Or "The list of plants that I will never use even if they are the last plants in PvZ 2".

Dedicated to Moonshan.

Finally is here! My most polemical, controversial and something else list of weak plants! Here is the plants that you shouldn't use even in regular levels. A lot of plants are weak, useless or both, and in each update we have more weak plants! (As if we need more useless plants e_e). I will make a difference between the types of plants, like offensive, defensive, sun producer, etc. Because you CAN'T compare a Sunflower and a Repeater and say that the Repeater is better, because are DIFFERENT types of plant! I hate receives those plants in the Endless Zone, they only takes space in the cards that can be occupied by the Winter Melon or Twin Sunflower! The list is in order of appearancein the game, let's start:

Sun producers

1. Sunflower: In this category I think that this is the only weak plant, since that the Twin Sunflower and Sun-shroom are much better. Is the first sun producer plant that you receives, but when you finish Ancient Egypt you unlock the Twin Sunflower, so this plant is outclassed easily. You only need use her in the first levels because you don't have choice, when you have the Twin Sunflower there is no reason to use this. Very annoying to use in the Endless Zones. Remember: Twin Sunflower > Sun-shroom > Sunflower.


1. Peashooter: The most weak and basic offensive plant. You only have to use him in the first levels just because is your only offensive plants, in Ancient Egypt you unlock the Cabbage-pult, then there is no reason to keep using this (unless you have Torchwood, and then when you receives the Repeater you don't have to use the Peashooter).

2. Cabbage-pult: Just works in Day 3 of Ancient Egypt, because at the end you receives the Bloomerang. Is just a Peashooter but with a lobbed attack, so when you have Bloomerang there is no reason to use this.

3. Bloomerang: Helpful when you are new in the game and you are playing Ancient Egypt, but in later game is useless. When you unlock the Melon-pult in Wild West you should stop of use this, is lately replaced in Far Future with the Laser Bean.

4. Bonk Choy: Only can deal with Basic Zombies by his own, and without AOE I dont' know why you should use this when there is plants with the same cost that can do it better (Snapdragon, Chomper). Just takes space in your precious seed slots.

5. Repeater: Without AOE this plant is pretty useless even in the world that is introduced. Unless you have Torchwood, then is much more helpful. Weak by his own, strong with Torchwood.

6. Snow Pea: Just a Peashooter with a slowing ability, can be better that a Repeater, but still weak.

7. Kernel-pult: Just slightly better that a Cabbage-pult, but still weak by his own. The butter can immobilize the zombies, but in this game if you don't have AOE you will lose since that there is more zombies and are more faster in this game that in the prequel.

8. Spikeweed: Maybe better that all the previous plants, but is weak when you have the Spikerock. Only in Wild West is helpful against the Chicken Zombies, but ONLY.

9. Threepeater: Because we need a Peashooter in three lanes, right? Weak and useless by his own, but is strong with Torchwood (maybe more that the Repeater + Torchwood combo). In Pirate Seas even the Kernel-pult is better that this. Like with all the previous peashooter plants, you don't have to use him unless you have Torchwood.

10. Split Pea: Is basically a Peashooter with a Repeater behind, and is intend to be the counter for the Prospector, but when you get the Winter Melon this plant become useless! I don't see why you should keep using this in the next worlds.

11. Lightning Reed: Note that this only helpful in Wild West against the Chicken Wrangler. Never use this plant by his own since his damage is too low (even more that the Peashooter!). When you are playing against the Chicken Wrangler you only should use this plant as auxiliary, the other zombies should be defeated with strong plants in the Endless Zones. Even here in later levels a one column of Spikeweeds is better that a column of Lightning Reeds against the Chicken Zombies.

12. Laser Bean: Is like have the damage of a Peashooter in every zombie in a row. You only should have this plant as auxiliary and not as you main offensive plant.

13. Starfruit: Because everyone is saying that this plant is worse that Rotobaga. Still I like his design in this game.

14. Puff-shroom: Just because is free doesn't mean that is helpful. What if you have a Buckethead and you don't have enough sun yet? Plants like Potato Mine or Squash are better as starter plant that this.

15. Fume-shroom: The same problem that with the Laser Bean, but worse since that have a reduced range. Is supposed to be the counter of the Jester Zombie, but still is too weak for the other zombies.

16. Pea-nut: THE MOST USELESS, WEAK AND UNORIGINAL IN THE GAME! Is just USELESS! Because we all use Peashooters and Wall-nuts in any level, right? Even the level where is introduced show us how useless is this thing: the peas can be deflected by the Jester Zombie and can be converted in a sheep!

17. Bowling Bulb: Just weak and useless! In this point of the game why you should use this when you can use the Winter Melon?

18. Guacodile: Another plant with the same damage of a Peashooter? Are you kidding me e_e? Even the rush attack is weak, and even is not the counter of any zombie, so there is not reason to use this.

19.Homing Thistle: A reminiscent of the Cattail from the first game. Unless the zombies spawns one by one this thing doesn't worth use it.

20. Pepper-pult: Is just here because of his time recharge.

21. Rotobaga: Is still weak!

22. Fire Peashooter: Another Peashooter with effect, this time a combination of a Peashooter and Torchwood. Because everyone use the Peashooter in any level. At least this plant is useful in Frostbite Caves as a thawing plant, better that the Pepper-pult.


1. Pea-nut: For obvious reasons.

2. Sweet Potato: Too expensive and weak!

Instant Kill

1. Spring Bean: Only useful in Pirate Seas, sucks in the other worlds without Plant Food.

2. Tangle Kelp: Can be used only in Big Wave Beach so far, and even there is very useless just because one thing: the Low Tides! Also doesn't have AOE, so choose either Potato Mine or Squash over this, they are much better as instant kill in BWB that this.


1. Sun Bean: Just because. I don't use this plant too, only takes space in my seed slots.