This is my own guide of the Peashooter in Garden Warfare. I have all of the Peashooters now and I will say how useful they are and what they do.


Great for crowd control, but otherwise not too great. It deals the most damage out of all the Peashooters with one projectile (Berry Shooter used to be the one) but although that rule applies it is not the best. It can snipe, but is not as a good sniper as the Cactus. And also, every direct hit is a critical hit.

Damage: 10 (splash) 25-37 (direct)

Ammo: 12

Health: 125

Rating: 7/10.

Fire Peashooter

Like the Peashooter, it is also great for crowd control. But, it does more damage than the Peashooter overall, not one projectile without the after effects. It deals 5 damage to enemies 5 seconds after being shot, and deals a decent amount of damage too. It is now to neck and neck with the Toxic Pea since the damage of Toxic Pea was nerfed. Overall, a good character.

Damage: 10 (splash) 15-26 (direct) 5 (additional damage)

Ammo: 12

Health: 125

Rating: 9.5/10.

Ice Peashooter

This Peashooter isn't very good in my opinion, but the upside it can freeze players temporarily, after a few shots standing in one place. It can also slow zombies before the freezing process happens. It has more ammo, which is good. However, even with all that, it is not better than the Fire Pea and Toxic Pea.

Damage: 10 (splash) 15-26 (direct)

Ammo: 15

Health: 125

Rating: 7.5/10.

Toxic Peashooter

This Peashooter is best. It is better than Fire Pea in most cases. It got nerfed from dealing 32 damage to 26 damage in the July DLC, well I don't like that, but it is still awesome. It deals 2 damage to enemies after being shot for an unknown period of time, and also deals damage to enemies when they are nearby and the Toxic Pea doesn't even have to shoot while near them to damage them. Best Peashooter in my opinion.

Damage: 10 (splash) 17-26 (direct, used to be 17-32)

Ammo: 12

Health: 125

Rating: 10/10.

Agent Pea

This Peashooter is kind of good, but I don't like it was nerfed to 100 health. THAT stunk. But, it is more off now as a sniper than a hit-and-run plant as it was better with in the past. It is kind of tricky getting headshots with it and all that, but still a neat character. For some reason, it deals low damage for an impact hit. An enemy can be vanquished in 3 seconds by this character if you get all those critical headshots in (33 dmg).

Damage: 10-22 (impact) 20-33 (critical)

Ammo: 15

Health: 100 (used to be 125)

Rating: 8.5/10.

Commando Peashooter

This Peashooter is like a Foot Soldier, but deals more damage at close range. Despite its similarities to the Foot Soldier, it is better off as a hit-and-run plant like most other Peashooters. Still, it is good.

Damage: 6-12 (impact hit) 7-13 (critical hit)

Ammo: 30

Health: 125

Rating: 8/10.

Law Pea

I don't play with this Peashooter that much. But I know it got nerfed from dealing nearly the same amount of damage as Agent Pea to dealing up to 26 damage like most of the rest of the bummed Peas.

Damage: 15-21 (impact hit) 19-26 (critical hit)

Ammo: 6

Health: 125

Rating: 8/10.

Berry Shooter

I heard it used to be OP. But now, when I try it, it is super weak. It went from dealing as more damage as a Peashooter than dealing less damage as a Peashooter! It is nothing compared to the basic Peashooter besides the extra splash damage, which is Painter's. What I find actually funny is that the Stickerbook descriptions mention it is powerful but it is not anymore, and that they said on the patch notes where it is nerfed it is still strong, but it is not.

Damage: 29-35 (impact/critical hit) 15 (splash)

Ammo: 8

Health: 125

Rating: 3/10.

Plasma Pea

I don't get why people play this character a lot. First of all, I'm not even good with it. Second of all, the charge-up attack can be hard to control with. I don't really play the Plasma Pea much anyways.

Damage: 20 (impact/critical hit) 50-70 (charge up attack) 20-30 (charge splash)

Ammo: 14

Health: 125

Rating: 3.5/10.

Peashooter Abilities

Chili Bean Bomb

I don't really recommend it much, it detonates too fast and deals less damage than the Sombrero Bean Bomb. Still, it is good for clearing groups of enemies. Rating: 5/10.


When I'm in a rush, I go Hyper. I pretty much do this every time I respawn. It also jumps high, but not as high as the Rocket Jump, sadly. Rating: 9/10.

Pea Gatling

This is good for completing those challenges to land a lot of hits with the Pea Gatling, but honestly, I don't find it very good compared to the Retro Gatling. I can get kills faster with the alternate one. Rating: 7.5/10.

Sombrero Bean Bomb

Definitely use this friend. I usually get kills with this bean easier, plus it travels a longer distance due to its longer fuse. It also deals more damage and has slightly more range, which is sweet. Rating: 10/10.

Retro Gatling

I know some of you may think Pea Gatling is better, but in my opinion, Retro Gatling takes the cake. Despite lesser ammo and slower firing rate, it deals more damage and I get kills with it faster. Still, it lacks usefulness when doing the challenges where you land a certain amount of hits with the Pea Gatling. Rating: 9/10.

Super Pea Jump

The only alternate ability which I DO NOT suggest using. This ability does not change speed, the #1 reason why I like to go into Hyper ability. It also doesn't make much of a difference in the height it can reach with its jump. It also has a slower recharge, so that's why I prefer Hyper over Super Pea Jump. Rating: 3/10.