This is going to be similar to Tecku Talk essentially. But here, I want to talk about what makes each world good, each world bad, and each world EXTREMELY painful. Here, I'll talk about levels that I liked or didn't like, the quality of the plants, and the difficulty of the zombies. So, let's go from the begining.


In Ancient Egypt, the over all level quality is THE MOST balanced out of all of them. It only started to get moderately challenging towards the end, and the Zomboss battle here is one of the most fun. I don't have very many complaints here, save for those "Don't have more than X amount of plants" levels. For me though, the levels aren't really memorable.



Ancient Egypt gives us an obstacle right off the bat, in the form of Tombstones. Straight shot plants such as Peashooter will end up just getting stuck on the Tombstones for a while. So who brings the counterplay? Cabbage-pult does. It's really only useful until you get Bloomerang, and then you'd really only use it for it's decent Plant Food ability. It's PF is VERY good in early stages, and can destroy ALOT of zombies at once, and significantly weaken others. It's not very good once you get plants like Repeater or even Melon-pult, but he fills his role well enough


Bloomerang is the first new plant the game gives you. And, he's actually kinda good. It's such a shame that Another plant completely outclasses him, as I love his concept. He's there to not only get past graves, but to hit zombies wile he's at it. His PF Ability isn't spectacular, so I'd only use him for the normal affects of the plant.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce is a very unique plant. He exists for players who want to stall zombies and build up sun with Sunflowers, Twin Sunflowers, or Sun-shrooms. He's also very good for stalling a zombie that gets a little to close for comfort. His PF is pretty much an Ice-shroom without the damage. I think he's a solid plant.

Grave Buster

Grave Buster introduces us to plants that only effective in certain situations. Only plant-able on graves, and essentially removes a moderately sized obstacle from the path. Not only that, but he functions in more than one world. However, if you happen to outside of Ancient Egypt or Dark Ages, this plant is useless.

Bonk Choy

This plant is probably the worst Ancient Egypt plant besides Cabbage-pult. The reason for this is, in the very next world, you get a plant That COMPLETELY in EVERY WAY outclasses it. So why use this thing? He's a decent front line until you get said plant. I personally think he should do more damage. On to his PF Ability, which is surprisingly strong. A lot of damage all around him makes him essential for the Zomboss fight. I used to LOVE this plant, but he has definitely had some hard times


This is plant is painfully average. He's actually outclassed by Bloomerang in this world. As for his PF ability, it's just a Peashooters with a Giant Pea slapped onto it. This plant is very straight-forward.

Twin Sunflower

This plant is VERY good for producing sun. It will replace Sunflower on your journeys to defeat Zomboss. It's PF ability just gives you 250 sun. Also very straight-forward.


Ra Zombie

This Zombie is surprisingly weak. It's a normal zombie, with the twist that it attempts to steal your sun. But here's the kicker, if you defeat it, and you will defeat it, it just gives it right back to you. There's no reason for this to exist, but to make you pay slightly more attention to the game.

Camel Zombies

This guys is very balanced. By the time you encounter him he already has a plant to counter (Bloomerang). They're not very hard to beat. Here's a fact: If the head (or whoever's in front) of the group starts to eat a plant, the back will stand still. This makes plants like Spikerock that much better against it.

Explorer Zombie

This guy is probably the least balanced of the zombies in Ancient Egypt. And even then, he's still very balanced. He walks much at a rate that of which is MUCH faster compared to the zombies of before. Also, because of the Torch in his hand, all plants that touch it burn INSTANTLY. So, what's the counterplay? Iceberg Lettuce. By applying logic to a video game, Iceberg Lettuce will freeze an Explorer Zombie and put out its flame. Not just Iceberg Lettuce, but any plant with a slowing effect will put out the Torch. However if left unchecked, the Torch will reignite itself. This zombie shows that you can have a zombie that looks overpowered on paper but not actually be overpowered in practice.

Tomb Raiser Zombie

My god do I hate these b*****ds. They essentially flood the entire screen with Tombstones. The only counterplay to these guys when they first appear is to plant Cabbage-pults and Bloomerangs. But, after you unlock plants like Winter Melon, these guys are easy. These guys are annoying when you first come across them, but as you get more plants, you can fight them much easier.

Pharaoh Zombie

These guys are the other candidate for "least balanced" zombie in Ancient Egypt. They take what seems like FOREVER to break the sarcophagus (unless you have Bonk Choy or him), and when you do, you get a guy who runs at high speeds towards your plants and gnaws on them very quickly. But the most broken thing is that wile in it's sarcophagus, it can survive one instant use plant. So his sarcophagus could be at 1hp, and you use an instant and it's wasted. Rage then ensues. To keep all of that balanced though, these guys move slower in their sarcophagus. This zombie seems to have slightly to much health to be good for it.

Quality ratings and conclusion

Level Design : 8.5/10

Difficulty : 3.5/10

Zombie threat Level : 4/10

Plant quality level : 6.5/10

Total: 21.5/40

In my opinion, Ancient Egypt is the easiest world in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. The quality of plants is alright, and the zombies don't overwhelm you too easily

Thanks for the read! I know it can be quite long. If you see any errors, or you'd like to send me some comments, go ahead! Next time I'll talk about the Pirate Seas!