With the conclusion of Awesomesix's blog, I figured, let's do one for PVZ1!

Last Attack: Triple Heal Doom-shroom, Heal Cob Cannon by MordecaiGP

Day 5. 10 plants have died.

Tyabcd has 1 move left


Each day, you can do a total of 4 moves, any of the following:

  • 2 hurts and 2 heals
  • 1 hurt and 3 heals
  • 1 heal and 3 hurts
  • 4 hurts or 4 heals, NOT BOTH

Also, no healing above 15

You can divide the moves up as you wish, such as:

Hurt Chomper, Heal Cob Cannon, Heal Spikerock, Heal Winter Melon

Quadruple Heal Potato Mine

Quadruple Hurt Gloom-shroom

Or whatever. They cannot add up to anything above four total.

Put your hurt/heals in the comments. I will update each time a plant is "eaten", with the person who killed the plant. You can only vote every 24 hours based on your latest comment OR when the Hurt/Heal starts a new day. This Hurt/Heal starts a new day @ 0:00 (12:00am) PST.


Note: Plants that are bold are at below 6hp. Plants that are underlined are plants that can be eaten with the next move. Plants in Green text are at full HP, and can't be healed. (Sorry for wierd spacing, getting used to wikia colors)

Blover: 6HP

Cabbage-pult: 6HP

Cattail: 6HP

Chomper: 5HP

Cherry Bomb: 6HP

Cob Cannon: 3HP

Coffee Bean: 7HP

Doom-shroom: 15HP

Fume-shroom: 6HP

Garlic: 6HP

Gatling Pea: 6HP

Gloom-shroom: 7HP

Grave Buster: 6HP

Hypno-shroom: 10HP

Ice-shroom: 6HP

Imitater: 6HP

Kernel-pult: 7HP

Lily Pad: 6HP

Magnet-shroom: 12HP

Melon-pult: 8HP

Peashooter: 8HP

Plantern: 8HP

Potato Mine: 6HP

Puff-shroom: 6HP

Pumpkin: 12HP

Repeater: 6HP

Spikerock: 6HP

Spikeweed: 6HP

Starfruit: 6HP

Sunflower: 6HP

Sun-shroom: 6HP

Snow Pea: 6HP

Squash: 6HP

Tangle Kelp: 6HP

Tall-nut: 6HP

Threepeater: 8HP

Twin Sunflower: 6HP

Umbrella Leaf: 7HP

Winter Melon: 12HP

Eaten Plants

These are the ones that have been reduced to 0HP, and have thus dead.

50th: Cactus - Eaten by Poopspyro on Day 1

49th: Sea-shroom - Eaten by Awesomesix on Day 1

48th: Golden Magnet - Eaten by Boltweed on Day 2

47th: Scaredy-shroom - Eaten by Buckethead Zombie on Day 2

46th: Split Pea - Eaten by Alexplanty on Day 3

45th: Marigold - Eaten by Lily8763cp on Day 3

44th: Explode-o-nut - Eaten by HevanelyMildCone on Day 3

43rd: Flower Pot - Eaten by Tyabcd on Day 3

42nd and 41st: A tie between Torchwood and Wall-nut - Both eaten by MordecaiGP on Day 3

40th: Jalapeno - Eaten by Boltweed on Day 4


Day: 7/8

Night: 7/8

Pool: 6/8

Fog: 5/8

Roof: 6/8

Other: 8/10