My anniversary was actually yesterday, I forgot it was. So today I remembered!

At first, when I joined to Wikia, I wasn't as very bright as I am now, but I'm improving. I wasn't interested in PvZ1 until like August or Sept. 2014, or Garden Warfare until Feb. 2015. I like this wiki, and I want it to grow. Here are some users that I became friends with:

Users that are not really friends with me but helped me out in a way:

Here's some users that I like on this wiki:

  • Someone456 (makes a lot edits and has skills)
  • ErnestoAM (his artwork)
  • Rx2 (I've known him on another wiki plus he's funny at times)

And that's about it. Also, I've downloaded two games from PvZ China (PvZ2 Chinese and All-Stars), my PvZ2 downloaded, my iPod screen has been fixed (yay!), I finally have a 64-bit computer (but no Garden Warfare PC yet), earned Peacekeeper and reached 2,000 total edits. I still don't know how to view the RSB or capture photos on mobile or PC. And one thing: do I have the requirements fit for Adminstrator or Forum Mod yet? Also, are the forum edits in the Special: Editcouunt Board Thread or Talk? I will gladly appreciate it if you can answer these questions! Thank you for your time reading this.