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  • Atlantis536


    April 20, 2014 by Atlantis536

    Here are some terminologies for costumes.

    • Tutorial

    • Sunflower: Witch petal
    • Peashooter: Zom-pea
    • Wall-nut: Wallmummy
    • Potato Mine: Superpotato

    • Ancient Egypt

    • Bloomerang: Jamaican Bloomerang
    • Cabbage-pult: Headband-pult
    • Iceberg Lettuce: Earmuff Lettuce
    • Grave Buster: Fez Buster
    • Twin Sunflower: Twin Glass-flower
    • Bonk Choy: Bonk Champion-choy
    • Repeater: Viking-peater
    • Snow Pea: Winter Hat Pea

    • Pirate Seas
    • Kernel-pult: Ninja-pult
    • Snapdragon: Firefighter Snapdragon
    • Power Lily: Hello Lily Glasses
    • Spikeweed: Spikeweed Marx
    • Coconut Cannon: Engineer Cannon
    • Cherry Bomb: Secret Agent Cherries
    • Spring Bean: Hula Bean
    • Spikerock: Glassrock
    • Threepeater: Threepoter
    • Squash: Samurai Squash

    • Wild West
    • Split Pea
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