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    This will be the type of each plant (of course, this is not real):

    1 Sunflower: Grass/Fire.

    2 Peashooter: Grass.

    3 Wall-nut: Rock/Steel.

    4 Potato Mine: Grass/Ground.

    5 Bloomerang: Grass.

    6 Cabbage-pult: Grass.

    7 Iceberg Lettuce: Grass/Ice.

    8 Grave Buster: Grass/Ground.

    9 Twin Sunflower: Grass/Fire.

    10 Bonk Choy: Grass/Fighting.

    11 Repeater: Grass/Dark.

    12 Kernel-pult: Grass.

    13 Snapdragon: Dragon/Fire.

    14 Spikeweed: Grass/Dark.

    15 Coconut Cannon: Grass/Fire.

    16 Cherry Bomb: Grass/Fire.

    17 Spring Bean: Grass/Fighting.

    18 Spikerock: Rock/Steel.

    19 Threepeater: Grass.

    20 Split Pea: Grass/Dark.

    21 Chilli Bean: Poison/Dark.

    22 Lightning Reed: Grass/Electric.

    23 Tall-nut: Rock/Steel.

    24 Pea Pod: Grass.

    25 Melon-pult: Grass.

    26 Winter Melon: Grass/Ice.

    27 Laser Bean: Grass…

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  • Balam Ajaw

    Here I will post some idead about how could be a mayan/aztec world based.

    WARNING!: Those are just IDEAS, is not something official.


    The Main Theme could be something like this:

    This could be the Select your seeds theme:


    Those are some plants can could be here, is unfinished so you can help here.

    1. Umbrella Leaf.

    2. Cactus.

    3. Cocoa Bean. I don't know what could be do.

    4. Garlic.

    5. Pumpkin.

    6. Pitcher Plant. Creates an acid puddle that slow down the zombies and do heavy damage, then the acid puddle makes the tile unable to be planted and you have to wait until that the tile is regenerate, like with the Doom-shroom.

    7. Venus Flytrap. Acts like his PvZO…

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    The Black List

    March 19, 2015 by Balam Ajaw

    Or "The list of plants that I will never use even if they are the last plants in PvZ 2".

    Dedicated to Moonshan.

    Finally is here! My most polemical, controversial and something else list of weak plants! Here is the plants that you shouldn't use even in regular levels. A lot of plants are weak, useless or both, and in each update we have more weak plants! (As if we need more useless plants e_e). I will make a difference between the types of plants, like offensive, defensive, sun producer, etc. Because you CAN'T compare a Sunflower and a Repeater and say that the Repeater is better, because are DIFFERENT types of plant! I hate receives those plants in the Endless Zone, they only takes space in the cards that can be occupied by the Winter Melon or …

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