Disclaimer: This is all my personal opinion, and anything here should be treated as such. It isn't fact. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated. Chinese plants ratings are for the most part subjective. I don't own the Chinese version, so any ratings are based off of me seeing what they do.


Hello PVZ wiki, I'm MordecaiGP, or Mordecai. In this blog, I'll show you my opinion on all plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. In this blog I'll show you my tier list displaying how good I think the plants are when compared to each other, relative to how good they are throughout the WHOLE game.(E.G. Peashooter is great early game, but almost useless late game, so it'll be rated low.) This is based on how good the plants are, not if they have cool designs. Also, I'll explain my decisions for why certain plants are in certain tiers. Finally, plant food power-ups WON'T be taken into consideration when choosing the tiers for these plants. Without further ado, let's begin.

The List

S-tier The best




D-tier The worst

G-tier Level gimmick plants

Player's House plants

Plant Tier Reason
Peashooter2 D-tier The plant is very good in the early game, but outclassed by atleast 6 different plants once all are unlocked, which is why it's rated so low.
Sunflower2 B-tier Great until you get Twin Sunflower/Sun-shroom.
Wall-nut2 A-tier It's SO tanky, and very cheap for what it does. It's rated very high for that reason, and I find myself using it more than I thought.
Potato Mine2 B-tier Really good plant for stalling Zombies, but outclassed by the Squash heavily.

Ancient Egypt Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Cabbage-pult2 D-tier See Peashooter.
Bloomerang2 C-tier Pretty good in Ancient Egypt, but it's quality slowly degrades as progress is made, until Eventually being outclassed by Laser Bean.
Iceberg Lettuce2 A-tier It, just like Potato Mine, is a great set-up plant, but is also very useful later on.
Grave Buster2 G-tier Great in Ancient Egypt as well as The Dark Ages, but utterly useless in all other eras.
Twin Sunflower2 S-tier Literally the best sun producing plant in the game. Sun-shroom is the only plant that comes close.
Bonk Choy2 C-tier It is very god early on, as well as vs Jetpack Zombies and Imps. It can't do very much without protection though.
Repeater2 B-tier Plant #1 to outclass Peashooter. It is very consistent, and extremely good in the early levels.

Pirate Seas Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Kernel-pult2 C-tier Butter is quite a bit butter in this game, but it's still very inconsistent, and it doesn't do much damage.
Snapdragon2 A-tier The Swagdragon is a very great plant in the early worlds. It is a solid pick in the standard levels, and a decent pick in early levels of endless zones.
Spikeweed2 C-tier Outclassed heavily, but good enough to deal with Barrel Roller Zombies, Zombie Chickens and Pianist Zombies.
Coconut Cannon2 A-tier Great alternate to the Banana Launcher early on. Usable in quite a few levels.
Cherry Bomb2 A-tier One of the best instants in the game. Very great at dealing with hordes of zombies, as well as any Final Wave mayhem that might occur.
Threepeater2 D-tier Kinda useless, as Swagdragon outclasses him.
Spring Bean2 G-tier Without plant food, its only real purpose is for Swashbuckler Zombies and Imp Cannons.
Spikerock2 A-tier I love him alot, and he's very useful against the stuff that Spikeweed is. Always try to use this over Spikeweed.

Wild West Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Split Pea2 D-tier Another plant to slightly outclass Peashooter. Other than that, it's quite bad.
Chili Bean2 B-tier Chili Bean is outclassed by Jalapeno and Guacodile to an extent. As an edible instant, it gets the job done.
Lightning Reed2 G-tier Deals with Chickens pretty well, but Spikeweed can do the same, and not to mention Spikweeds do more damage faster.
Pea Pod2 C-tier It's kinda expensive for what it does, and it was only good pre-1.7 update.
Tall-nut2 B-tier A little to expensive for its extra bulk. Wall-nut can get the job done just fine.
Melon-pult2 B-tier In this game, it's heavily outclassed by Winter Melon.
Winter Melon2 S-tier The best plant in the game. Great damage, and a slow, make this a great plant to use. 500 sun, while being expensive, is worth it for this plant.

