This is my guide of the Sunflower in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To see the guides on Peashooter, Foot Soldier, Scientist and Cactus, click here, here, here or here. If I make a mistake, please leave it down in the comments below.


The Sunflower is the healer of the plant class, but has the lowest health out of all of them. She uses the Sun Pulse which is accurate and easy to control but deals low damage. Every plant team needs at least one Sunflower or they might be pwned by the zombies.

Health: 100

Ammo: 50 (60 upgraded)

Damage: 5-8 (impact) 6-10 (critical) (used to be 4-7 impact, 5-9 critical before TT DLC)

Rating: 8/10.

Fire Flower

Now, let's go on to the variants. The Fire Flower is an elemental Sunflower which has less ammo but can deal fire damage, dealing 5 damage a second for an unknown period of time after the primary weapon, Flame Pulse, has been shot. This variant is good and is a common variant seen in matches with Sunflowers.

Health: 100

Ammo: 30 (35 upgraded)

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-9 (critical) 5 (additional damage)

Rating: 9/10.

Power Flower

No to be confused with the Power Flower from PvZA, this Sunflower has an electric shock to enemies close to each other. I like this variant, especially in Garden Ops where it can send an electric shock to many Browncoats next to each other.

Health: 100

Ammo: 40 (50 upgraded)

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-9 (critical) 5-7 (electric shock)

Rating: 9.25/10.

Mystic Flower

The Mystic Flower is a variant which has the least ammo out of all the variants (except Alien Flower), but the reason is that it can charge up its primary attack and a fully charged blast can deal around 70 damage. This Sunflower is great in a "sniper hideout" but otherwise terrible at close range attacks, but the non-charged attack is not much of a boost compared to the Sun Pulse.

Health: 100

Ammo: 15 (20 upgraded)

Damage: 11-13 (impact non-charged) 13-15 (critical non-charged) 39-42 (impact half-charged) 46-52 (critical half-charged) 58-64 (impact fully charged) 65-72 (critical fully charged)

Rating: 8.5/10.

Shadow Flower

The Shadow Flower is an upgrade to the normal Sunflower if you want to call it that. It has the same ammo capacity, and around the same damage, however the Shadow Flower can deal more damage from a distance than the regular Sun Pulse. I definitely would recommend using this than the normal Sunflower.

Health: 100

Ammo: 50 (60 upgraded)

Damage: 7-8 (impact) 9-10 (critical)

Rating: 9.5/10.

Metal Petal

The Metal Petal is unlocked from leveling up the Sunflower to Level 10. It has +50 health than a regular Sunflower, but has the downside of going slower. Before the Tactical Taco update, it used to deal the same damage as a regular Sunflower, but then when the update was released, the Sunflower was buffed but they forgot about Metal Petal :( This variant is still good though. This is one of the Level 10 variants I unlocked recently.

Health: 150

Ammo: 50 (60 upgraded)

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-9 (critical)

Rating: 9.5/10.

Sun Pharaoh

The Sun Pharaoh is different from the other Sunflowers because of its attack style. Her projectiles deal more damage than a normal Sunflower, but they shoot in bursts of three like the Citrus Cactus. This Sunflower is pretty good, especially if you press LB, 1 or L1 and press the shooting button to make it shoot slightly faster.

Health: 100

Ammo: 30 (36 upgraded)

Damage: 12-14 (impact) 15-17 (critical)

Rating: 9.5/10.

Alien Flower

The Alien Flower is an elememtal Sunflower, like the Fire and Power Flower. But, the elemental effect is not found in any other class variant in the game. The primary weapon shoots slower, but deals around the same damage as the Sun Pharaoh. However, it can also deal a spore effect which deals 3 damage for a small period of time. This variant is good when bunches of zombies are stacked up.

Health: 100

Ammo: 10 (12 upgraded)

Damage: 10-14 (impact) 13-17 (critical) 3 (spore effect)

Rating: 9.5/10.


Heal Beam

Now let's go on to the abilities. The Heal Beam is used for healing teammates if near them, but also can be used for healing potted plants which can make a huge difference. It heals by 2 every 0.5 seconds. Rating: 8/10.


The Sunbeam works like the Pea Gatling, it is rooted and has 100 ammo, and deals around the same damage, 6 impact and 8 critical. Rating: 8/10.

Heal Flower

The Heal Flower is a deployable potted plant which heals teammates if nearby without the Sunflower being near. This can also be used to heal the Sunflower herself. Unfortuantely it kills itself after 30 seconds after being deployed. Rating: 9.5/10.

Rainbow Heal Beam

It is the same as the regular Heal Beam but it looks like a rainbow. I like using become rainbows are cool. Rating: 9.5/10.

Solar Flare Beam

The Solar Flare Beam deals more damage than the Sunbeam, 10 damage impact and 12 damage critical, but has half the ammo and does not fire instantly when the shooting button is pressed. I like using it because I get more vanquishes with it. Rating: 9.25/10.

Dark Flower

The Dark Flower is like the Heal Flower, kills itself at the same amount of time after being deployed and has the same recharge time, however, it does not heal, instead it attacks zombies by shooting powerful lasers at them. I like to use this ability sometimes but not all the time. Rating: 9.5/10.