal it?" I wonder If it steals half the Cob Cannon. =P

Imitater This thing is, obviously, used for planting more of a given plant in a given time. Common candidates for imitation are Cherry Bomb Puff-shroom Ice-shroom Pumpkin

P3 The Builds & How To Play Them

You may want to turn on your popup blocker for this bit, as some of the sites here have ads. I'll only include builds I can understand the basic strategy behind, as otherwise I can't tell you how to play them.

Cobless builds

These are probably the builds that require the least clicking. Quite easy to play, if you know how. Basically, most use Ice-shroom and its Imitater, along with Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno for the outer rows. (Elegant by Draco89123)

This was the first successful cobless build ever designed, as far as we know. I've played a variation of it with less Winter Melons, and I can tell you that the ones shown are necessary. Well, I think one of the ones in the pool (ONE, not both) can be removed to allow for extra Ice-shroom storage. In flags without Gigas, just sit around and replace eaten Fume-shrooms and repair Pumpkins. In rounds with Gigas, you're gonna need Ice-shroom, its Imitater, Cherry Bomb, and Jalapeno. Use a CJ rotation for moor Gigas (use Squash if you're uncomfortable about a couple), and use Ice-shrooms to freeze Gigas when they're in range of all 5 Glooms for wetlands. Bring Pumpkins (nice general rule of thumb), and whatever you need to replace Pool Glooms. In case of jaccidents, try to keep your front wetland Gloom safe for as long as possible, though it's not a big deal if you lose it, as this build can function with the whole front row lost. This is pretty much the consumable rotation for most Cobless builds. (by WanderingWind)

Basically played the same way, though this relies more heavily on stalling. The low Sunflower count surprises me, though this can be done. The only thing I'd like to know is why the designer didn't bring Glooms in case of jaccidents this flag.ƽ%D4%A8/pic/item/6f370a1070204bf7a6ef3f89.jpg (by Unknown)

This thing's interesting cos of it's method of dealing with Dolphins. They plop their clickety aquatic mammals in the water, hop over the first Gloom, land on an empty space, and get killed by the Glooms before they can do anything. The other interesting thing is that jaccidents are less disastrous, as you've only got one Gloom to replace. There have been other builds that rely on this, and I'll link to them here. (Harmless by Draco89123) (by Hitoridakeno)

These builds, unless something goes horribly wrong, never need to bring Pumpkins. They rely on Doom-shrooms (ideally placed in the pool), Squash, and Cherry Bombs, along with stalling to maximize effectiveness. Draco89123's build needs an Ice-shroom after each gap of Zombies; that is, right before each huge wave and at the beginning of each set of 2 flags, just for eliminating Snorkelers before they can obliterate those front pool Glooms.

Now, the cobless builds that rely on Gatling Peas.ƽ%D4%A8/pic/item/bc9037b51fa3635e8ad4b20c.jpg (by Market Trojan Prince)

Not easy to play, but I've heard good things about this build. Actually pretty terrifying, in my opinion. The moor with the Gatling Peas is vulnerable to Diggers, but that's what Pumpkins are for, right? Plus, with a proper Ice-shroom storage facility, you can pretty much destroy Diggers before they can do anything. This thing stockpiles a lot of Ice-shrooms to help out with Diggers, and to help out with the Firepea. (by Draco89123)

This relies on the same principle, and uses the non-firepea half's back to stockpile Ice-shrooms. The Glooms make it immune to Zombonis. This requires a standard Consumable rotation, along with Puff-shroom. The Split Peas are vulnerable to Zombonis, Gargantuars, Football Zombies, and Gigas, though. I'd bring Lily Pad, Fume, Gloom, Coffee Bean, Pumpkin, Ice-shroom and its Imitater, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, and Puff-shroom, though this can be changed if necessary. (by Hitoridakeno)

This is a great demonstration of this guy's strategy. In case you didn't figure this out, it relies heavily on ladders, stalling tactics, and consumables. I think I could barely scratch the surface of this build here. Those two Twin Sunflowers in the back aren't normally there, but he was recovering sun.

Here's a description of this strat by the designer:

This is the furthest I've ever seen a strategy go, honestly. Also seems a bit dangerous, though definitely playable.

1 Cob

Picture_10.png (by Batterup98, based on Halfway by Draco89123)

This is a very adaptive build, and can be played in many ways. As of now, I've only made it to 44 Flags with it (and still progressing), and I've only tested the Ice-shroom based strategy for this, so this is still very experimental. If you want, you can test this and tell me how it goes.

First of all, you can play this like a Cobless build. I generally use constant Puff-shroom spam on the firepea row (and Flower Pot if I have the slot to spare), using Ice-shrooms and Imitater Ice-shrooms to stall Zombies so my Cob and Cherry Bombs can take care of Gigas. I generally take Squash for backup. (That is, a 1C rotation with I-I rotation going on at the same time.)

Second, take the wetland Fume-shrooms and the spaces right in front of them. Use three of them for Doom-shrooms, and the other for Cherry Bombs and Imitater Cherry Bombs. Use a 1C-I-1C-DJ rotation. On the last one, use a Doom-shroom, then a Jalapeno for the unaffected lane.

