Hello! Spudow!! here, with some good news!

Many of you have been waiting for a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies. While there are no signs of when or if the sequel will be released, there is a guaranteed PvZ app for the Iphone coming out: the Plants Vs Zombies Talking Zombatar!

Now let me show you proof of it's release: a video of the trailer fom the youtuber PlantsVsZombies, the same person who gave you Zombie Temp Worker and official trailers for Plants Vs Zombies!

This app will include your very own 3D Zombatar, which will repeat anything you say in its own zombie voice! You can dress it up, make it dance, and earn rewards! And that's not all! You can make photos and videos with your Talking Zombatar, and post them on Facebook. And best of all, it's FREE!

The release date is unknown, but the app is pretty much guarenteed to come out.

Post your thoughts about it below!