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Ballistic Planet

aka Zach

  • I live in In my room with Nick (◕ ͜ʖ◕)
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is A student, level creator, and Pokemon Fanboy on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.
  • I am A male pronoun.
  • Ballistic Planet

    And I'm turning 16! Oh lord, I can actually legally drive now o.O

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  • Ballistic Planet

    I'll post all levels, with a download link here. A brief description will be included. I will included a tutorial on how to install these levels at some point, but for now, you can only use them if you know how to.

    My first level! This level is unbeatable without using powerups or losing lawnmowers. You must you the plants I give you to stall the zombies until the final wave. Sweet Potato is given to make this level more manageable and fun!

    Difficulty: 3/5

    Download link: here

    Only 1 plant is given, an endangered Missile Toe vs. only 1 zombie, an All-Star. You must use prediction and reaction to beat this level, or you will suffer defeat at the hands of a lone All-Star zombie. This is level 16 in TCLP's Time Twister Rebirth.

    Difficulty: 4.5/5


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  • Ballistic Planet

    Somebody is giving me the power to play God. Call the police.

    EDIT: For those of you who are curious, my first level is called "BP is Sadistic". You're definitely in for a treat once I showcase this level.

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  • Ballistic Planet

    BP Where you at?

    November 26, 2016 by Ballistic Planet

    In case people forgot, This blog explains pretty much everything. However, my hiatus might be longer than anticipated. While I'll still be here, my contributions will be a lot more sparse as I'm enjoying my time with the new Pokemon game. If you need to contact me, my name on the PVZ Discord is "[이븐곰]★탄도★행성", or Ballistic★Planet#2386 if you want to add me as a friend. I'll probably hang around wikia chat too, but I usually always have Discord open, so you'll have better luck there.

    Thanks for understanding!

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  • Ballistic Planet

    I'm having very strong mental and emotional issues right now that are causing me to become easily agitated, frustrated, and just overall a lot less of an enjoyable person. I need a break from here. For one, I nearly lashed out and insulted the entire community (I didn't actually do it, but I was really close), and I've had serious thoughts at lashing out at other users passive-aggressively. This is not how an Admin should be behaving, and I'm very sorry. I'll still be around Lawn and Discord if you need to message me.

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