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9,471 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
September 28, 2014
  • I live in The 1337 Imp Jelly Wagon
  • My occupation is Crushing candy and killing zombies
  • I am super hyper at color bombs
  • BF10

    Time for a sequel to this!

    Firstly, we are once again losing more bureaucrats and admins. These are from the new drama and the fact the series is starting to die down with dust bunnies and spider webs around. First ThisUserLikesOreo, next Electric Plants, and now Itsleo. Now the most active admin is me, but it will later change so you have to think of a new one. Just move on...

    Sockpuppets are coming from farts, ancestors, and other crap that are just prioritizing us.

    We are getting craploads of chat mods and discussion mods just from, once again, greedy and power hungry users. The chat is already dead from Discord, better off to remove the wiki chat and demote all chat mods. But for discussion mods, the only reason is to prove they are worth…

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  • BF10

    No, this is not for real. It may happen after the core release, but not right now.

    What if there was one of this? Here's how it works (this is just some ideas):

    Rules will be a bit like this:

    1. To sign up, you must complete Plant and Zombie Mission #(1, 3, 5, or anything) and have at least (more than # cards, more than one plant and zombie hero, or one premium card).
    2. You may not hack the game whatsoever. Should you do this, you will automatically be eliminated.
    3. Some exploits are not allowed (list any you want):
      • The Strongberry Loop
      • Zombot 1000 and Teleport combo
      • Barrel of Deadbeards and Deadly
      • Sharktronic Sub and The Chickening
    4. The battle starts with the player first in alphabetic order (or somewhat similar) being the Zombie Hero.
    5. A battle ends when ei…
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  • BF10

    Sorry for lateness (especially since this user (The Zombie O.O) is inactive), but here is my next level idea, based on a user who won my Travel Log Contest months ago.

    |Type = Conveyor-belt level |Flag = Two |Diff = Unknown |Zombie =
    |FR = A money bag |Objective 1 = Survive a massive attack in Frostbite Marsh |Objective 2 = Survive without any lawn mowers |Objective 3 = Don't let the zombies trample the flowers (between 3rd and 4th column)}} This level in an Epic Quest is based off of Frostbite Caves - Day 16, but it includes changing most zombies to Jurassic Zombies. This level alson includes Dinosaurs, which are Raptors and T. Rexes. The player should use the same strat as Day 16, but Perfume-shroom should be used against dino…

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  • BF10

    The Real Truth

    June 16, 2016 by BF10

    I am going to get badly criticized about this like the others, but...

    Today's my real birthday! And also, I am really 13 at the same time! I am able to finally get past the (stupid) COPPA and make it through safe! To add the icing, I also made it to admin during underage, meaning I am (probably) in second for this, behind Maxus (now demoted to inactivity).

    Now to finish this, I will now change the birthday calendar to the right date. Thanks to everyone on the wiki for helping me make it this far! Remember, no matter how old or young, one can still make a difference!

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  • BF10

    I got a new iPhone!

    June 10, 2016 by BF10

    I finally got a new iPhone 6S Plus, meaning that I can finally get PvZH when it comes out. It has been quite well with my new phone, and results were above satisfactory.

    With my backup, I could kept everything, and experience PvZ2 during a backup:

    1. After phone backup, loaded PvZ2
    2. Plays the PvZ1 main menu (this scared me at first, as it usually means your data was wiped)
    3. Says "Loading Progress" and then load game files.
    4. Noticing the above instructions is not what I expected.

    Everything except for my Travel Log quests stayed to my last backup. My Travel Log quests were replaced with others ones like allowing me Modern Day quests.

    My PvZ1 loaded normally with my previous backup. However, everything ran 3x faster than my old phone, my iPhone 4 (not 4S). …

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