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    Ghost Pepper wins!

    Vote for your favorite plant or take down your least favorite in a battle for the best!

    So, I dunno if you know what a Hurt/Heal is. To put it in brief, they're where you hurt and/or heal something(s) until something dies/whatever you call it, and do it until one object is left. Since I don't see much of this stuff here, I decided to give this a go. Withouty further ado...

    The game lasted 26 days. Cavia Porcellus delivered the final attack!

    65th: Rotobaga - Came out after the game

    64th: Stunion - Came out after the game

    63rd: Fire Peashooter - Came out after the game

    62nd: Hot Potato- Eaten by Awesomesix on Day 2

    61st: Sweet Potato- Eaten by DudeWithASuit on Day 3

    60th: Pea-nut - Eaten by BucketheadZombie on Day 3

    59th: Puff Shroo…

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