Let's start off with the Plants. W.I.P

Players House


Changes: N/A

Context: Peashooter is supposed to be THE starter offesive plant, so it's supposed to be underpowered.


Changes: N/A

Context: Sunflower is supposed to be THE starter sun-producing plant, but with some upcoming changes, it'll be able to finally compete for a spot in your garden. Or maybe not.



Durability: 80 Bites --> 64 Bites

Context: I felt as though Wall-nut was just getting its job done to properly, and it was easily outclassing the Tall-nut, a plant that should outcalss it. These changes should help make Tall-nut a viable option alongside Wall-nut.

Potato Mine


Explosion radius: 1x3 --> 1x1

Context: Potato Mine radius seems to be VERY off from its animation, so this is to keep it more in line with well, its animation.

Ancient Egypt


Changes: N/A

Context: Cabbage-pult is supposed to be a viable alternative to the Peashooter, so I felt that no changes were necessary.



Boomerang pierces through lane: 3 --> 7

Boomerangs now pierce through graves without using a pierce of a boomerang

Sun cost: 175 --> 150

Time between fire: Until Boomerang comes back --> 3 seconds

Context: These changes are to make Bloomerang a viable alternative to the Laser Bean.

Iceberg Lettuce

Changes: N/A

Context: Iceberg Lettuce has always been a perfectly viable plant without being overpowered, so no changes were necessary.

Grave Buster


Recharge time: Mediocre --> Fast

Sun cost: 0 --> 100

Now drops coins, and ocasionally gems or power ups from graves

Context: While this thing was already pretty good in AE/DA, these changes are to:

A) make it closer to the origanl Grave Buster in PVZ1, and

B) Give it more of a purpose. Instead if clearing a Grave and being done with it, it also helps you when grinding coins/gems.

Bonk Choy


Punch damage: 1 --> 1.5

Context: Bonk Choy was fairly underpowered when compared to the Snapdragon, so these changes are to make it better suited for melee combat, as well as combat with the Snapdragon for a spot on your lawn.


Changes: N/A

Context: I felt no changes were necessary, as it already was a decent plant to begin with.

Twin Sunflower


Can be planted at the start again

Sun cost: 125 --> 150

Recharge: Mediocre --> Sluggish

Context: To promote diversity when using sun producing plants, Twin Sunflower has received some changes to her Sun cost and recharge time.

Snow Pea


Now unlocked after you beat the Zomboss Sphinx-inator.

Context: Nobody likes plants being premium. ALL premiums will no longer be premium, and will be unlocked after beating that world's respective boss fight.

Pirate Seas


Changes: N/A

Context: Kernel-pult was already fairly balanced, so I didn't think changes were necessary.



Sun cost 150 --> 200

Context: I felt as though Snapdragon was a little too strong, as it can even be used effectively in Big Wave Beach, so this thing needed a nerf.



Sun cost: 100 --> 75

Context: Spikeweed wasn't really performing to well, so this small change is to give it a bit more usability.

Coconut Cannon


Reload time: 21 seconds --> 17 seconds

Sun cost: 400 --> 425

Context: In order to make Coconut Cannon slightly more viable, I lowered its reload time, while increasing its sun cost slightly to compensate.

Cherry Bomb

Changes: N/A

Context: I feel as though this plant is perfectly blanced, and it's a great instant to use.

Spring Bean

Changes: N/A

Context: Until I get an exact time on for long this bugger sleeps, no changes. (From future Ballistic Planet, it sleeps for 10 seconds ;))



Sun cost: 250 --> 200

Context: I feel as though Spikerock isn't getting the job done like his younger brother, so he gets a buff to compensate.



Sun cost: 300 --> 250

Context: Threepeater has stiff compatition with Snapdragon, so this buff is to hopefully make it a bit stronger versus Snapdragon.

Torchwood, Power Lily and Squash


All three are now unlocked after beating the Zombot Plank-walker.

Context: See Snow Pea

Wild West

Split Pea

Changes: N/A

Context: None were necessary as far as I'm aware of.

Chili Bean

Changes: N/A

Context: Chili Bean is a powerful, yet at the same time balanced plant. None were needed.

Lightning Reed


Damage: 0.5 --> 1

Sun cost 100 --> 175

Context: Lighting Reed was one of the worst plants in PVZ2. With these changes, it can now deal damage while still being fairly costed.

Pea Pod


Sun cost 125 --> 100

Context: It costed too much to be useful. with these changes it should now be a bit more fairly costed.



Durabilty: 160 bites --> 200 bites

Context: Because screw Wall-nut.



Splash damage: 2 --> 1.5

Sun cost: 325 --> 300

Context: Back to the days of PVZ1.

Winter Melon


Spalsh Damage: 2 --> 1.5

Sun cost: 500 --> 525

Context: This plant was insanely OP, so nerf were a givin'. Back to the days of PVZ1, with a slap on the wrist (err stem?) to boot.

Jalapeno and Imitater


Are now unlocked after beating the Zombot War Wargon.

