This is my guide of the Foot Soldier in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. If you want to check out the Peashooter, Scientist or Cactus guide, go here, here or here. If I make a mistake, please leave it down in the comments below.

Foot Soldier

The Foot Soldier is the sniper of the zombie team, although he is Peashooter's rival. The only thing they have in common is they can access rooftops via a high jump and can deploy an ability that can deal a lot of damage. The Foot Soldier is a good class for beginner and often the most used zombie. The Foot Soldier is good for sniping, and getting kill streaks along the way of sniping. This is a good basic character, and I still sometimes use him. The primary weapon is the Z-1 Assault Blaster.

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-9 (critical)

Ammo: 30 (35 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 8.25/10.

Super Commando

Now, let's go into the variants. The Super Commando has a different primary weapon than the Foot Soldier, and shoots nothing like the Foot Soldier. However, it does more damage than the Foot Soldier with its Z4 Crossbow. When fully upgraded, it can shoot 4 times a second, and has 0.5 second reload, making it the fastest reload in the game. This variant is good if you want to go for those vanquishes.

Damage: 13-19 (impact) 16-22 (critical)

Ammo: 3 (4 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 9.5/10.

Arctic Trooper

This is basically an upgrade for the Foot Soldier. It has 5 less ammo than the basic Foot Soldier, and the primary weapons are alike, but the Arctic Trooper's Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster as its name applies has the addition of a slowing effect...eventually freezing plants in place after a few shots. This variant is good and I recommend it more than the basic Foot Soldier. I haven't played this variant recently though...

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-8 (critical)

Ammo: 25 (30 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 8.75/10.

Tank Commander

This is a strong character in close quarters when a bunch of plants are together. However, sniping with this character is a bit tricky to be quite honest so this variant is mostly used in short to mid-range battles unlike some of the other Foot Soldiers. I hate it when enemy Tank Commanders get me in Multiplayer, and also why do these guys appear in Garden Ops Hard and Crazy Mode? It's ridiculous!

Damage: 1-20 (splash) 60-70 (impact)

Ammo: 1 (it has no ammo upgrade, and has two reload speed upgrades like the Law Pea)

Health: 125

Rating: 9/10.

Camo Ranger

Then we go to this guy. One of my favorites! This guy is better sniper than any Foot Soldier variant, and deals a decent amount of damage. This is guy is great in Gardens and Graveyards if want to snipe at a certain spot. I recommend using him!

Damage: 13-16 (impact) 16-19 (critical)

Ammo: 15 (18 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 10/10.

General Supremo

It's just like an All-Star with Foot Soldier abilities, 125 health and deals slightly lesser damage. This guy got a buff in the LotL DLC, and then many more people starting using him. I'm not really great with this character, but hey, he is still decent. He is also not as great as a sniper than some of the other Foot Soldiers.

Damage: 3-6 (impact) 3-7 (critical)

Ammo: N/A

Health: 125

Rating: 8.25/10.

Sky Trooper

I really haven't played much with this character to experience his benefits. But, he is still good like the General Supremo. I just realized he has the damage and ammo as an Arctic Trooper!

Damage: 4-7 (impact) 5-8 (critical)

Ammo: 25 (30 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 8.5/10.


One of my favorites, like the Camo Ranger. This guy has a decent amount of ammo, and damage, and wait, this is just like the Camo Ranger! But sometimes better. He puts plants on fire, like the Welder and Cricket Star. A good character indeed. I also like the sound the primary weapon makes when it shoots, it's funny!

Damage: 7-15 (impact) 8-17 (critical)

Ammo: 12 (15 upgraded)

Health: 125

Rating: 9.5/10.

Foot Soldier Abilities

Now we go on to the abilities. These are the three abilities of the Foot Soldier and their alternates.

Rocket Jump

This ability is like the Peashooter's Hyper ability, but the Foot Soldier does not go fast, but instead instantly jumps high. The ability also goes higher than the Hyper, probably to balance it out. This is good for sniping plants on rooftops. I recommend this ability for some Foot Soldier variants that snipe very well. Rating: 9/10.


The ZPG is used for damaging a plant and if directly, can kill them. The ZPG deals even more damage than the Sombrero Bean Bomb, but the Foot Soldier uses his rocket launcher to send it somewhere instead and has infinite range. It can even deal to 400 damage max, and is good for dealing with Cob Cannons, Flax Cannons, Coconut Cannons and the Mega Sunflower. It also deals splash damage too if you miss your target. Rating: 8.5/10.

Zombie Stink Cloud

The Zombie Stink Cloud damages any plants in it by dealing 2 damage every 0.5 seconds. It is effective when plants are defusing a bomb, surrounding a bomb on a graveyard, defending the garden, and defending their green-colored base.

Rocket Leap

It is like the Rocket Jump but you have two in stock, go farther and slightly jump lower. I recommend this one for Foot Soldier variants that are not good snipers, such as the Tank Commander. Rating: 9/10.


Despite it does less damage than the ZPG, it does way more splash damage, and I recommend using this more just because of the HUGE splash damage. Rating: 9.5/10.

Super Stink Cloud

I recommend it just because it deals more damage. I don't care about how long it lasts, or how much areas it covers, but just because of the 5 damage every 0.5 seconds. Rating: 9.5/10.