So I said I was gonna post this tomorrow, but whatever. Anyways, Hello. I go by many usernames, Rogue Cookie/The Rogue Cookie(G+/LOL/pretty much everything except wikia), MordecaiGP(My old username, as well as my Minecraft name), Zektiknight(My World of Tanks name), Pokemaster23456(My old Roblox name, before a hacker got it banned) TrollinhtheFog2012(My current Roblox username, when I care to play Roblox), and All Wisps Under The Sun (My old wikia username), but most of you know me now as Ballistic Planet. I would give background information about myself, but this blog is dedicated to why I moved accounts.

Back story

Way back in 2013, I made an account called "The Bonkin Choy", now called "All Wisps Under The Sun". I made this account to participate in wikia, and to get connected. But there was one problem. At that time the COPPA act has just been passed, so my account (at the time) should've been blocked. But it wasn't, because I never revealed my age. Not that anyone really cared back then, because I only ever made 12 edits on the account when I used it. My 12 (I'm 14 now) year-old self at the time saw this, and left the account to rot, until a year and and a quarter later.

October 2014-Now

With the past behind me, I created a new account called "MordecaiGP", now "Ballistic Planet". I created it, made some quality (and not-so-quality) edits, and got myself to Rollback, then Chat Mod, then Forum Mod. However, I eventually found my old account.

So, why did I move?

Firstly, I forgot my password to the account, until just recently where I guessed it and got it (Was the same as one of my passwords to a different website). Secondly I wanted to stop myself from participating until I was 13, like a person should. Thirdly "All Wisps Under The Sun" wasn't a cool name to me anymore, and I wanted to change it, but I couldn't as I already changed it once.

So, is my purpose any different?

No! My purpose is still the same.

I'm not going to spam, or do anything else with that alternate account until some hacker finds this account. I'm still going to follow the rules here, and be myself. My alternate account is just another part of me, a thing of my past and potentially, a thing of my future. I will continue to edit from my Ballistic Planet account. I haven't ever abused edits with the "All Wisps Under The Sun" account, nor do I plan to. I seriously hope this doesn't effect your views on me, and I hope that I didn't break any rules. I just wanted to be open with this. Ballistic Planet will still be my main account, but "All Wisps Under The Sun" is now my alt. Oh, and here's the proof that's it's me:

Proof that it's Ballistic Planet

As you can see from the icon in the top right, I'm logged into the account. You'll also notice that details on that account match details from mine, such as having the same IRL name ("Zaq" is my mickname, my real name is "Zachary") and Date of Birth. Anyways, carry on with your Day/Night. Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Well shoot, the image is too big for the page. I'll get another one soon, too busy right now.