This is my guide of the Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To see the guides of the Peashooter, Foot Soldier and Scientist, click here, here or here. If I make a mistake, please leave it down in the comments below.


The Cactus is the sniper of the Plant team, it rivals Foot Soldier because of the primary weapon and rivals Engineer because of the abilities. Cacti are best in a spot where zombies are less likely to hit her, because she is terrible at close range.

Health: 125

Ammo: 12 (15 upgraded)

Damage: 27-30 (impact) 30-33 (critical)

Rating: 7.5/10.

Fire Cactus

Now, let's go into the variants. The Fire Cactus is a "fire" version of the Cactus, but has a few alterations to it. The Fire Cactus shoots slightly faster than the normal Cactus (although at first the Fire Cactus used to shoot very fast) and has additional fire damage which deals 5 damage to the enemy after being shot. This a pretty decent Cactus variant IMO.

Damage: 22-26 (impact) 28-30 (critical) 5 (additional fire damage)

Health: 125

Ammo: 12 (14 upgraded)

Rating: 9.25/10.

Ice Cactus

The Ice Cactus is mainly used for slowing down enemies, and can eventually freeze them in place. This Cactus also has more ammo than the standard one, but deals less damage. This Cactus can be effective if sniping in a good spot.

Damage: 18-22 (impact) 22-26 (critical)

Health: 125

Ammo: 15 (20 upgraded)

Rating: 8.5/10.

Power Cactus

The Power Cactus sends in a shocking electric needle which can have an electric shock if zombies are close to each other. Due to this, it is very effective in Garden Ops, but not so much in competitive gameplay. This Cactus can be effective in Gardens and Graveyards if many zombies are capturing the base.

Damage: 18-22 (impact) 22-26 (critical) 5-7 (electric shock)

Health: 125

Ammo: 10 (12 upgraded)

Rating: 8/10.

Camo Cactus

The Camo Cactus is a better sniper than any other Cactus variant. It is worse at close combat than any other Cactus, though. It deals high damage but has a low ammo clip. This Cactus is highly recommended for sniping at a very good spot, as fighting in close quarters will not work. Players unlock this Cactus only by leveling up their Cactus to Level 10.

Damage: 30-33 (impact) 60-66 (critical) (used to be 40-44 impact, 80-88 critical)

Health: 125

Ammo: 5 (6 upgraded)

Rating: 9/10.

Future Cactus

The Future Cactus is more fit for a good camping spot than some other Cactus variants. The Future Cactus is unique from all other Cactus variants because it can charge up for a powerful attack, and can deal up to 107 damage critical! It can deal splash damage unlike most other Cactus variants, but only with its charge up attack.

Damage: 13-18 (non-charged impact) 18-22 (non-charged critical) 39-46 (impact first charge state) 46-54 (critical first charge state) 88-94 (impact second charge state) 100-107 (critical second charge state) 30 (splash damage for second charge state)

Health: 125

Ammo: 10 (12 upgraded)

Rating: 9/10.

Bandit Cactus

The Bandit Cactus is a rapid-fire Cactus, and acts like the Astronaut and Commando Pea. The damage and shooting style is similar to that of the Garlic Drone's. This Cactus is good if you want a rapid-firing Cactus.

Damage: 9-11 (impact/critical damage)

Health: 125

Ammo: 15 (18 upgraded)

Rating: 8.75/10.

Citrus Cactus

The Citrus Cactus shoots in bursts of three, like the Sun Pharaoh, and deal around the same damage. However, this Cactus is not very good in some terms where the enemy will move around too much, like the Engineer or Scientist. It also deals splash damage.

Damage: 13-17 (impact/critical) Unknown (splash)

Health: 125

Ammo: 24

Rating: 8/10.

Jade Cactus

The Jade Cactus has a health boost unlike the other Cacti, but moves at a slower speed. Despite all this, this Cactus is really effective because its primary weapon has a burst, hence the primary weapon being called "Shatter Shot".

Damage: 22-25 (impact) 26-28 (critical) 15 (explosion)

Health: 150

Ammo: 12 (15 upgraded)

Rating: 9.5/10.

Cactus Abilities

Potato Mine

Now, let's go on into the abilities. The Potato Mine is a plant that blows up immediately if stepped on or destroyed by zombies. It deals 175 damage to all zombies in its radius. The Potato Mine can activate if a zombie is very close to it, but not touching it. Up to three can be planted before cooling down. Here's a little trick: If you want to get more vanquishes with the Potato Mine, place it on a zombie spawner in Gardens and Graveyards or Taco Bandits. Most of the time, the zombies won't see it, but some zombies can see it. Rating: 9.5/10.

Tall-nut Battlement

The Tall-nut Battlement is a barrier to provide more protection for the Cactus. Tall-nuts have around 200 health. Up to two can be placed before cooling down. The Tall-nut Battlement can take up a decent amount of space, which is a huge benefit. However, the Cactus is still vulnerable to attacks from zombie classes, but only fully protected from spawnable zombies. Rating: 8.75/10.

Garlic Drone

The Garlic Drone is a drone in which the Cactus uses to attack zombies from above. The Garlic Drone has its own abilities, which are Needle Shot and Corn Strike. The Needle Shot can deal up to 6-10 impact damage and 8-12 critical damage, which is the drone's primary weapon. The Garlic Drone can only send in corn strikes, which it can deploy 7 of them, dealing 25 damage normal and sometimes 70 damage, with some splash damage. The only disadvantage is the Garlic Drone can only last for a limited amount of time, and has 5 health, making it easy to be destroyed by zombies if their aim is accurate. Rating: 9.25/10.

Potato Nugget Mine

It is a smaller and weaker Potato Mine, but the only advantage is more can be placed at a time, which is 5 before cooling down. The nugget deals 37-50 damage to any zombie that steps on it. The Potato Mine trick works with this ability too, but zombies will take less damage, having a better chance to summon their zombie. IMO I think Potato Mine is better. Rating: 7.5/10.

Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden does not take up much space as the Tall-nut Battlement, but has twice the health and can protect more of the Cactus. Only one can be placed down before cooling down though. In some cases, I use Tall-nut Battlement, but in others I use Iron Maiden. It's a draw for me. Rating: 8.75/10.

Artichoke Drone

The Artichoke Drone is like the Garlic Drone, but has 4x the health and has weaker attacks. For one, its primary weapon, Artichoke Hearts, can deal only 5-7 damage impact and 7-9 critical. It can also only deploy one corn strike, which can never deal 70 damage. Most of the time I use Garlic Drone because the more health doesn't really help me out much and I get more vanquishes with the other drone.