Third, use a 1C rotation (every time the Cob's recharged) with Imitater Cherry Bombs. Use Puff-shroom, Flower Pot, and Scaredy-shroom to stall the FROZEN Gigas, swapping out which lane doesn't have a plant to stall Gigas every time the plants are recharged.

Note: I designed this one, based on Halfway, not knowing that any other 1 Cobs had been developed. Now, I realize they have. Here's one: (by Hitoridakeno)

Play this basically like Hitoridakeno's No Repair strat, with a Cob for any situations in which it may be needed.

2 Cob

Not common, but they rely on on one of two things. They either use a consumable rotation (2-CJ-2-I), or they stall Zombies so that Cob Cannons are the only instants you'll need (generally with Puff-shrooms and Imitater Puff-shrooms, or Ice-shrooms and Imitater Ice-shrooms). (by FlyingFree333)

This brilliant build relies on instants to take care of Gigas, not stalling, primarily, as FlyingFree wanted to leave his Imitater open for Pumpkins, which is necessary cos of the usage of Spikerocks (which don't do anything to Imps unless they're hurled onto them, which is unlikely), which are used to reduce the cost of replacement Glooms in case of jaccidents. Very long run on sentence. (by Draco89123)

This relies on Puff-shroom to stall Gigas until you can cob 'em. If there's a round with Jacks, replace those two normal Sunflowers with Fume-shrooms. (by Balloon6610)

This appears to rely on a combination of the two Cob timings. (by Unknown)

Look familiar? This is just Draco89123's "Elegant" Cobless build with 2 Cobs and 4 Fumes tacked on. Sun rationing will be important, as this only uses 2 Twin Sunflowers. I'd bring Puff-shroom and its Imitater for free stalling power.

3 Cob

I know of two of these builds, both asymmetrical. (Well, I meant excluding the Cobs.) (by Unknown) (by Hitoridakeno)

I can tell that the first one uses Spikerocks to stall Gigas and destroy Zombonis in the bottom half, and has a firepea in the top half. It's pretty much invulnerable to Zombonis (even with that Spikerock destroyed, I think), and can use Cobs and consumables to pretty much destroy everything. It's a bit reliant on Ice-shrooms, though. I'd think its rotation would be 2-1C-2-1IJ (though that last Cob and Jalapeno could, potentially, be taken out.)

The second? It appears not to need Blover due to Ice-shrooms, Cherry Bombs, and Doom-shrooms (along with Cobs). Like Hitoridakeno's other strategies, it relies heavily on delaying Zombies until consumables and Glooms can take care of them. There have been many variations on this 3 Cob made by Hitoridakeno.

4 Cob

These are pretty common builds. A common method is to use a Cobless-like layout, and use your Cobs to blast Gigas once, resulting in no need for consumables, though it's common to bring a few for backup. Gigas are pretty much guaranteed to die after that, maybe with a couple delays for outer rows. (by Shapes112)

This build's super unusual. It uses Melon-pult to add a bit of damage. It has less Gloom power in the top to take care of Diggers. It only has two Twin Sunflowers. Anyway, it uses consumables, stalling, and Cobs to blast its way through Gargantuars and Gigas. Also, the designer opts for Cobs for the bottom half, with stalling and instants (including Cobs) in the top half. That's pretty much all I have to say. (by Draco89123, played by Lordkalvanmidnight)

You're gonna need to Cob the Winter Melons in row 3 and the Gloom-shrooms in row 5 if Bungees come, so to take care of all those, Cob the row 4 Winter Melons. One Cob, and Gigas are dead. You'll need to take Blover to take care of Balloons, but other than that, this is pretty much a self-sustaining build. Just replace eaten Fume-shrooms and blown-up Pool Glooms, while repairing Pumpkins. (a 2-2 Cob rotation.) (Antipode by Halibabica)

The explanation of Gatling Pea and Torchwood? That was provided by the designer of this build. The Ice-shroom is there for stalling when needed. The Winter Melons in the lanes with the Gatling Peas? Those are cos Gatling Peas only unfreeze the first Zombie in a lane, and are also a failsafe in case the Torchwoods get destroyed for some reason. This generally requires a rotation something like 2-2-CJ-2-2-I. (by zhy1013181)

This build's interesting. It requires proper Cob timing, and there isn't much of an outer row protection from Zombonis. (However, 2-2 Rotation can kill Zombonis.) However, the Spikerocks are where the Imps will, ideally, be hurled, and killed. Requires less Pumpkin maintenance, and only survives off of 2 Twin Sunflowers. This is extremely interesting. (by Unknown, played by Hitoridakeno)

Hitori may have, in fact, designed this build, but I saw almost this exact build somewhere else. (The Sunflowers were put in the front and the front Cob Cannons were scaled one space back.) Note its vulnerability to Jacks in the outer rows, but the Consumable rotation should help that from becoming a problem. Also, I think you should notice that this, again, relies heavily on stalling. It has something like a 2-2 rotation with I-I rotation simultaneously occuring. (by Cooljets)

We're sorry, the designer of this strategy had their brains eaten before I could show you this setup.

