So, alot of you have probably read the first list, and if you haven't it's okay because it's outdated. I wanted to update it, but I realised that there are a lot more plants in the game that I like than I thought. So many in fact, that I felt the need to increase it to 30. I took into consideration a total of 36 plants for the list, so there's a lot. This list will now have the possibility of including Strawburst, Cactus, the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A plants, and Electric Blueberry. Anyways, let's go onto how this is formatted.


This time, I put all plants into three categories. "Maybe", "Probably", and "Definately". I put in all the Definately plants on the list before the Maybe's and all the Maybe's before the Probably's. Plants were then given numbers based off of which category I put them. So, plants in the "Definately" category will be high on the list, where as "Probably" plants will be low on the list, even being Honorable Mentions. Also, you get a preview of what plants are in the category before the list starts. Plants are judged based off of:

  • How cool they look.
  • How functional they are.
  • How good their Plant Food ability is.
  • How good the costumes are, as well as how well they fit the plant.

Some plants may have an exagerated rating, this is because of:

  • Plants may not be released yet.
  • I haven't used the plant very much.

Also, here's some terminology I use here:

  • PFA = Plant Food Ability.
  • HA = Honorable Mention.
  • HP = Hit Points; Health.
  • Crit; crit = Critically Hit; Critically Strike; Deal more damage than usual.
  • AOE = Area of Effect.
  • OHKO = One hit knock out; One hit kill

Anyways, let's begin with the (now spoiler free) Honorable Mentions!

Honorable Mentions

Again like last time, there are exactly six honorable mentions. They are (in order of what I numbered them on my list from highest numger to lowest):

Coconut Cannon2 Twin Sunflower2 Guacodile2 Endurian2 Phat Beet2 Tile Turnip2


Coconut Cannon2

Coconut Cannon. Coconut Cannon's effect is very nice, but there's another plant that outclasses it. Coconut Cannon's also has a great PFA. It's issues for me though is that it's design leaves a lot to be desired; it looks very awkward. Also, it has no outstanding costume.


Twin Sunflower2

Twin Sunflower. Twin Sunflower is definitely up there for best sun producing plant. Essential in endless zones, and a decent PFA. It's costumes are okay, but it's design (like Coconut Cannon's) is awkward. Also, Twin Sunflower isn't essential outside of endless zones, as there a couple more sun producing plants that can do it's job there.



Guacodile. Guacodile is here because he's adorable as heck. He's up there for the cutest plant in the game. Love his design, and his costume (much like on of Citron's) is funny. He's low on the list because he a crappy plant functionally, and his PFA is only moderately okay.



Endurian. He was an HA last time, and he is again. Why? Because he's bad effect wise, and his PFA is mediocre. Also, I only like one of his costumes (Red Band). I still like his design, and here's to hoping that he gets more HP soon.


Phat Beet2

Phat Beet. I'm not sure how much I like the idea of a plant that can crit, but I'll give it a chance. His design is a bit of a let down for me (I thought it'd look cooler), and his costumes don't look good. His PFA seems a kinda crazy, but we'll see when he's released. Currently, he looks kinda mediocre, but you don't know what'll happen in this game.


Tile Turnip2

Tile Turnip. The other plant that was previously an HA, and is again. He has a nice costume and effect, but his design is just meh, and he costs too much sun for my liking.


These plants barely scraped by to make the top 30. However I do like something about these plants, so that's why they're here.

Iceberg Lettuce2 Potato Mine2 Citron2 Infi-nut2 Magnifying Grass2 Bowling Bulb2 Rotobaga2
Red Stinger2



Rotobaga. Last time, this was an HA, that was just shy of making the list. It made the list this time, and here's why; It's got a good costume, and it's effect is very fun, and very spammable. I'm glad you can plant this above the water in Big Wave Beach without a Lily Pad, that's a huge bonus. However it's design is weird, and it's PFA is not good. Back before Frostbite Caves Part 1 (Back when this was known only in the code as Xshot), I was super hyped, especially because of that heavy damage. I'd say this plant more or less lived up to the hype, and I'm glad it did.


