Volcanic Vast can be a new world after frostbite caves. This world is opposite to frostbite caves. The Zombies bring heat while plants bring cold, to freeze the zombies. The new zombies I can think of are: 

Tribe Zombie

Conehead Tribe

Buckethead Tribe

Flag Tribe Zombie

Witch Zombie (carries fire potions and throws at plants to burn them, Volcanic Vast's counterpart to Explorer zombie)

Mufasa Zombie (breaths fire at plants for multiple times, the Volcanic Vast counterpart to hunter zombie and catapult zombie 


Ice Shroom (returns) (25 sun)

Waterbarrel Launcher: Throws water at zombies, dealing 2 damage shots per throw.  (150 sun)

Icenut: Immune-to-fire version of wallnut, good to defend your plants. ( 50 sun)

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