5 Cob

I've seen exactly one build of this type. It was designed by Hitoridakeno, and again, relies heavily on stalling. The only snaring power it has is Ice-shrooms. Here it is. (by Hitoridakeno)

Note the fact that the only snaring (freezing) power for this build is Ice-shrooms, and the fact that it can be vulnerable to Jack-in-the-box Zombies. Hard to play, but doable. Never user Jalapeno in any lane except for the one with the land Cob Cannon, and also note the fact that Pumpkins are (almost) never necessary for this build. This thing's Cob rotation is 2-2-1CJI. Make sure that the Ice-shroom goes off AFTER the Jalapeno.

6 Cob

You know those noob builds that have a couple lanes of Twin Sunflowers in the back, with Gatling Pea + Torchwood or Winter Melon elsewhere, just repetitive laning? If you don't know, here's one.

806px-Survivalendless.jpg (by Peashooter9)

There are many reasons this fails, but this is just for demonstration. 6 Cob strats actually tend to resemble this, and so it's no surprise that the world was introduced to powerful strategies with a 6 Cob. Common rotations are 2-2-2, 2-2-2-C (requires Imitater Cherry Bomb), and 2-2-2-C-2-2-2-I. (by Iamsooty)

This shows some bad stuff that can happen with this build, and how to deal with it. Make sure to NOT forget to deal with Gigas. Spikerocks are important, due to their buffering power. Note the lack of Umbrella Leaves! (by EL)

Now this thing's interesting. If I'm right, it takes advantage of the behaviour of Kernel-pults. If there's a Gargantuar or Giga in a row, they'll prioritize that over other Zombies. Note the fact that there are only 2 Twin Sunflowers. It needs occasional Ice-shrooms, and you can plant Sunflowers if you need to recover sun. (by Hitoridakeno)

Ice-shrooms are important for taking care of Dolphins here. This follows a similar pattern to Hitori's other builds. (by Hitoridakeno)

Note at 9:30 and 10:15, he digs up his Twin Sunflowers and replaces them with ... WHAT?!?! Sun-shrooms? No idea why. (Probably for fun.) Note the usage of Spikerocks to take care of Imps. Again, this is reliant on Ice-shrooms. And notice the lack of Pumpkins. (by Hitoridakeno)

This seems quite like Hitori's other 6 Cob strats.

8 Cob

There are a few ways to do this. The following builds rely on 10 Cob timing (click to start launching a pair about 1 sec after the Zombies that make noise sound for the next wave), with a rotation of 2-2-2-2-CJ-2-2-2-2-I. Pumpkin and its Imitater are pretty common here, and you'll need something to take care of Diggers. (by Proz, the first 8 Cob build)

11in8km.jpg (by Cob Cannon) (by Taikantuar) (Low Maintenance by Draco89123)

(The following are by people I don't know the names of) (This is played by Hitoridakeno, though someone else designed it)

Note that in his guide, Draco89123 says that the last one isn't protected by Catapults. If there are other plants in a row, Catapult Zombies will target those instead of Spikeweed and Spikerock. I've had some experience with this. (by EL)

Now this thing's interesting and extremely powerful. My only comment is the usage of only 2 Twin Sunflowers.

Here are Hitoridakeno's 8 Cob builds.

I know. Very unusual builds.

10 Cob

Forget the Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, and Squash for these builds. I tend to bring a consumable or two just in case, but you don't really need them. 2-2-2-2-2 Rotation.

The main weakness of these builds is the fact that Ambush Zombies can pop up out of the water and chew on your front Cob Cannons. There are two ways to counter them. First, and easiest (but most sun-consuming) is to time an Ice-shroom to explode after the huge wave at the end of each set of 2 flags appears, but before they pop out of the pool. This freezes the pool solid, preventing Ambush Zombies from popping out. This has a relatively large margin for error, and it's what I use. Second, you can time a Cob to blast Ambush Zombies before they can take a single bite. This, predictably, needs very precise timing, and I think you should click to launch about 6 sec after the text "A Huge Wave of Zombies is approaching!" appears.

Here's my 10 Cob.

Bdejean10cob.png (by batterup98)

I've gotten to 222 flags with this thing so far. The Sunflowers there are only for rounds without Gigas or Pole Vaulters. Oh, Pole Vaulters? Yep! Super annoying. If I don't time my Cobs correctly, if the Sunflowers are there, Pole Vaulters will vault right over them and chew on my Cob Cannons. They go faster while Vaulting. The lineup there is my standard one, just replace the Sunflower with a Blover. (by Unknown)

This is played pretty much like any other 10 Cob build. (Warhead by TheHardinero)

We have a pretty interesting placement of a few Gloom-shrooms here. There's no Umbrella Leaf to protect you from Catapults, so make sure to time your Cobs correctly. (by Hitoridakeno)

2 of the Cobs are in an interesting position here, allowing for Ice-shroom storage. (by Hitoridakeno)

Pretty reliant on Ice-shrom and its Imitater. No protection against Catapults, though. You'll also need to time an Ice-shroom to freeze Bungees. (by Hitoridakeno)

Now this thing is incredibly interesting. You'll need to blast Catapults in the bottom. Also, note the low sun count at the moment. Diggers can occasionally get through, but a Doom-shroom can substitute for 2 Cob blasts so 2 Cobs can be used to defend 2 of those Cob Cannons. Even weirder is this:

We'll see a 12 Cob version later on in this guide.

