aka Surburbia Ruler

  • I live in Suburian Kingdom
  • My occupation is controlling the plants and zombies
  • I am an eyegoggled Koopa
  • BF10

    Time for another truth...

    August 17, 2017 by BF10

    Time for sequel to this (I am 14 if you're wondering), this will critize me even more.

    I have made a Discord account on Sunday. Yes, I did make one for Discord...

    But, I am not going to join the wiki Discord at all since I am not really available and like I said I did not asked for chat mod rights. I only have it for personal use just to talk to my friends.

    Sorry if I let anyone down. Still, I do not want to see your codes for wiki Discord or any drama along the lines.

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  • BF10



    Special Mention...


    Thanks for playing!

    Welcome to the next round of Hurt and Heal, but now in tournament style! For the first time in the series you will now destroy PvZH cards tournament style!

    Anyways here is new Galactic Gardens cards, including a new row of cards for environments or rares from set 1 or 2! See the formation here.

    • All characters start with the HP they had when at the end of last round.
    • In this round, the objective is to make your favorite character ultimately reach 300 HP.
    • This round will be divided into 8 checkpoints.
    • The first will be at 55 HP.
    • 9 characters will reach this checkpoint, and 1 will be eliminated.
    • The second will be at 80 HP.
    • 8 characters will reach this checkpoin…

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  • BF10

    See the previous episodes:

    • Episode 1: A Wiki that is Completely Underaged
    • Episode 2: The Reckoning
    • Episode 3: Discord the Devil

    Here we are again for another everything wrong for this wiki blog. I have disabled comments here because I'm sure everyone will want to kill me if I did turn them on.

    Anyways, we are not talking about Discord. Nor the chat or socks. Nor the lack of staff. This time it's all about the drama. Yes, drama. If you don't want to be triggered for anything I am about to post, you might as well click the back button or close this tab. Otherwise click show on the warning below and continue. Do not get angry at me and try to spam my talk page with your complaints, I already said this might cause a few to be triggered.

    Thank you of…

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  • BF10

    Hey there everyone. I have finally escaped the cruise alive, and I just need to get to the plane and drive home. I would say I enjoyed my 5 days along the way, and even visit the Mexican Coast (in which they paste Spanish onto signs and have Spanish only TVs).

    Also today is my birthday! If you remember from my last birthday blog, I am 14. So you might as well get ready for some more stuff done.

    Also I won't be on the Ninja Kiwi games for a while. I will still be on the forums as "jluc410", find me there.

    Adios, Plants, Zombies, and Kabloomimigos!

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  • BF10


    June 1, 2017 by BF10

    Boy, my life is going as bad for now.

    BF10 here, with some announcements that is making me inactive here more heavily. By this blog I will surely get below 25 on the staff review thing, but I don't care too much.

    Here is the following:

    • First off, I am having exams, so my activity here is cut down to size. Unlike most of you, I am stuck at school until early June. Stressed out about those upcoming, so I need to study and try hard.
    • I am more interested in Ninja Kiwi. In my opinion, Bloons TD Battles Mobile is more balanced than Heroes just because luck factor is not a thing here. You just have to play with skill. Also late game players are less likely there than in Heroes. Just rush with regrow zebras and your opponent is having seizures. But in…
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