Far Future Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Laser Bean2 C-tier The father of all single-lane Zombie piercing plants. Not outstanding in other worlds, But it gets the job done.
Blover2 G-tier Okay in Far Future, but it really shines in the Pirate Seas.
Citron2 B-tier Heavy damage to a single Zombie, while great, is still quite outclassed by the Coconut Cannon.
E.M.Peach2 G-tier How to screw over a level set. E.M.Peach literally disables Far Futures main threats, but it can't be used in many of the other levels, making it quite bad otherwise.
Infi-nut2 S-tier It can indefinitely wall zombies. And for only 25 more sun then a Wall-nut, this is a quality plant.
Magnifying Grass2 S-tier This plant does a lot of damage, but for the cost of 50 sun each shot. Quite good to deal with high HP zombies quickly, as well as those blasted Octo Zombies. It struggles with huge swarms however
Tile Turnip2 S-tier It'll create a power tile for you. Very useful for sun acceleration in the early game, and using a lot of powerful plant food effects in the late game.

Dark Ages Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Puff-shroom2 D-tier Only really useful in the Dark Ages, and that one level in the Wild West.
Sun-shroom2 A-tier Great alternate to the Twin Sunflower, and some would argue it's better. That's quality.
Fume-shroom2 C-tier The worst of the one-lane Zombie piercing plants. And a nerf to 125 sun, makes this plant quite awful.
Sun Bean2 C-tier Don't let its adorable face fool you, it's the worst sun-produicng plant in the game.Even still, it's useful in Sun Bomb levels
Magnet-shroom2 B-tier Useful in the Dark Ages, as well as certain levels in other eras.

Big Wave Beach Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Lily Pad2 G-tier Can literally only be selected in Big Wave Beach, but is almost essential in the era.
Tangle Kelp2 G-tier Can only be selected in Big Wave Beach, but is the instant to use there.
Bowling Bulb2 B-tier Its charge up time is really slow, and if all bulbs are fired, it only does 2 damage. Not a great choice, but fun gimmick.
Guacodile2 B-tier Peashooter + Jalapeno = Guacodile. Simple math.
Banana Launcher2 S-tier Heavy damage to a 1x3 area, and for this game, I think it's good.

Premium Plants

Plant Tier Reason
Snow Pea2 B-tier While its slow is nice, it doesn't do very much damage. But it is great early.
Power Lily2 S-tier A single plant food might make a difference in some levels. Her effect is so good, she's the reason why players will get so far in Endless Zones.
Squash2 S-tier The instant to use. It's a great multi-purpose plant, as it can help set up, or help deal with Gargantuars.
Torchwood2 G-tier Only good in a specific strategy. Useless otherwise.
Jalapeno2 A-tier It is the best plant to use when clearing whole lanes. It does have a very long recharge time, and with a one lane effectiveness. Very good when paired with Bowling Bulbs.
Imitater2 S-tier Having a copy of a plant is actually very useful. It can effectively be used to cut a plants recharge in half, which is great on quite a few plants
Starfruit2 D-tier If the player spams them, it's effective, but if the player only has one column of them,they're quite bad.
Hypno-shroom2 A-tier Hypnotizing a zombie is a very use full effect, and it can absolutely mess up some levels.
Pea-nut2 C-tier Not worth being premium. But as a walling plant, it works fine, because of it's faster recharge then the others.
Chomper2 B-tier It's fun to use, and it got a nice buff. A nice way to deal with early Knight Zombies.
Ghost Pepper2 S-tier It is really great for dealing with all types of Zombies. It's explosion afterwords makes it a really great plant
Homing Thistle2 A-tier Unlike Starfruit, one column of these is enough to make them good. A Repeater with a homing effect is quite good.
Sweet Potato2 D-tier Reverse Garlic with more durability. While horrible on its own, it does have synergies with some plants.

Chinese exclusive

Plant Tier Reason
PVZIAT Bamboo Shoot C-tier It's effect doesn't look that useful. Reusable spikeweed is nice though.
Heavenly Peach2 C-tier I don't think healing plants is all that great. You're giving up to spots close to you Wall-nut-type plants that could be filled by Snapdragons.
Fire Gourd2 C-tier Coconut Cannon looks just plain better.
White Radish2 G-tier To counter 1 Zombie. I wonder if it'll work vs Fisherman Zombies.
Carrot Missile Truck2 A-tier A slightly better Coconut Cannon
PVZIAT Dandelion2 S-tier This plant looks really powerful, as it attacks fast, and does ALOT of damage.
Vigorous Broccoli2 S-tier Great defense-offense hybrid plant.
Coffee Bean2 G-tier Wakes up plants, but useless otherwise.
Plantern2 G-tier Great vs the fog as well as Rogue Zombies.
Oak Archer 2 B-tier It looks like a worse Citron.
FreezeShroom2 B-tier The slow is nice. As a plant, I'm not sure of it's power.
Flame Mushroom2 B-tier It's damage is pretty good, but I can't tier it higher as I don't know it very well.


Thanks for the read! I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any suggestions for where some plants should go, leave them in the comments.