A good listing of 8- and 10-Cob setups can ge found here:

Two setups are probably failed, The Freshest and Crusher's Miracle. Pretty much everything else is great!

12 Cob

Most of these follow a similar layout to the 8 and 10 Cob strats. You have enough Cobs to kill Dolphins before they can do anything. When properly timed, you can even destroy all Diggers! These things take a bit of practice. Use a 2-2-2-2-2-2 rotation. (by Unknown)

This is a true demonstration of the power of the 12 Cob. Timing your Cobs to launch Imps onto Spikerocks won't be easy, but is doable. You need to take care of Diggers with your Cobs so you don't need replacement Winter Melons. (by Hitoridakeno)

This relies on the same general principle. Imps you don't need to worry about here, as the Gloom-shrooms kill them. (by Hitoridakeno)

Okay. I've seen a 10 Cob version of this, too. This is absolutely mad. Uses Sunflowers, Puff-shrooms, Sun-shrooms, and Ice-shrooms to stall Imps for long enough for Cobs to take care of them. What? Hitoridakeno will plan to work on extremely unusual Cob tactics now, though at the moment, this guide contains none of them, as none have been uploaded yet. (by Hitoridakeno)

This needs you to take out Diggers before they can surface as well. This requires pretty good Cob timing.

14 Cob (by Hitoridakeno)

Okay. Now we're starting to get into really, really interesting builds. You need to blast Diggers before they can do anything. Same goes for everything else. Catapults can be murder. This is actually not easy to play, though doable. Same rotation as 12 Cob, with 2 Cobs as backup in case you fail epically for some reason.

16 Cob (by Hitoridakeno)

This should look awfully similar. Just a couple more Cobs in case of mistakes, and some Sun production.

20 Cob

This requires some pretty fancy footwork (or cobwork). Really fancy footwork (or cobwork). (by Hitoridakeno)

You'll need Ice-shroom and its Imitater, which isn't easy to do cos of the one Twin Sunflower. Freeze Bungees, and Cob Ambush Zombies. This takes some practice to play. You need a lot of clicking to accomplish this. Sun rationing? Stall Zombies at the end to have as much time as possible for getting sun. Use a 4-4-4-4-2I-2 rotation.

22 Cob (by Fanglixin007)

This thing is played similarly to the 20 Cob on the top half, but like a 24 Cob on the bottom half. Very hard to master. To be exact, a 4-4-4-4-4-2I rotation.

24 Cob

Alright, you asked for it. You know the drill. Have known it for a long time. Remove four plants, add two Cobs. Now you've got a field of Cob Cannons with a Twin Sunflower and an empty spot (for Ice-shrooms) in the Pool, resulting in the simplest successful layout, but by far the least simple to master. You have to destroy Imps before they can do anything by blasting them in midair. The 20 Cob is Slot Machine compared to this. You thought the 22 Cob was hard to play? This practically requires a MACRO to play and a superfast hand. Note my usage of the word "practically." I've heard that some people have mastered it, though I've never seen it in action, and the best player I know, Hitoridakeno (no offense, Draco89123 and TheHardinero), hasn't even mastered it. Even harder than the Cob rotation is rationing your sun. Here we go. There are a few ways to play this. Also, note that Cobs are usually fired in sets of six.

First, and most difficult, is using Cobs only. I THINK this is possible. (Using a 6-6-6-6 rotation.) Timing your Cobs properly lets you catch Imps in midair, while damaging the horde. This requires really precise timing, but Is possible. I'd recommend, to minimize cooldown time between bouts of cobbing, fire a pair, fire another to catch Gargantuar Imps in midair and force Gigas to hurl their Imps, then another to destroy those. Then again, that last Cob is more likely to cause other Gargantuars (both kinds) that arrive later to hurl their Imps and destroy your Cobs in the process.

Second, you can use Ice-shroom and Imitater, like the 22 Cob, to freeze some Gigas before they can hurl their Imps. This is easier, but still, obviously, pretty near impossible.

Or, you can go all out with stalling and use plants for the same purpose as the Puff-shroom. Snow Pea can freeze a few Zombies before it goes, and Spikeweed can do a little damage. There are numerous other plants for similar purposes. As you can imagine, this gets expensive.

I'm not sure how accurate this is, as, as I said, I've never seen it in action.

Good luck.

Other Survival Endless

There are two ways to get these. You can either use a Cheat Engine to access a hidden page of minigames where they are, or you can rename save files. I won't go into the details here. I won't explain so much of the strategy behind them, as I've already gone through most of the basics in the Pool Endless section.

Day (by Hitoridakeno) (by Tammttg)

(Generally use 2-2-1C-I-2-2-1C-D rotation or something of the sort.)

