This is my version of "Everything Wrong with Neon Mixtape Tour". Yes, I know Lily just made one, but this reveals everything wrong in my opinion of Neon Mixtape Tour.


SPOILERS! (derr)

Side A

I have yet to play Neon Mixtape Tour, and I will create a section on Side B once it comes out.

  1. The world background is night, it looks like night, but sun falls out from the sky and the levels are called "days".
  2. Cactus was so useless in PvZ1 the PopCap team had to remake Cactus's ability in this game.
  3. Cactus is a mix in the game just like in PvZ1.
  4. How do sound waves deal damage?
  5. How can zombies react to a jam if they have no visible ears?
  6. Magnet-shrooms can pull off the Punk Zombie's entire head, I mean come on, it's not like the Yeti's robotic head, I know it has metal, but still!
  7. Certain zombies can only activate their special abilities when a certain jam plays.
  8. What's the point of Celery Stalker having two heads if only the back one attacks?
  9. Excavator Zombie can still shovel up in Celery Stalker in its hiding phase. Once, again PopCap, you defy physics.
  10. Now in Big Wave Beach, underground plants (for example, Potato Mine) can't be planted on Lily Pads. Well, some logic returns from PvZ1.
  11. Letting Punks push back the endangered Phatbeets in Day 5 is the key to beating the level.
  12. How does Glitter Zombie crush plants with her roller skates? That's like a zombie crushing plants with their shoe! Well, thank goodness the ol' logic from PvZ1 returns involving Spikeweed and Spikerock.
  13. Glitter Zombie copies its ability from the Zomboni in PvZ1.
  14. Glitter Zombie's rainbow somehow grants 100% invulnerability to zombies behind it. Well, Spikerock is here to get rid of Glitter Zombies 24/7.
  15. If Thyme Warp heals zombies, it should rewind the player's actions with plants too.
  16. Thyme Warp in the trailer does not smile.
  17. Thyme Warp is only usable in Neon Mixtape Tour. Dang it, PopCap, you better stop doing this!
  18. What happened to MC Zom-B's microphone?
  19. The microphone of MC Zom-B's is like a sword or knife because of how well it kills plants.
  20. Why is it called Neon Mixtape Tour if there are no mixtapes?
  21. Hair Metal Gargantuar's name. Why call it that when it should be called Heavy Metal Gargantuar?
  22. Again, Gargantuars appear before the mini-boss battle.
  23. The shockwaves of the Hair Metal Gargantuar are too powerful.
  24. How are there a lot of arcade games in the player's backyard?
  25. Glitter Zombie's almanac reference Disco Zombie's theme from Garden Warfare.
  26. Neon Flag Zombie's almanac shows it without a flag.
  27. MC Zom-B uses its attack when it is in a Sap-fling or Lava Guava puddle, even when no plants are in its radius.
  28. No UB (Ultimate Battle) or DM (Demonstration Mini-game) soundtracks.
  29. No note found in Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 16.
  30. Thyme Warp can heal the Zombot, but by only one-third of life. Maybe Thyme Warp will be used in Zomboss battle?
  31. Lately, all recent premium plants cost $4.99. Any reason for this?