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  • BF10

    Another revival to hurt and heal for the 2017 year. Our new topic - Plants vs. Zombies Heroes!

    In this game we will use 5 heroes, 5 legendaries (one for each class), 5 events, and 5 super-rares

    Also, remember User blog:BF10/Vote for your winner in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes!? If you did, this is your new spot for votes. The previous items are still used.

    • You may only vote every 3 hours.
    • After 13 eliminations, this will go down to 2.
    • After 27 eliminations, this will go down to 1.
    • All characters start at 10 HP.
    • The max amount of HP a character can have is 20.
    • If I give you a reply, that means your vote has been entered.
    • Voting:
    • You have 3 HP at your disposal to hurt and/or heal characters with
    • After 13 eliminations, this will go up to 4
    • After 27 eliminations, this…

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  • BF10
    Thanks to Someone456

    This is the record page of Vote for your winner in the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

    If two or more members gain same number of votes, I will choose the one that was voted on first.

    The whole vote is completed! Congratulations Cornucopia and Professor Brainstorm! It's a miracle that they win in every battle. Rustbolt and WINter Melon are really great too!


    Cornucopia Winter Melon
    5 votes (1st) 2 votes (2nd)

    Professor Brainstorm Rustbolt
    4 votes (1st) 3 votes (2nd)

    The third places are out! Congrats 2nd-Best Taco of All Time and Zombot Plank Walker!


    2nd-Best Taco of All Time Chompzilla
    3 votes (3rd) 1 votes (4th)

    Zombot 1000
    4 votes (3rd) 0 votes (4th)

    • Chompzilla
    • 2nd-Best Taco of All Time
    • Winter Melon
    • Cornucopia

    • Rustbolt
    • Prof…

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  • BF10
    Warning: This blog contains spoilers for future weekly cards even though they can be seen in the collection!
    Thank you Someone456 for making this possible!

    Now that good ol' Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now out for all, there are many cards to enjoy out there. Now you are able to decide which is the best plant and zombie in the game! Enjoy it!

    All plants and zombies released before December 17, 2016 and those that were found in later weekly events. All event cards and heroes are included also. The only exceptions are the following:

    • Removed cards, like the Flick superpowers.
    • Upcoming cards not planned in weekly events, like .
    • Afterlife Cards

    1. Each side will be split into 2 groups; each group has 7 members each day.
    2. All members in each gr…

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  • BF10

    BF10's PvZH Tournament

    November 6, 2016 by BF10

    Note: Please visit here for the thread and time.

    Sign-ups for the PvZH tournament has started! Enter before November 16th (or 2 days of inactivity) if you want to be in. Tournaments will be planned on the 16th - 18th and start on November 19th or 20th.

    How the brackets will work:

    • When the sign-up ends, I will tally all the players and put them in a tournament bracket (via Challonge).
    • I will need to have your rank listed, as the higher rank will be placed to go first. The lower ranks will be placed in a later time.
    • It will be single elimination, including a third place round.
    • If you win first, you will be able to get a free entry in my people I support and a userbox. Second and third place will also get a userbox.
    • If you see a parenthesis next to …
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  • BF10

    Time for a sequel to this!

    Firstly, we are once again losing more bureaucrats and admins. These are from the new drama and the fact the series is starting to die down with dust bunnies and spider webs around. First ThisUserLikesOreo, next Electric Plants, and now Itsleo. Now the most active admin is me, but it will later change so you have to think of a new one. Just move on...

    Sockpuppets are coming from farts, ancestors, and other crap that are just prioritizing us.

    We are getting craploads of chat mods and discussion mods just from, once again, greedy and power hungry users. The chat is already dead from Discord, better off to remove the wiki chat and demote all chat mods. But for discussion mods, the only reason is to prove they are worth…

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