So, I was supposed to post this last month, but I forgot. Anyways, this is for Ecstasy Lightning Reed. Plants will be judged by how cool they look, and how useful I find them. This isn't a list of the most useful or coolest looking, this is a list of My personal favorites. Also, there aren't going to be large paragraphs for my reasons, since you can only "This plant looks cool!" so many times. Hope you enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

No list is complete without some honorable mentions.

Snapdragon2 Endurian2 Bowling Bulb2 Rotobaga2 Tile Turnip2 Power Lily2


Overpowered. Great effect, having two columns of these behind a defensive plant is a classic strategy. The only reason it's an HA is because it looks pretty ugly, and the Chinese version doesn't do it any favors.


Great concept, I like it's design, but it's far too weak. Maybe if it had more health...

Bowling Bulb

Adorable, but it's effect is only meh, and it's been nerfed a couple times.


A plant I was extremely hyped for, and it turned out to be pretty good. It would be on the list, but there are 20 plants I like more than this. Consider this number 21.

Tile Turnip

Very neat effect. However it looks weird, and it's a little too expensive to get out for me.

Power Lily

Great effect, not so great design. It looks kinda "cardboardy" if that makes any sense.

The list


Sun Bean2

This plant is so freaking adorable. It's effect is decent, but I don't find it as useful as others. However it's design is what propels it on the list.


Lava Guava2

Here comes one of the newest plants. I love his effect, it's like a backwards Ghost Pepper. I kinda like his design, but other plants sit better design wise. Very good effect, decent design.


Magnifying Grass2

Cute, and a pretty decent effect. I find this plant pretty under rated, and I think it can be used in quite a few strategies (think Big Wave Beach). It's low because of single target damage, however.


Potato Mine2

Potato Mine is so cute! And with a decent effect, it deserves a spot here. Potato Mine is the highest Player's House plant on the list, as well as the only one.


Iceberg Lettuce2

Again, another cute plant. And a very good effect! Only low on this list because another plant does something similar, that's higher on this list. This is the highest Ancient Egypt plant on this list, as well as the only one.


Red Stinger2

Red Stinger looks cool, and is extremely versatile. In the back it's a Repeater, in the middle it's a weaker (hp wise) Pea-nut, and in front it's an Infi-nut with a faster recharge. Very versatile, great plant.



I like it's design, and it's effect while firing is so cool, and it's satisfying when you kill a zombie with. My problem with this plant is no AOE. Still, great plant. This is the highest Far Future plant on the list.


Homing Thistle2

I like it's design a lot, and his costume. His effect is also good, too bad it was nerfed. Cool looking plant, decent effect



I bet a certain user is pretty happy right now. Starfruit wins the best Zen Garden watering animation award, because of how gosh darn cute it is. This plant is also a central point of my strategy in Tiki-Torcher. VERY awesome plant.


Winter Melon2

And now a different certain user hates me. Anyways, Winter Melon is here because I like its design, and it's the best plant in the game, bar-none. Winter Melon is the highest Wild West plant on the list, as well as the only one.


Ghost Pepper2

How times of changed. This used to be my favorite plant, and it's #10. Anyway, this plant has a great effect, and looks pretty cute. However, if you have Lava Guava, it's about as good as this. Either way, quality plant.


Cherry Bomb2

Great effect, great costume, and good design. Not much more to say, AWESOME plant. This is the highest Pirate Seas plant on the list, as well as the only one.



Cute, and great sun producer. Good in Endless zones as well as normal levels. Great plant. This is the highest Dark Ages plant on the list.


Chard Guard2

Great defensive plant with awesome knockback. What makes plant great is Wall-nut repair, which makes these essentially infinate. Great design and costume, too.



Clever name, awesome design and I love its first costume. Its effect, while kinda unoriginal, is still pretty good.


Gold Leaf2

This is probably the most controversial plant on the list, but I love Gold Leaf. I like her effect, her design, and the icecream costume is funny. I see the criticisms, and the fact that this can only be used in Lost City does kinda ruin the plant, but I still love this plant. This is the highest rated Lost City plant on the list.



Great effect, awesome design, great costume. Great plant. It's stalling potential is very good, and it's borderline necessary for some of the world later on. Ofcourse it's not the best plant, and you can do well without him, he's still very good. This is the highest Gem Premium plant on this list.



Toadstool is Chomper 2.0. With extra range and Sun production plus a better plant food effect, and great costumes, Toadstool takes home the bronze. This is the highest Premium plant on this list.



Cool, awesome costume, and amazing effect. Not a very original, and Stallia exists now(which may or may not be better, I haven't decided either way, I assume they're about equal.). Either way, great plant, but not #1. This is the highest Frostbite Caves plant on the list.


You'll see this coming from a mile away, but...

Banana Launcher2

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE Banana Launcher, potent effect, semi-reusable instant, great vs. Gargs. Awesome costume, awesome design, cute voice, (Only plant to speak in game besides Squash and Chard Guard.) and just over all an amazing plant. This is the highest Big Wave Beach plant on the list, as well as the only one.


Honorable Mentions

Snapdragon2 Endurian2 Bowling Bulb2 Rotobaga2 Tile Turnip2 Power Lily2


Sun Bean2 Lava Guava2 Magnifying Grass2 Potato Mine2 Iceberg Lettuce2 Red Stinger2


Citron2 Homing Thistle2 Starfruit2 Winter Melon2 Ghost Pepper2 Cherry Bomb2 Sun-shroom2


Chard Guard2 A.K.E.E.2 Gold Leaf2 Hurrikale2 Toadstool2 Stunion2 Banana Launcher2


Favorite Player's House Plant: Potato Mine

Favorite Ancient Egypt Plant: Iceberg Lettuce

Favorite Pirate Seas Plant: Cherry Bomb

Favorite Wild West Plant: Winter Melon

Favorite Far Future Plant: Citron

Favorite Dark Ages Plant: Sun-shroom

Favorite Big Wave Beach Plant: Banana Launcher

Favorite Frostbite Caves Plant: Stunion

Favorite Lost City Plant: Gold Leaf

Favorite Gem Premium Plant: Hurrikale

Favorite Premium Plant: Toadstool

Favorite Straight Shot Plant: Starfruit/Red Stinger (Starfruit isn't exactly straight shot, but you catch my drift)

Favorite Lobbed Shot: Banana Launcher/A.K.E.E. (not sure if Banana Launcher counts since he is a reusable-instant)

Favorite Instant: Stunion


Thanks for reading! Tier list update out soon, let me know if I made any mistakes (besides plant choices, yes I know it's ridiculous Gold Leaf is that high on the list). Constructive criticism appreciated!