Night (by Tammttg)

Just remember to bust those graves, as if there's nowhere else for them to surface, they can surface and uproot your plants.


Most Pool Endless strategies can work here with some modification. I suggest using Blover, not Planterns, to eliminate Fog, as Planterns take up a bunch of space. (by Tammttg)

This is basically a Pool Endless 8 Cob.


The Roof Night Endless strat I'll show should work here. The following build I think I heard failed around flag 30, but I'll post it just in case. (by Tammttg)

Now THIS is interesting. It's played in a style similar to a lot of Hitoridakeno's builds, with heavy stalling.

Roof Night

A night build that only runs off of one Sunflower! Wow! The middle lane is pretty much safe, as it's being hit twice as often by Cobs. You don't have to worry about Diggers cos they don't appear on the roof. This uses a 2-2-2-2-2 Rotation.

P4 How to build your build

Pun intended. There are a bunch of tutorials, and I'll link to one in a moment. The method can be adapted for other Survival Endless, and here it is.

First, bring Potato Mine, Sunflower, Imitater Sunflower (optional, though highly recommended), Lily Pad, Cattail, Pumpkin (also optional, but highly recommended), and whatever you need to get your build going. (Twin Sunflower is one of those that could go either way.) Potato Mine the first Zombies (Garden Rake also works), working to plant AS MANY SUNFLOWERS AS POSSIBLE. Try to pretty much fill up your screen with them. You'll probably get more sun if you plant Sunflowers in the water, though I usually don't do that. When Potato Mines aren't enough, plant a Cattail, even if your final build won't have them. Work to getting two Cattails, and then keep planting Sunflowers and planting stuff to start your build. Next flag, just bring more stuff to start your build, and keep going until you've kneaded your backyard into its final state. Bring whatever you need to counter Zombies you'll encounter (Umbrella Leaves, for instance, if there are Catapult Zombies.)

For laddered setups, wait for a flag with Ladder Zombies (flags 40+ probably be the easiest), make sure there aren't any super-threatening Zombies, use Garlic to divert the Ladder Zombie into a lane where it's safe temporarily, make sure to replace woken up Gloom-shrooms that may destroy it and leave the new ones asleep, and use Garlic if necessary to divert the Ladder Zombie to right in front of the plant it needs to place a ladder against. Oh, and, defend your house.

Day, Night, and Roof Endless builds tend to use Garlic and Gloom-shrooms while setting up instead of Cattails.

Here is a guide on how to build a build.

P5 Plant and Zombie stats

I'll include the stats for every plant and zombie, even if they don't appear in Survival Endless, and the stats will be for every mode. Special thanks to for the information contained within this section.


Peashooter: Does 1 DPS, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Sunflower: Produces 1 sun/sec (25 sun / 25 sec), recharge 7 sec, 50 sun

Cherry Bomb: 1 Instant of damage in 3x3 radius, recharge 50 sec, 150 sun

Wall-nut: Takes 72 bites, can be laddered, recharge 30 sec, 50 sun

Potato Mine: Takes 15 sec to prime, 1 instant in extremely limited range, can be eaten by underground Digger Zombies wile priming, can blow up underground Digger Zombies, recharge 30 sec, 25 sun

Snow Pea: Does 1 DPS, slows any affected zombies other than Screen Door Zombies, Ladder Zombies, Newspaper Zombies (all still with their shield), and Zomboni to about 1/2 speed, recharge 7 sec, 175 sun

Chomper: Does 1 instant to any zombie other than Gargantuar or Giga, does 1 DPS to Gargantuar or Giga, takes about 30 sec to swallow, recharge 7 sec, 150 sun

Repeater: 2 DPS, recharge 7 sec, 200 sun

Puff-shroom: 1 DPS, only fires if a zombie is within 3 spaces of it (if the zombie is destroyed before the spore reaches it, the spore can travel more than 3 spaces), recharge 7 sec, 0 sun

Sun-shroom: 3/5 sun/sec until 75 sun have been produced, 1 sun/sec afterwards, 25 sun, recharge 7 sec

Fume-shroom: 1 DPS, damages all zombies within 4 squares in front of it, 75 sun, recharge 7 sec

Grave Buster: Destroys a Grave in Night levels and Versus Mode, leaves a coin or diamond once finished, 75 sun, recharge 7 sec

Hypno-shroom: Hypnotizes the zombie that takes the first bite from it (and gets destroyed in the process), 75 sun, recharge 30 sec

Scaredy-shroom: 1 DPS, 0 DPS if any zombie (Diggers and Balloons count, too) is within 1 square of it, even in another lane, 25 Sun, recharge 7 sec

Ice-shroom: 1 Damage to all affected zombies, immobilizes all zombies other than Zombonis, Balloon Zombies, and Pogo Zombies (it still slows Pogo Zombies and Balloon Zombies) for about 5-10 sec (I'm not sure what the exact value is), leaves them slowed afterwards, recharge 50 sec, 75 sun

Doom-shroom: 1 instant of damage to a 3 square (about) blast radius, leaves crater which takes 3 min to heal, recharge 50 sec, 125 sun

