This is a parody of CinemaSins. If you are not familiar with them, go check out their videos on Youtube. However, they do swear, but censor it.!

  1. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare was released 8 months after it was revealed. And gameplay!
  2. Cactus originally had 100 health.
  3. In some pre-release videos, all abilities and some Level 10 characters were seen although ALL of them were either Level 1 or Level 2.
  4. Hot Rod Chomper has 50 less health than a Chomper, although it looks more durable.
  5. Count Chompula's fangs look like they deal more damage than a normal Chomper bite to me, but guess what? They don't!
  6. Shadow Flower is almost useless since basic Sunflowers were buffed in the Tactical Taco Party DLC.
  7. Fire Cactus was nerfed two times. TWO TIMES!!!
  8. Berry Shooter was from being OP to UP. Just because of a single nerf.
  9. Imp Punts and Long Bombs recharge too quickly.
  10. Imp Punts deal more damage think you it does before you knew its damage.
  11. Since Berry Shooter's nerf, the Peashooter's primary projectile deals the most damage out of all of the variants.
  12. The Zombies' overpoweredness makes Garden Ops very hard in some cases.
  13. Toxic Pea, Marine Biologist and Chemist are still very powerful, although they were nerfed heavily.
  14. Standing next to a fire-variant enemy doesn't make you lose health.
  15. Freeze effects from Ice Pea, Ice Cactus, Arctic Trooper and Goalie Star don't deal damage. I mean where you stuck in place by an ice variant.
  16. Commando Pea deals too little damage at long range.
  17. Agent Pea is the only character to receive a health loss in a certain DLC.
  18. Law Pea's nerf makes Agent Pea way better, although Agent Pea has gotten -25 health in the same DLC.
  19. Fire Flower dated a Fire Pea?
  20. Mystic Flower charges up quicker than Future Cactus. Not really a sin or anything, but just wanted to point that out...
  21. Sun Pharaoh before that Taco dlc, could rapid-fire by pressing LB without letting go of the trigger. Logic?
  22. Also, Sun Pharaoh could still shoot faster when pressing LB even currently but does not rapid-fire.
  23. The uncustomized Alien Flower is just too creepy...
  24. Count Chompula does not heal itself after swallowing a shield or chomping a zombie from the front.
  25. Armor Chomper is too friggin' slow. That's why the default Chomper is better than him in some cases. Well, I kinda changed my mind on him about that.
  26. Chester Chomper is just like Count Chompula but does not heal itself and swallows faster.
  27. Chomp Thing is too UP.
  28. Power Cactus should deal more damage or have more ammo.
  29. Camo Cactus's aim when not zooming in is too-spreaded out.
  30. Bandit Cactus deals too little damage.
  31. The orange burst from Citrus Cactus deals more damage than you might think before you get to see how much damage it does.
  32. Super Commando's reload time is too quick.
  33. Sky Trooper should deal more damage.
  34. should know this.
  35. Welder does too little damage for a powerful-looking "Welding Blaster".
  36. Landscaper...can't get much of those impact hits.
  37. Sanitation Expert does not look toxic.
  38. Marine Biologist can only wear his glasses with his aqua helmet.
  39. Dr. Toxic should deal more damage.
  40. Astronaut before the Garden Variety DLC could have a beard in his space helmet.
  41. Chemist has too little range. It should deal like 3-7 damage at short-mid range, but that's just my opinion.
  42. Archaeologist should deal more damage.
  43. Goalie Star, before the Sorrow of the Lawn DLC, could fire his primary weapon for 30 seconds without upgrades. ???
  44. Hockey Star deals little damage and overheats too quickly. And by the name "Stinky Glove Launcher" it sounds like it should be toxic.
  45. Super Pea Jump should've gone faster and slightly higher.
  46. Turbo Jackhammer and Sprint Burrow should've had a longer duration.
  47. Dark Flower should heal like, every 20 seconds and stop shooting at that time. Just my opinion again.
  48. Heal pots/stations should last forever, or at least last longer. So does Dark Flower but make it weaker health or damage-wise.
  49. Potted plants are too UP.
  50. Summonable zombies focus too much on the above mentioned pots.
  51. Coffins look less durable than how much damage they take.
  52. Barrel Pirates replace Outhouse Zombies in Garden Ops maps Sharkbite Shores and Port Scallywag, although I THINK it's even weaker than Coffin Zombie.
  53. You can only place 2 of Spiky Spikeweeds. What the???
  54. Multi-Rocket deals less damage than how much damage a ZPG deals combined, although it says "What's better than launching one ZPG? Launching many ZPGs!!"
  55. The 20-health drones should deal more damage.
  56. Slenderman is in this game.
  57. Mega Heal Bomb should AT LEAST hurt plants a little.
  58. There is only one activation of Cheesy Warp before cooling down.
  59. Shield Decoys are too weak. Even 4 of them are less than 2 Dummy Shields combined health-wise.
  60. The Ultra Tackle card photo is actually Sprint Tackle.
  61. The Super Stink Cloud card photo is actually a reskinned Zombie Stink Cloud.
  62. The Rocket Drone cone photo shows multiple cone strikes although it only deploys in ONE at a time.
  63. The Armored Heal Station card photo is just a re-skinned version of the Zombie Heal Station photo.
  64. The Long Bomb icon in the abilities section shows Imp Punt while Imp Punt's icon shows Exploding Imp.
  65. Scientists and Baron Von Bats can warp on to a rooftop.
  66. Disco Zombie, Yeti Zombie and Baron Von Bats can't be swallowed, although they look like they can be swallowed. If that's the case, why can mini-boss zombies in special waves of Garden Ops be swallowed (such as the triple-health Paleontologist as the Dino King)?
  67. The Taco Bandits gamemode should award players more coins.
  68. Every Imp commits suicide in this game.
  69. Zombies apparently want tacos instead of brains, according to the plot of Taco Bandits.
  70. The icons for moving the Rocket Drone up and down are the same as the Zombot Drone's.
  71. Zombot Drone looks more durable than how much health it actually has.
  72. The Mega Flower has less health than a garden in Garden Ops.
  73. All-Star is the slowest zombie in the game. However, its PvZ1 counterpart was faster.

And that's a total of 73 sins. Feel free to say some more I forgot on here, but do not say "Fire Flower is a rip-off of Mario's Fire Flower", that's very obvious.