These are in my opinion and these personalities will be used in my 2nd Revival of Ask the Plants threads.

Plants vs. Zombies 1

  • Peashooter: Pretty average, kind of a bit loyal to everyone. Has a crush on Sunflower.
  • Sunflower: A nice flower, usually wants to what is wrong with things at certain times. Has a crush on Peashooter.
  • Cherry Bomb: A bunch of biker dudes that are in a band. They look mean, too, but they have a soft side they most people will never figure out.
  • Wall-nut: Pretty average, like Peashooter, but doesn't act as serious at times. He likes to go bowling, and his rival is Bowling Bulb.
  • Potato Mine: A potato with not really good grammar, but is still loyal. However he is more busy than the other plants.
  • Snow Pea: A cool fellow that claims he is the only one who's cool, sometimes even brags about it. He gets angry when someone claims they're cool but always says "HEY! I'm the only who's cool!".
  • Chomper: He doesn't speak, but some translator makes some of the plants know what he says. As you might know, he likes chomping zombies, and can act like a dog occasionally.
  • Repeater: A serious member of the Pea family that is more mature than Peashooter and takes things seriously. Although he is finally getting a girlfriend.
  • Puff-shroom: Kind of like Wall-nut, but does not go bowling and is still shocked by the existence of zombies.
  • Sun-shroom: A happy shroom but unlike Sunflower, he sometimes spends time with an unknown Toad from Mario-looking plant.
  • Fume-shroom: He thanks Puff-shroom for making fight the zombies. He enjoys spraying zombies with his fumes and sometimes plays boxing.
  • Grave Buster: He looks mean and rotten, but sometimes is. He is friends with Cherry Bomb. He does have a soft side to pets though.
  • Hypno-shroom: Plants may think he looks funny, but he is actually a genius. He is spending most of his time when not fighting zombies trying to convince zombies to be good, cluck like a chicken, researching hypnosis or developing something to convince the zombies.
  • Scaredy-shroom: He's like Puff-shroom, but is scared of scary things and of course, zombies.
  • Ice-shroom: He's had a terrible life. So he doesn't open his mouth very wide. But he did say that his paralyzed face might be able to become unparalyzed in a few years.
  • Doom-shroom: He's friends with Grave Buster and Cherry Bomb. He is a biker gang like Cherry Bomb. Plants like him because his explosions are enormous.
  • Lily Pad: A silent plant. He lets most things happen to him. He doesn't like Tall-nut because he's too fat.
  • Squash: He looks mean and boxes like Bonk Choy. He doesn't like it when people call him "Tracy".
  • Threepeater: They like gaming. The left head is the one that cheats a lot, the middle head is the smartest, and the right head acts like Puff-shroom.
  • Tangle Kelp: He acts like Doom-shroom but is never in a biker gang. He likes to hide below the pool at times.
  • Jalapeno: A really weird Jalapeno whom is more angry at times than the others.
  • Spikeweed: Other plants think it might be weird to be him, never getting eaten and having their perspective very low to the ground. But for him, he's used to it. He can't speak but likes hockey. He likes the Hockey Star and Goalie Star, although he's never seen them in his life before, but has seen pictures.
  • Torchwood: He is more angry at times like Jalapeno. However, he makes for a good campfire for the plants whenever they want to go camping.
  • Tall-nut: He is usually very grumpy, like Squash. He has no rivalry with Wall-nut whatsoever. However, some plants complain about him being fat.
  • Sea-shroom: He is like Scaredy-shroom, but is not afraid of zombies. He still is willing to see the sea though.
  • Plantern: He is a really nice fello. He would like to be in someone else's lawn like a normal lantern. He likes some things the females do for some reason.