Lily Pad: Aquatic plant, Allows most land plants to be planted on it, recharge 7 sec, 25 sun Squash: 1 instant to a 1x1 area (ignores zombies such as Digger Zombies and Balloon Zombies), recharge 30 sec, 50 sun

Threpeater: 1 DPS to its own lane and any adjacent lanes, recharge 7 sec, 325 sun

Tangle Kelp: Aquatic plant, 1 instant to a single zombie, recharge 30 sec, 25 sun

Jalapeno: 1 instant of damage to its whole lane, removes ice trails set by Zombonis, unfreezes Gargantuars and Gigas in its lane, recharge 50 sec, 125 sun

Spikeweed: 1 instant to Catapult Zombies and Zombonis (at the cost of the plant), 1 DPS to other zombies, affects all zombies on top of it, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Torchwood: Removes fog in a 3x3 radius, about, turns frozen peas that pass through it into normal peas, turns normal peas that pass through it into flaming peas. Flaming peas act like normal peas when hitting Catapult Zombies, Zombonis, Ladder Zombies, and Screen Door Zombies, do double damage to the affected Zombie and unfreeze it, doing normal damage to about a 1/2 square radius otherwise, recharge 7 sec, 175 sun

Tall-nut: Withstands 144 bites, Dolphin Zombies and Pole Vaulter Zombies that try to vault over it land at about the middle of the plant, taking bites from it, Pogo Zombies that try to bounce over it lose their sticks, can be laddered, recharge 30 sec, 125 sun

Sea-shroom: Aquatic plant, 1 DPS, only fires if a zombie is within 3 spaces of it (if the zombie is destroyed before the spore reaches it, the spore can travel more than 3 spaces), recharge 7 sec, 0 sun

Plantern: Disperses a 5x5 area of fog, reveals the contents of a 3x3 area of vases, recharge 30 sec, 25 sun

Cactus: 1 DPS normally, 1 DPS to Balloons only if any Balloons are in its lane, recharge 7 sec, 125 sun

Blover: Instant kill to all Balloon Zombies on field, eliminates all fog for 15-20 sec, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Split Pea: 1 DPS to any zombies in front, 2 DPS to zombies behind, recharge 7 sec, 125 sun

Starfruit: 1 DPS in 5 directions: straight back, straight up, straight down, forwards sloped upwards with slope 1/2, forwards sloped downwards with slope -1/2, recharge 7 sec, 125 sun

Pumpkin: Can be planted on any plant other than Cob Cannon, withstands 72 bites, can be laddered, recharge 30 sec, 125 sun

Magnet-shroom: Range approx. 3 squares, steals Buckets, Football Helmets, Screen Doors, Pickaxes, Pogo Sticks, Ladders (even once placed), Jack-in-the-boxes, and Trash Cans from zombies holding them, takes time (exact value unknown) between stealings, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Cabbage-pult: Ignores shields, can hit underwater Snorkelers, and can hit zombies despite the angle of the roof, 1 DPS, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Flower Pot: Can be planted anywhere other than on a Lily Pad (or, I suspect, a Flower Pot), allows most land-based plants to be planted inside it, recharge 7 sec, 25 sun

Kernel-pult: Ignores shields, can hit underwater Snorkelers, and can hit zombies despite the angle of the roof, 1/2 DPS normally, can fire butter (probability unknown) which does 1 DPS and temporarily immobilizes the target unless the target is a Pogo Zombie, Zomboni, or Dr. Zomboss, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Coffee Bean: Is needed to wake Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Fume-shroom, Hypno-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom, Sea-shroom, Magnet-shroom, and Gloom-shroom (not Gold Magnet, however) in Day, Pool, and Roof levels, 75 sun, recharge 7 sec

Garlic: Sustains 21 bites. When any zombie that bites takes a bite out of it, it immediately moves to an adjacent lane that it can appear in.

Umbrella Leaf: Makes any plant within 1 square of it immune to Catapult Zombies, instant kills Bungee Zombies that try to land within 1 square of it, recharge 7 sec, 100 sun

Marigold: Every 25 sec, produces a silver coin or a gold coin.

Melon-pult: 2 DPS to target, 1 DPS to any zombies within 1 square of target, recharge 7 sec, 300 sun

Gatling Pea: Upgrade of Repeater, 4 DPS, recharge 50 sec, 250 sun (+ 50 sun for each Gatling Pea on field in Survival Endless)

Twin Sunflower: Upgrade of Sunflower, produces 2 sun/sec, recharge 50 sec, 150 sun (+ 50 sun for each Twin Sunflower on field in Survival Endless)

Gloom-shroom: Upgrade of Fume-shroom, 4 DPS to all zombies within 1 square of it, recharge 50 sec (+ 50 sun for each Gloom-shroom on field in Survival Endless)

Cattail: Aquatic plant, upgrade of Lily Pad, 2 DPS to Balloons if any are on field, 2 DPS to any zombie on field otherwise, recharge 50 sec, 225 sun (+ 50 sun for each Cattail on field in Survival Endless)