Magnifying Grass2

Magnifying Grass. This plant is quite cute, and it has a nice effect. However it has no AOE, and it's PFA is garbage. Also, it doesn't have an amazing costume, and it would be nice to have the ability to OHKO Coneheads.


Red Stinger2

Red Stinger. I have no idea how this plant could start a whole alliance that I would later join and become the coolest member of, but that's besides the point. Red Stinger is a super versatile plant, ranging from a good offensive present to a mediocre wall. It's PFA is alright, but there's definitely some better PFAs out there. In terms of design, I like it, but it's not my favorite. Finally, it's costumes are okay at best. For a well balanced plant, I recommend Red Stinger!



Infi-nut. This plant looks cool, and has a great effect. It's PFA is outstanding, and it's costumes are good too. It's low on this because in general I think it's above average for everything that it does, but some plants do things better than it, so it's sticks here, for now.


Potato Mine2

Potato Mine. Adorable, awesome costume, decent effect. It's PFA is lackluster, but it's normal effect is amazing for when you get it.

This is the farthest up Player's House plant on my list, as well as the only one.


Iceberg Lettuce2

Iceberg Lettuce. Cute, great PFA, and decent effect. Awesome costumes. It pulls off it's gimmick well, a free plant used to stall zombies.

This is the farthest up Ancient Egypt plant on the list, as well as the only one that made the top 30.


Bowling Bulb2

Bowling Bulb. Who would've thought that this plant would shoot up my list because of hacking? The fact that I find out how to make all three heads refresh at the same time, made me feel happy, and it legitimately made Bowling Bulb a good plant. It has an awesome PFA, and a good costume. It's design is kinda awkward though, so that's where it flops. Still, this plant makes me happy now.



Citron. It looks cool, has awesome costumes, and has a great PFA. So what could possibly go wrong? It's normal ability is mediocre! No AOE, and it takes a while to charge up, while being fairly expensive. Still, awesome plant.


These plants were probably gonna make the list. These plants are higher up than Maybe's because they do things better than the Maybe's.

Snapdragon2 Cherry Bomb2 Winter Melon2 Blover2 Sun-shroom2 Sun Bean2 Power Lily2
Starfruit2 Homing Thistle2 Lava Guava2 Cactus2 Electric Blueberry2


Power Lily2

Power Lily. From HA to Maybe? What happened? Well, Power Lily's effect is insane. Imitater combines to make this plant really powerful. Great costumes, but it's design is still "cardboardy" to me. Still, very good.



Blover. Blover has an insane effect, that makes Lost City and Pirate Seas super easy. That, and this synergizes with Chard Guard and Spring Bean. The fact that it makes not one but two worlds super easy, makes this plant good. It's design is meh (I like it's design in the first game more), and it's costumes are underwhelming.

This is the farthest up Far Future plant on the list.


Sun Bean2

Sun Bean. Huh, it's takes the exact same spot on the list as it did last time. Weird. Anyways, extremely cute, and it's PFA can be good if you use the plant properly. It's normal effect is okay, and I can get around it's costume, though it's not great.



Snapdragon. Good ol' Snapples. But the thing is, this plant when from HA to #19. What happened? It's normal effect is insane, it's PFA is insane, and it has some great costumes. However, this plant is ugly, and that's what keeps it in ELO Hell, gg.



Starfruit. The other, spammable fun plant. Very cute, and has a good costume (That you can't obtain without hacking, go figure). It's PFA is pretty bad, and that +25 sun cost is quite unattractive.


Electric Blueberry2

Electric Blueberry. What? This thing can insta-kill gargs half the time? That's kinda op. Very Slow recharge does kinda hinder it. It's PFA is ridiculous, insta-killing three Zombies. It's design is pretty cute, and it's costumes are okay.


Homing Thistle2

Homing Thistle. Yay prickly! I love using the plant in normal levels. It's pretty spammable, (though not as spammable as Starfruit or Rotobaga) and it's design and costume are awesome. It's PFA is okay, and it's normal effect, while fun, isn't very good. Still, awesome plant.


