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  • I live in Suburian Kingdom
  • My occupation is controlling the plant and zombie horde
  • I am creating KaBloom! komiks.
  • BF10

    Two Announcements

    April 10, 2017 by BF10

    On April 11, 2017, two things is going to happen.

    First and more importantly, I will be going to a field trip for not 1 day, but 3 days! I will bring my phone with me and try to be active if possible, but don't expect too much activity. And even then after I come back, do spring break and all, my activity would still be down for a while. Due to this, you might not want to demote me if I don't come back for around two weeks.

    Next, Windows Vista is also losing its support tomorrow (April 11th), which means no more updates and support for the operating system. This would be a great time to upgrade your computer if you have one running Windows Vista (since many found Windows Vista quite a bad OS anyways). More info on Microsoft website.

    That will…

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  • BF10

    Its that time of year where we can review the Hurt and Heal competitors. Lets review the outcomes.

    On October 2, 2015, started the first Hurt & Heal of the whole series, featuring many plants in PvZ2. The game has been very popular during its time, and 1,030 comments in total. The game ended in November 13, 2015.

    It was made before Jurassic Marsh was even a world. Thus, only up to Neon Mixtape Tour Part 2/Side B. Many battled for Spore-shroom (for some reason). It got brutally beaten up to 18th. Then they targeted Winter Melon and got 9th. My role was to create distractions. The game ended with Imitater, the victor.

    But it did not end there.

    Shortly after the game ended on November 12, 2015, the Hurt and Heal industry still did not end. I mys…

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  • BF10



    Special Mention...


    Thanks for playing!

    Another revival to hurt and heal for the 2017 year. Our new topic - Plants vs. Zombies Heroes!

    In this game we will use 5 heroes, 5 legendaries (one for each class), 5 events, and 5 super-rares

    Also, remember User blog:BF10/Vote for your winner in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes!? If you did, this is your new spot for votes. The previous items are still used.

    • You may only vote every 3 hours.
    • After 13 eliminations, this will go down to 2.
    • After 27 eliminations, this will go down to 1.
    • All characters start at 10 HP.
    • The max amount of HP a character can have is 20.
    • If I give you a reply, that means your vote has been entered.
    • Voting:
    • You have 3 HP at your disposal to hur…

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  • BF10
    Thanks to Someone456

    This is the record page of Vote for your winner in the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

    If two or more members gain same number of votes, I will choose the one that was voted on first.

    The whole vote is completed! Congratulations Cornucopia and Professor Brainstorm! It's a miracle that they win in every battle. Rustbolt and WINter Melon are really great too!


    Cornucopia Winter Melon
    5 votes (1st) 2 votes (2nd)

    Professor Brainstorm Rustbolt
    4 votes (1st) 3 votes (2nd)

    The third places are out! Congrats 2nd-Best Taco of All Time and Zombot Plank Walker!


    2nd-Best Taco of All Time Chompzilla
    3 votes (3rd) 1 votes (4th)

    Zombot 1000
    4 votes (3rd) 0 votes (4th)

    • Chompzilla
    • 2nd-Best Taco of All Time
    • Winter Melon
    • Cornucopia

    • Rustbolt
    • Prof…

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  • BF10
    Warning: This blog contains spoilers for future weekly cards even though they can be seen in the collection!
    Thank you Someone456 for making this possible!

    Now that good ol' Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now out for all, there are many cards to enjoy out there. Now you are able to decide which is the best plant and zombie in the game! Enjoy it!

    All plants and zombies released before December 17, 2016 and those that were found in later weekly events. All event cards and heroes are included also. The only exceptions are the following:

    • Removed cards, like the Flick superpowers.
    • Upcoming cards not planned in weekly events, like .
    • Afterlife Cards

    1. Each side will be split into 2 groups; each group has 7 members each day.
    2. All members in each gr…

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