Plants vs. Zombies Wiki


Soooooo many wall nuts!!!!! learn how

Sooooo many wall nuts see the picture.


  1. Open Pvz
    Soooo many

    Haha no cheats (except sun)

  2. Open plants vs. zombies userdata folder usually located in: C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\PlantsVsZombies\userdata
  3. Open wall nut bowling and gather up wall nuts.
  4. Then, exit
  5. Go to userdata, you will find a game named game1_17.dat.
  6. Rename it to game1_1.dat
  7. Open Survival:Day
  8. ENJOY!! :)

WARNING: If you do something wrong it may cause the game to corrupt/crash. And at no cost I will be responsible for it.

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