Context: See Snow Pea

Far Future

Laser Bean

Changes: N/A

Context: With Bloomerang buffed, no changes needed to happen to this guy.



Sun cost: 50 --> 75

Context: A slight nerf, because it's a little too powerful in Pirate Seas.



Damage: 40 --> 65

Context: This guy was almost completely outclassed by Coconut Cannon, so now this thing can 1-hit Bucketheads.



Sun cost: 25 --> 75

Context: This thing was doing WAY to much for what it was costed, so a nerf was necessary.



Plant food barrier max duration: N/A --> 4 minutes

Context: A slight nerf too the incredibly powerful Infi-nut

Magnifying Grass

Changes: N/A

Context: Some plant needs to stay op. Amirite?



Sun cost: 150 --> 125

Is now unlocked after beating Far Future - Day 24

Context: Starfruit no longer costs 150, and is no longer a premium. Where's Tile Turnip?

Tile Turnip


Sun cost: 0/250/500/1000/2000/4000/8000 --> 0/100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400

Unlocked: After beating Far Future - Day 24 --> After beating Zombot Tommorow-tron.

Can now dig up in empty Tile Turnip space to dig up the Tile Turnip

No longer counts as losing a plant

Context: Tile Turnip now ramps up slower, and you can have 1 more out on the field. In addition the player is finally be able to dig them up, but now you have to beat Zomboss to unlock him.

Dark Ages



Growth time from small to medium: After 1 batch of sun --> After 3 batches of sun.

Growth time from medium to large: After 2 batches of sun (while medium) --> After 5 batches of sun. (while medium)

Context: This plant completely outclasses Sunflower, so to keep them even, nerfs ahoy.



Time to disappear: 1 minute --> 3 minutes

Durabilty: 2 bites --> 3 bites

Context: Life is a great thing. Puff-shroom can't live long enough to really enjoy it, so here are some buffs to him.



Sun cost: 125 --> 75

Context: Restoring him to his rightful place.

Sun Bean


Sun cost: 50 --> 100

Sun per hit: 5 --> 10

Plant food sun explosion: 600 --> 1000

Context: Not exactly doubling it, but updating it to the new sun cost system.



Sun cost: 125 --> 75

Now unlocked after beating Dark Ages - Night 11

Context: Is too up now, so restoring it to PVZ1 status. Also, no longer premium!


Changes: N/A

Context: No changes were necessary. It feels well balanced.



Fire rate is now exactly like Peashooter's

Durabilty 40 --> 64

Is now unlocked after beating the Zombot Dark Dragon.

Context: To bring this more in line with a Hybrid of Peashooter and Wall-nut.

Big Wave Beach

Lily Pad

Changes: N/A

Context: Are changes necessary to this?

Tangle Kelp


Recharge: Sluggish --> Mediocre

Context: Because it only works in water, I feel as though this is justified.

Bowling Bulb


Bulb Damage: Cyan: 2, Aquamarine: 6, Orange: 9 --> Cyan 3, Aquamarine 9, Orange 20

Bulb Plant food damage: 30 each --> 60 each

Bowling Bulb now cycles through all bulbs.

Context: To restore them to thier former glory, and to go beyond!



Chewing time: 30-42 seconds --> Seconds now scale with remaining Zombie health, up to 42 seconds.

Is now unlocked after beating Big Wave Beach - Day 17.

Context: No longer premium, and can chomp Zombies for a much shorter amount of time.



1st rushing attack damage now 1-hits the zombie, except if it's a Gargantuar or Zombot.

Rushing damage after 1st hit: 7.5 --> 15

Sun cost: 125 --> 225

Recharge time: Fast --> Mediocre

Context: More damage, but you get these out slower.

Banana Launcher


AOE: 1x3 --> 3x3

Damage: 60 --> 75

Recharge time: Fast --> Mediocre

Sun cost: 500 --> 650

Reload time: 21 seconds --> 17 seconds

Context: Now he's more like a Cob Cannon!

Ghost Pepper, Homing Thistle, Sweet Potato and Sap-fling


All are now unlocked after beating the Zomboss Shark-o-tronic sub.

Context: See Snow Pea



For those who are curious

These are the hacks you can do at the time of writing. (We're in the 4.1.1 version (Halloween update))

Wall-nut, (#1, #3, and #4 of) Bloomerang, (#1 of) Grave Buster, Bonk Choy, Twin Sunflower, Snapdragon, Spikeweed, Coconut Cannon, Spikerock, Threepeater, (#1 of) Lightning Reed, Pea Pod, Tall-nut, Melon-pult, Winter Melon, Blover, Citron, E.M.Peach, (#1 of) Starfruit, (#1 of) Tile Turnip, Sun-shroom, Puff-shroom, Fume-shroom, Sun Bean, (#1 of) Hypno-shroom, (#1 and #2 of) Pea-nut, Tangle Kelp, (Part of #1, all of #2 and #3 of) Bowling Bulb, (#2 and #4 of) Guacodile, and ALL of Banana Launcher.