Winter Melon: Upgrade of Melon-pult, 2 DPS to target, 1 DPS to any zombies within 1 square of target, slows target and any zombies within 1 square of target, recharge 50 sec, 200 sun (+ 50 sun for each Winter Melon on field in Survival Endless)

Gold Magnet: Upgrade of Magnet-shroom (though it isn't a mushroom), every (5 seconds?) collects up to 5 coins, recharge 50 sec, 50 sun (+ 50 sun for each Gold Magnet on field in Survival Endless)

Spikerock: Upgrade of Spikeweed, 2-4 DPS (I don't know the exact value) to any zombies other than Catapult Zombies and Zombonis on top of it, instant kill to Catapult Zombies and Zombonis, can sustain 9 Gargantuar smashes or Zomboni/Catapult Zombie kills before dying, recharge 50 sec, 125 sun (+ 50 sun for each Spikerock on field in Survival Endless)

Cob Cannon: Upgrade of two adjacent Kernel-pults in the same lane, every 36 sec, can fire a corn cob that explodes in a 3x3 blast radius and does 1 instant of damage to any affected zombie, can be targeted to a location that is not the center of a square in PC and MAC versions, recharge 50 sec, 500 sun (+ 50 sun for each Cob Cannon on field in Survival Endless)

Imitater: Can be used to select a single plant not bought from Crazy Dave twice in your lineup, effectively cutting its recharge time in half, takes 3-5 sec to transform, appears monochrome after transformation, recharge same as imitated plant, cost same as imitated plant

Wall-nut: Rolls down its lane until it collides with a zombie, does 1 Wall-nut of damage to it, and ricochets down the field

Explode-o-nut: Rolls down its lane until it collides with a zombie and then explodes, doing 1 instant of damage to all zombies within 1 square of it

Giant Wall-nut: Rolls down its lane, destroying all zombies it comes into contact with


The Ducky Tube versions of Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, Peashooter Zombie, Wall-nut Zombie, Gatling Pea Zombie, Jalapeno Zombie, and Tall-nut Zombie have the same stats as the normal versions. The Ducky Tube Screen Door Zombie requires a hack to produce, but it's programmed into the game as existing. Unless otherwise indicated, zombies are assumed to appear on land and roof.

Also, the Trash Can Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, Newspaper Zombie, and Ladder Zombie are considered separate entities from their shields, and so AoE plants damage both the zombie and the shield, given both are in their range, lobbed-shot plants ignore the shield, and Split Peas hit the zombie, not the shield.

Zombie: 10 HP

Flag Zombie: 10 HP, appears once every huge wave, is slightly faster.

Conehead Zombie: 28 HP

Pole Vaulting Zombie: 17 HP, jumps over the first plant it encounters unless it is a Tall-nut, jumps fully over Cob Cannons

Buckethead Zombie: 65 HP, Magnet-shroom can steal its helmet given it has more than 10 HP left, reducing its health to 10 HP

Newspaper Zombie: 8 HP for Newspaper, 8 HP for zombie, speeds up once newspaper is destroyed

Screen Door Zombie: 65 HP for Screen Door, 10 HP for zombie, Screen Door can be stolen by Magnet-shroom

Football Zombie: 80 HP, moves faster than most zombies, Magnet-shroom can steal its helmet given it has more than 10 HP left, reducing its health to 10 HP

Michael Jackson Dancing Zombie: 17 HP, moves about 2 Squares, then summons Backup Dancers directly above, in front, below, and behind it, continues to summon replacements when they are killed until it dies, only appears on land

Disco Stu Dancing Zombie: 17 HP, moves about 1 Square, then summons Backup Dancers directly above, in front, below, and behind it, continues to summon replacements when they are killed until it dies, eats more quickly than most zombies, only appears on land

Old Backup Dancer: 10 HP, always stays the same distance from its respective Dancing Zombie

New Backup Dancer: 10 HP, always stays the same distance from its respective Dancing Zombie, eats more quickly than most zombies

Snorkel Zombie: 10 HP, is invulnerable to all plants other than Catapult Plants while underwater, surfaces to eat plants, only appears in water

Zomboni: 70 HP, cannot be slowed in any way, crushes any plants it comes into contact with, leaves a trail of ice which cannot be planted on, can be destroyed by Spikeweed and Spikerock

Zombie Bobsled Team: 14 HP (Bobsled), 10 HP (zombies), instant kills such as Chomper and Potato Mine that destroy the Bobsled will also destroy all zombies within the bobsled. Only appears on Ice Trails left by Zombonis.

Dolphin Rider Zombie: 17 HP, is invulnerable while jumping, moves very quickly and jumps over the first plant in its path, then moves more slowly, only appears in water

Jack-in-the-box Zombie: 17 HP, moves more quickly than normal zombies, at random intervals, its Jack-in-the-box will explode, destroying the zombie and any plants within one square of it, if a Pumpkin is in its range but the plant inside the Pumpkin is not, it will only destroy the Pumpkin, Jack-in-the-box can be stolen by Magnet-shroom

Balloon Zombie (Land): 1 HP (Balloon), 10 HP (Zombie), can only be hit by Spikes or instant-killed by Blover while it has its Balloon, is invulnerable to freezing from any plant other than Ice-shroom while floating

Digger Zombie: 15 HP, under normal conditions will dig underneath your lawn, pop up at the back, and then move and eat forward, cannot use Ladders, its pickaxe can be stolen by Magnet-shroom while under or above ground, can eat priming Potato Mines while underground, can be blown up by Potato Mines. Once its pickaxe is stolen, if it's above ground, nothing happens, and if it's below ground, it will pop up and act like any other zombie.

