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9,641 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
October 16, 2014
  • I live in In Oregon, US. Completely out of the loop.
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is an Administrator on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
  • I am Male.
  • Ballistic Planet

    Dang, it's hard to believe that it's been more than two years since I joined the website. Though my wikia anniversary was yesterday, today is still a fine day to look back at once was, and to look forward to what will be.

    To be honest, 2016 has been a very interesting year all things considered. I've had some rough personal issues, along with some with some other wikia conflicts that I'd, quite frankly, want to put behind me.

    If there's one thing 2016 has done though, it's help grow. 2016 has been a learning period for me. I've gotten so much better at writing compared to 2015. Not only that, but I'm actually some what active on Mainspace, at least at the end of this year, as opposed to 2015, where I think I was inert in mainspace, and even …

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  • Ballistic Planet

    So believe it or not, I'm human. And though I love this wiki, and I love helping it out, the community, and whatnot, eventually I'm going to have to take some breaks. Now, these breaks are a couple months out, so I'm going to continue to be active until these breaks occur. However I'm posting this months ahead of time, just for some forewarning.

    Break 1 is going to start on November 18th 2016, at around 10am US Pacific Standard Time. This is because a new game, Pokemon Sun, is coming out, and I'd like to take some time off to enjoy that game. Pokemon is my favorite game franchise of all time, even above PVZ (but only barely), and I do not want to miss out on this experience.
    Break 1 is going to end at the earliest November 21st 2016, and at…

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  • Ballistic Planet

    I hope you're happy

    September 24, 2016 by Ballistic Planet

    Seriously, I do. First, ruining the Discord server, which although it was splitting the community, was still a great place for communication and comradary. Next, get one of our highest ranked staff members to leave. And now, you've re-triggered my depression and stress issues. I hope everything was worth it.

    Leo, if you're reading, know that I do not want you demoted. Ever. I know it's not you who did it. You've proven yourself too. I seriously hope you consider staying.

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  • Ballistic Planet

    My reverse retirement

    September 14, 2016 by Ballistic Planet

    With the mass wikia exodus that has happened as of recently, the wikia has become starved of good users. Especially with important admins/b-crats like TULO, Uselessguy, and Electric Plants either becoming inactive or leaving, this wikia is on the path to total disarray. Many would see this as a sign to give up. Either lay back and see what happens, or join the mass exodus and leave this wiki all together.

    Not me though. I've decided to use this time as a challenge. I'm trying to edit as much mainspace as I can, far more than I usually do. I'll be going for Admin soon. Though I say I'm not mature enough, other users think that have the capabilities to go for it.

    Along with this, I challenge Plant Protecter, Snapdragon717, Phantom of Ra, Nick A…

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  • Ballistic Planet

    A few notes before we get into the strategies:

    All of these strategies will use premiums in some way. I'll either edit this blog or have a follow up blog with a free to play strat (includes no premiums, no 8th seed slot, and no limited Gemiums. Evergreen Gemiums, and Epic Quest plants will be allowed, however).

    Also, none of these strategies use the broken Cold Snapdragon or Explode-o-nut, or the Zen Garden! If these strategies are pulled off correctly, you shouldn't have an issue dealing with the zombies at all.

    These plants are in all 3 of my strategies. They provide a solid baseline, and make up the backbone of these strategies.


    Sun Producer (take 1 of ):

    Luxury Instant (take 1 of):

    Firstly, having a sun producer in PVZ2 is mandatory. In…

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