Lava Guava2

Lava Guava. I love this plant! It does good damage, and it works well as a heat source. It's design isn't the best, it's PFA, isn't that good, and the fact that it can't really be used in Big Wave Beach does bring it down. It's costumes are good, though.



Sun-shroom. Very cute, and extremely useful! Great in levels that provide limited sun, and the fact that I found a hack for this make me very happy! It's PFA is good, it's costume is meh.

This is the farthest up Dark Ages plant on the list.



Cactus. At first, I thought this plant was pretty bad, but after playing with it extensively, I find it very fun to use! I don't think it does enough damage with it's normal shots, but it's Spikeweed effect should be enough to finish off any stragglers that barely manage to live. I like it's design, I like it's costumes, and I like it's PFA! Awesome plant, just not the best offensively. Also, YAY PRICKLY!


Winter Melon2

Winter Melon. Hands down the best offensive plant in the game. Great damage, and the slow makes for some excellent utility. I personally take this plant into any world I can. I like it's design, costumes, and PFA. Very good plant, but not my favorite.

This is the farthest up Wild West plant on the list, as well as the only one.


Cherry Bomb2

Cherry Bomb. Because of the sheer volume of zombies in this game, sometimes you need a plant that can overwhelm them quickly. And Cherry Bomb is that plant the fact that instantly kills MOST ZOMBIES IN THE GAME in one hit in a 3x3 area makes this a VERY good plant. Has an awesome costume, too. Design wise, it's not the best. Still awesome plant!

This is the farthest up Pirate Seas plant on the list.


These plans were guaranteed to make the list, regardless of other plants. These are my most favorites.

Banana Launcher2 Chard Guard2 Stunion2 A.K.E.E.2 Gold Leaf2 Thyme Warp2 Ghost Pepper2
Hurrikale2 Toadstool2 Strawburst2


Ghost Pepper2

Ghost Pepper. Huh, this also kept it's spot. Anyways, it's like a Lava Guava that od'd on steroids. Firstly, it does it's damage over an area, and then it explodes. Also, it has a MUCH better PFA. It's a cute plant, and it's costume, while lackluster in appearances, is perfect for the plant. It's still deserved of the top 10, and that's good.



A.K.E.E. Firstly, let me say that this has the best name of all plants in the game bar maybe Celery Stalker. It's a pun on the "Ackee Apple", and it even looks like one, and it's attack is an Apple Seed. I love it's deisgn, it has an amazing PFA, great costumes, and a normal ability that's pretty good. This all makes for an awesome plant.


Chard Guard2

Chard Guard. Best defensive plant in the game. The fact that it literally makes 90% of zombies in the game a non issue (temporarily, but still) is insane, but what really makes it good is Wall-nut Repair. This and Endurian definitely benefit the most from this, and this can literally make a bunch of zombies useless for the entire game. Awesome design, good costumes. It's PFA is really the worst part of this plant, and that's saying something.



Strawburst. Wow, what a plant. Like Red Stinger, this plant is very versatile. It's a plant that requires patience and forward thinking to use properly. But if you can, it's powerful. It destroys so many zombies in it's final stage. It's PFA is okay, but not great. It's design ranged from cute, to cool, to kinda ugly, and it's costumes are meh. But it's super fun to use, and I will continue to enjoy it.

This is the farthest up limited edition plant on the list.



Stunion. This used to be #2, and now it's #6. Also, I'd like to mention that from here on out, it's going to be super hard for me to even list the plants, as I already like all of these in some way. Anyways, this plant is awesome because it's stalling potential is insane. The fact that it nullifies a whole group of zombies AND it synergizes with Winter Melon, makes this a quality plant to use. It's PFA is garbage, however. In terms of design, it's cool looking, it definitely belongs in the category of "Bad ***" looking plants (With Homing Thistle and Bonk Choy, at least). It's costumes are really cool too.

This is the farthest up Frostbite Caves plant on the list.


