This is a trend now, isn't it? I want to tackle the biggest PvZ Chinese game there is, and all of its wonderful flaws. If you have any, suggest them in the comments!

  1. The opening screens of the game are partially in English.
  2. The background of the current version DOES NOT fit the my iPhone 5.
  3. Levels that crash when you beat them half the time? Great.
  4. Buckethead Zombies on the first ever level. How are noobs supposed to counter that?
  5. Several of the options in this game crash your game, one of them forces a complete re-install!
  6. Great, the return of the old world design. This game's gonna be fun right?
  7. Most of the faces of the plants are horribly pixilated.
  8. You earn these plants via natural progression in the whole game and nothing else; Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Potato Mine, Cabbage-pult, Grave Buster, Iceberg Lettuce, Bamboo f***er, Blover, E.M.Peach, Sun-shroom, Plantern, Coffee Bean and Lily Pad.
  9. Confusing puzzle piece and star system.
  10. Oh, and you're going to throw in medallions too? Fine.
  11. Monthly specialty plants.
  12. Plants that you can only by when on sale, with no rhyme or reason to when they go on sale.
  13. Bloomerang doesn't catch his own boomerangs for some reason.
  14. I can see graves in the preview, but then they disappear when I go to the lawn, only to rise up again?...
  15. Iceberg Lettuce with upgrades can become a free offensive plant.
  16. Twin Sunflower is COMPLETELY outclassed by Sun-shroom.
  17. Also, you don't unlock Twin Sunflower as the last plant with stars, that honor goes to Bonk Choy.
  18. Boss fights in the original 4 worlds, despite other worlds having them...
  19. No Endless Zones. Instead, they get an "endless mode" that shamelessly rips off the one we have.
  20. Snapdragon's face is different and looks shrunken and weird.
  21. You unlock a Power Lily, a normally premium plant, with Stars! In fact, +1 sin for all premium plants unlocked in this method.
  22. Imp Cannons are as nightmarish as ever to deal with.
  23. Lightning Reed is unlocked in the Pirate Seas, for some reason.
  24. And Tall-nut.
  25. Squash is unlocked in the Wild West, when it's normally grouped with Pirate Seas plants.
  26. Torchwood is unlocked in Ancient Egypt, when it's normally grouped with the Wild West plants.
  27. Since you don't unlock Split Pea via natural progression, everything in the wild west suddenly is a threat, including the very ground you plant on.
  28. Those goddamn SOS levels...
  29. Most. Original. World. Name. Ever.
  30. Bamboo shoot reminds of that crappy SatAM, which makes me question why I like SoH in the first place.
  31. Is Heavenly Peach a demon now? It says in her almanac entry that she was kicked out of heaven, and the angels that got kicked out of heaven are demons, so is her healing actually poison for the plants?
  32. White Radish not only looks low quality, but rips off Tall-nuts degrades.
  33. Fire Gourd can be used while recharging.
  34. Also, how can a Gourd shoot fire?
  35. Black holes...
  36. What do black holes have to do with kung fu?
  37. World is divided into two parts, therefore doing the part 1/2 thing LONG before Dark Ages.
  38. Also, Dark Ages isn't divided into two parts in this version. Or Big Wave Beach.
  39. How can the Qigong Zombie move Potato Mine, Spikeweed, Spikerock, Tall-nut and Bamboo f***er? they're either heavy as heck, or in the f***ing ground.
  40. Weapon Stands rise out of the ground, for some reason.
  41. Also, Weapon Stands are d***s to plants.
  42. First boss in this world is WAY to difficult, even with Winter Melons.
  43. Blew Zombie exists.
  44. Gong Zombie also exists.
  45. Powder Keg makes references to smoking.
  46. Also, Powder Keg.
  47. Level 2, 3 and 4 zombies exist for some reason.
  48. Plants in the Far Future, Dark Ages, and Big Wave Beach require a ridiculous amount of stars.
  49. I mentioned this earlier, but I'm mentioning it again. Despite this world having an icon for a boss battle, there is no boss battle, making this the best Chinese fake-out of all time.
  50. Laser Bean, Citron, Magnifying Grass and Infi-nut would be nice to have in this world, game!
  51. Two Wizards.
  52. At least this Wizard has a counter. Oh wait...
  53. And they can both be level 3 at once, making me wanna commit suicide by chopping my head off.
  54. Thief Zombie was originally our idea, China.
  55. Can't access Big Wave Beach without a level 3 plant.
  56. Level 3 zombies on level 1? Cool!
  57. Banana Launcher is ridiculously OP in this version, because it hits in a 3x3 area.
  58. Most of the monthly specialties suck.

Obviously I missed some! Add some of your sins down below, and I might feature them here!