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  • Bdejean

    Right, then.

    August 15, 2014 by Bdejean

    I am unofficially back after what's probably months and less than negative people remember me at all.

    So yep. This is what I've been working on. Playing with a trackpad has been ... awkward. This also feels like too simple a setup for me. Maybe I'll throw in some firepeas or iceboxing.

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  • Bdejean

    Now, I realize my previous post may have come off as spammy.  For this I apologize.

    Now, back to the point.  This is what I've been working on.

    Yes, the Sunflowers are to be removed in flags with Gargantuars or Gigas.  And yes, the biggest threat to me right now are Dolphin Riders.  It's not exactly easy to get the hang of timing for those little buggers.  It's played basically like this strategy, though you need cobs to destroy Bungees in this one.  Just maintain cob timing and you won't have a problem with Catapults.  And how do we prevent Imps from chewing on those Winter Melons?  Just place your cobs properly.

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  • Bdejean

    Are you dead?  Did you die?  What killed you?  Was it a murderer?  Oh god why did they do that?  Innocent by reason of insanity?  How long till they get out of prison?  Will it be after I'm dead?  Cos I don't want to get murdered by them.  Quick, witness protection program, I know who murdered bdejean!  Keep me safe from this psychopath!

    Whoawhoawhoa calm down.  I'm alive.

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  • Bdejean

    More Antipode

    April 13, 2013 by Bdejean

    Well, this time, I decided to record a video of 2 flags of my playing Antipode.  I fail a bit, but not terribly.  Mostly with the Spikerocks.  Enjoy!  Oh.  And I misplaced a Squash.

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  • Bdejean

    TURAADNTQG - results

    April 4, 2013 by Bdejean

    Okay, here are the answers.  I think I might have been overly mean, so apologies.

    1. In her last moments of life, Sarah was smiling.

    This was the last sentence of book 2 in the Tunnels series, Deeper, excluding the epilogue.  Intense scene.

    2. Mio!  I don't want to fade!  I will not fade!  Even if I must possess you!  Mio ... don't ... let ... me ... fade ...

    This was from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.  Near the end.  Raem got somewhat desperate.

    3. "Thank God," said the man.  "At least one of us will not starve."

    It's a quote from Children of the Mind (and possibly Xenocide, too,) and it's attributed to The God Whispers of Han Quing-jao.  Which is a fictional thing specifically for the Ender saga.  I suggest you google the entire quote, it…

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