• I live in South Korea
  • My occupation is Im 9 years old
  • I am not going to be evil anymore


    January 25, 2015 by BRAINZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    here is list of all giga zombie i writes !!! ther is boss to and is secrt..

    Giga garg.. strenth un dyeing ( 700 ) speed hungry he has red eyes ! like the reguelr

    Giga- mechFootball strenth Great ( 200 ) speed hungry push plant 3 tile back with force he is in black foot ball car with spike on it

    Giga- conemech strenth great ( 250 ) speed stif he is so op !!!!!

    Giga- fisher stenth machieen ( 100 ) power- drag plant 3 tile to front each time he is on a boat ,not tuube.

    Giga- octapus strenhth machieen( 90 ) sped- Creepr. has now armor !!! when throw octapus they are more strenht than befor.

    Giga- kniehgt strenth great ( 180 ) speed basick

    Giga- zombie( wit kniehgt ) strenth great ( 150 ) speed stif throw giga- knieht and wepon to far …

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