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  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Attacking zombies on the lawn, having fun on internet and games
  • I am a harmful nerd
  • BoltznNutz

    I've been really busy with school recently and I've been doing lots of others stuff while losing focus on this wiki. I won't be here a whole lot but I will be occasionally trying to change PvZGW2 pages. And summer is coming on the way so yeah. And you may have seen me on Discord known as BoltznNutz and that will be my new name on here as Angry3456 is really old and doesn't really describe what I like anymore.

    And yeah, everybody say welcome back.

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  • BoltznNutz

    My inactivity

    September 17, 2015 by BoltznNutz

    I'm sorry I've been inactive. School has arrived, I'm still reading discussion #20 of NMT, and I've been real busy with PvZ: GW, playing with my friends and such. I like PvZ: GW way more than PvZ2, but hey, it's just me. Please note I won't be active much, and I've planning to get a PS4 and get a video card for the PC version of GW.

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  • BoltznNutz

    This is my version of "Everything Wrong with Neon Mixtape Tour". Yes, I know Lily just made one, but this reveals everything wrong in my opinion of Neon Mixtape Tour.

    SPOILERS! (derr)

    I have yet to play Neon Mixtape Tour, and I will create a section on Side B once it comes out.

    1. The world background is night, it looks like night, but sun falls out from the sky and the levels are called "days".
    2. Cactus was so useless in PvZ1 the PopCap team had to remake Cactus's ability in this game.
    3. Cactus is a mix in the game just like in PvZ1.
    4. How do sound waves deal damage?
    5. How can zombies react to a jam if they have no visible ears?
    6. Magnet-shrooms can pull off the Punk Zombie's entire head, I mean come on, it's not like the Yeti's robotic head, I know it has met…

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  • BoltznNutz

    GW Sunflower Guide

    August 6, 2015 by BoltznNutz

    This is my guide of the Sunflower in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To see the guides on Peashooter, Foot Soldier, Scientist and Cactus, click here, here, here or here. If I make a mistake, please leave it down in the comments below.

    The Sunflower is the healer of the plant class, but has the lowest health out of all of them. She uses the Sun Pulse which is accurate and easy to control but deals low damage. Every plant team needs at least one Sunflower or they might be pwned by the zombies.

    Health: 100

    Ammo: 50 (60 upgraded)

    Damage: 5-8 (impact) 6-10 (critical) (used to be 4-7 impact, 5-9 critical before TT DLC)

    Rating: 8/10.

    Now, let's go on to the variants. The Fire Flower is an elemental Sunflower which has less ammo but can deal fire da…

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  • BoltznNutz

    GW Cactus Guide

    August 3, 2015 by BoltznNutz

    This is my guide of the Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To see the guides of the Peashooter, Foot Soldier and Scientist, click here, here or here. If I make a mistake, please leave it down in the comments below.

    The Cactus is the sniper of the Plant team, it rivals Foot Soldier because of the primary weapon and rivals Engineer because of the abilities. Cacti are best in a spot where zombies are less likely to hit her, because she is terrible at close range.

    Health: 125

    Ammo: 12 (15 upgraded)

    Damage: 27-30 (impact) 30-33 (critical)

    Rating: 7.5/10.

    Now, let's go into the variants. The Fire Cactus is a "fire" version of the Cactus, but has a few alterations to it. The Fire Cactus shoots slightly faster than the normal Cactus (although…

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