Gold Leaf2

Gold Leaf. This plant is ridiculously overpowered. I feel as though that if this wasn't Lost City exclusive, this plant would be used in every world. It's effect to speed up Sun Production by a large amount is great, even better when combined with Imitater. In terms of design, it's a combination of cute and cool, probably the fifth or sixth best plant in terms looks. It also has great costumes. The one thing that holds this plant back (besides his bronze teammates) is the fact that he can only (without hacking) be selected in Lost City. Still, an awesome plant.

This is the farthest up Lost City plant on the list.



Toadstool. This is Chomper done right. Even without the sun producing effect, the fact that it has a larger range and better PFA make it much better option. The sun producing effect is icing on the cake. In terms of design, I love it, it has great costumes, and it's just a great plant in general.

This is the farthest up Money Premium plant on the list.



Hurrikale. Hurrikale is awesome. He has a great design and a great costume. He has a great effect, that has saved my brains on multiple occasions. He's free, so anybody can use him. Very good plant. It's not #1 because there are just two plants that I think are cooler (no pun intended).

This is the farthest up Gem Premium plant, as well as the farthest of all Premiums.


Thyme Warp2

Thyme Warp. Wow, this plant isn't even out yet. How is it even close to #2? Well it's effect insane, sending EVERY single zombie on the board back a few seconds, so it's a Hurrikale (an already great plant) for all 5 lanes. the fact that it's Neon Mixtape Tour exclusive sucks, but there's another reason for me to hack. But what I find the best about this plant,, (Caps Warning) THIS IS THE CUTEST PLANT IN THE GAME, BAR NONE. They don't even make it looks cute in a derpy way. It just looks it's having a good time, and I commend that. His costumes are okay, but not my favorite. You already know what #1 is though.

This is the farthest up Neon Mixtape Tour plant on the list.


Banana Launcher2

Banana Launcher. How did anyone not see this coming? Anyways, this plant is great functionally. It's damage is good enough to 3-Shot a Gargantuar, and that's saying something. It's PFA is decent, but not the best. It's design is amazing, it's costume is amazing. It's also cute how this plant speaks in game. I will continue to love Banana Launcher until either:

  • This game shuts down (pls no).
  • Another plant comes out that's somehow more awesome.

This is the farthest up Big Wave Beach plant on the list.

Gallery and Stats



Coconut Cannon2 Twin Sunflower2 Guacodile2 Endurian2 Phat Beet2 Tile Turnip2

Maybe's (30-24)

Rotobaga2 Magnifying Grass2 Red Stinger2 Infi-nut2 Potato Mine2 Iceberg Lettuce2 Bowling Bulb2



Probably's (22-16)

Power Lily2 Blover2 Sun Bean2 Snapdragon2 Starfruit2 Electric Blueberry2 Homing Thistle2


Lava Guava2 Sun-shroom2 Cactus2 Winter Melon2 Cherry Bomb2

Definately's (10-4)

Ghost Pepper2 A.K.E.E.2 Chard Guard2 Strawburst2 Stunion2 Gold Leaf2 Toadstool2


Hurrikale2 Thyme Warp2 Banana Launcher2


Best Player's House plant: Potato Mine

Best Ancient Egypt plant: Iceberg Lettuce

Best Pirate Seas plant: Snapdragon

Best Wild West plant: Winter Melon

Best Far Future plant: Blover

Best Dark Ages plant: Sun-shroom

Best Big Wave Beach plant: Banana Launcher

Best Frostbite Caves plant: Stunion

Best Lost City plant: Gold Leaf

Best Neon Mixtape Tour plant: Thyme Warp

Best Money premium plant: Toadstool

Best Gem premium plant: Hurrikale

Best Lobbed-shot plant: Strawburst

Best Straight shot plant: Cactus

Best instant: Thyme Warp

Best defensive plant: Chard Guard

Best costume: Banana Launcher

Best design: Thyme Warp

Best effect: Winter Melon

Best PFA: Electric Blueberry, A.K.E.E.


Thanks for reading! If there are any errors contact me via my talk page or the comments.

Also, I know there's some weird spacing issues. I'm fixing that now!