Pogo Zombie: 17 HP, moves very quickly, cannot be rendered immobile, can be slowed, its Pogo Stick can be stolen by a Magnet-shroom, causing it to act like any other Zombie. It tries to jump over every plant in its path, and will lose its Pogo Stick if it tries to jump over a Tall-nut

Zombie Yeti: 75 HP, will turn around and run away if not killed in time. Drops 4 Diamonds under most circumstances when killed, and can be blocked by plants while trying to run away. Cannot use Ladders while running away

Bungee Zombie: 23 HP, only appears during Huge Waves, selects a random plant, drops down, and steals it, can be blocked by Umbrella Leaf, can appear on any tile, including Water

Ladder Zombie: 34 HP (Ladder), 17 HP (Zombie), when it encounters a Wall-nut, Tall-nut, or Pumpkin, if it still has its Ladder, it places it against that plant at the expense of its ladder, moves more quickly while it still has its Ladder, Ladder can be stolen by Magnet-shroom whether it has been placed or not

Catapult Zombie: 30-34 HP (disputed), attacks the plant furthest back in a lane, ignoring Spikeweed and Spikerock if there are other attackable plants, repeats until it has launched 20 Basketballs or there are no more plants in a lane, then moves forward, crushing any and all plants in its path

Gargantuar: 150 HP, hurles Imp 6 squares when at half health, takes about 2 sec to crush any plant in its path

Imp: 6 HP normally, 3 HP in I, Zombie levels

Zomboss: Estimated 20,572 HP in Level 5-10 and 41,144 HP in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge, can release three Bungee Zombies simultaneously to destroy plants, can destroy a 2x3 area of plants with a Camper, can bring its head down to roof level to launch a fireball or iceball. An iceball can be destroyed by a Jalapeno in the same lane, while a fireball can be destroyed by an Ice-shroom anywhere. Fireballs and iceballs can crush Roof Cleaners. Any plant can damage him, but he can only be damaged when the Zombot's head is at roof level. Can also stomp on plants on the flat part of the roof.

Giga-gargantuar: HP disputed, hurles Giga-imp 6 squares when at half health, takes about 2 sec to crush any plant in its path

Giga-imp: 9-10 HP

Giga Football Zombie: 150 HP, moves faster than most zombies, Magnet-shroom can steal its helmet given it has more than 10 HP left, reducing its health to 10 HP

Invisible Zombie: Comes in Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Jack-in-the-box Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie, Zomboni, Zombie Bobsled Team, Zombie Yeti, Ducky Tube Zombie, Ducky Tube Conehead Zombie, and Ducky Tube Buckethead Zombie. Differs in no way from the respective zombie other than the fact that they are invisible

Little Zombie: 3 HP

Little Snorkel Zombie: 3 HP, is invulnerable to all plants other than Catapult Plants while underwater, surfaces to eat plants, only appears in water

Little Conehead Zombie: 7 Peas

Little Football Zombie: 20 HP, moves faster than most zombies, Magnet-shroom can steal its helmet given it has more than 10 HP left, reducing its health to 10 HP (unconfirmed)

Little Zombie Yeti: 10 HP, will turn around and run away if not killed in time. Drops 0 Diamonds under most circumstances when killed, and can be blocked by plants while trying to run away. Cannot use Ladders while running away

Peashooter Zombie: 10 HP, fires Peas that do about 1/2 Bite damage, cannot hit Lily Pads, Sun-shrooms, Puff-shrooms, Spikeweeds, Spikerocks, or Potato Mines (other plants may share this property), continues to fire if frozen by an Ice-shroom and fires at the same rate when slowed, fires backwards and peas still harm plants when hypnotised.

Wall-nut Zombie: 72 HP

Gatling Pea Zombie: 10 HP, fires Peas that do about 1/2 Bite damage, cannot hit Lily Pads, Sun-shrooms, Puff-shrooms, Spikeweeds, Spikerocks, or Potato Mines (other plants may share this property), continues to fire if frozen by an Ice-shroom and fires at the same rate when slowed, fires backwards and peas still harm plants when hypnotised.

Squash Zombie: 10 HP, moves forward faster than most zombies, destroys the first plant in its path other than Spikeweed, Spikerock, and (possibly) Potato Mine, but dies afterward

Jalapeno Zombie: 10 HP, at random intervals explodes, destroying the zombie and all plants in the lane it's in

Tall-nut Zombie: 144 HP

Target Zombie: 10 HP, stays at the back of each lane, the zombies lose if three of these are destroyed, only appear in Versus Mode

Trash Can Zombie: 40 HP (Trash Can), 10 HP (Zombie), moves very slowly, Trash Can can be stolen by Magnet-shroom